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Unfit to Lead: How Biden’s Cognitive Struggles Imperil U.S. National Security and Erode America’s Global Authority

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Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, now serving as a Republican Congressman from Texas, did not mince words following President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance: he labeled it a glaring national security risk due to what he describes as Biden’s apparent “cognitive disease.” This isn’t some flimsy political attack—it’s a dire warning from someone who knows what it takes to serve at the highest levels of government.

Biden’s display on the debate stage was more than just poor—it was alarming. Stumbling through answers, misplacing thoughts mid-sentence, and requiring physical support to navigate the stage. These aren’t minor slips; they’re glaring red flags that signal to the world that the United States might be under weak and uncertain leadership.

What does it say to our adversaries when they see such frailty openly displayed? It’s a gift to them, a potential opening to exploit, and that’s exactly what Jackson is shouting from the rooftops. It’s not hyperbole; it’s a seasoned professional’s assessment of a dire situation.

Even The New York Times, historically a defender of Democratic leaders, has shifted its tone dramatically. Their pages now openly question Biden’s capacity to lead, with headlines that paint a grim picture of doubt and concern. This isn’t about political leanings anymore; it’s about the stark reality of a President who may be incapable of fulfilling his duties.

Dr. Mike Smith, a well-respected GP from the NHS, echoed these concerns after watching Biden’s debate performance. His professional judgment? Biden clearly exhibits signs of cognitive impairment. This isn’t a matter of partisan debate but a serious medical concern observed on a global stage.

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Yet amidst this chorus of alarm, the Democratic Party appears to be in a state of denial. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer still offers his support, but beneath this veneer of unity, there’s unmistakable panic. Can the party afford to stand by Biden, knowing that each day he remains in office, he broadcasts vulnerability not just to the U.S. but to its allies and adversaries alike?

Handling of nuclear codes is perhaps the most chilling aspect of this predicament. The President’s role as the sole arbiter of America’s nuclear arsenal is a tremendous responsibility, requiring acute mental clarity and rapid decision-making capabilities. Can we honestly say Biden is capable of that? The mere thought that someone potentially incapable might have his finger on the button should send shivers down the spine of every American—and our allies too.

Calls for Biden to step down or to be removed via the 25th Amendment are growing louder, not just from opposition figures but from those within his own ranks who see the clear writing on the wall. Yet, Biden remains, stubbornly ignoring the calls for his resignation, with his administration seemingly hoping to simply ride out the storm.

This situation isn’t just an internal political issue; it has serious global implications. Our allies rely on strong, decisive American leadership for collective security agreements and global strategic initiatives. Every day Biden remains in office is another day our enemies see as an opportunity to recalibrate their plans against us.

The contrast between Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, could not be more stark. Where Trump was decisive, Biden hesitates. Where Trump was clear, Biden fumbles. The upcoming election isn’t just a political contest; it’s a choice about who can actually lead America at a time when strong leadership is needed more than ever.

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This isn’t mere political speculation; it’s a cold, hard assessment of reality. Biden, through his public appearances and now infamously poor debate performance, has shown that he might no longer be capable of carrying the burden of the presidency. It’s a reality that America must face with open eyes.

The Democrats might hope for a turnaround, a miraculous recovery that stabilizes Biden’s public perception. But hope is not a strategy, especially not when the stakes involve national and international security. The calls for action are growing, not just out of political opportunism but out of a genuine concern for the safety and stability of the United States.

In conclusion, Biden’s tenure as president is more than a political saga; it’s a burgeoning crisis that could shape the future of American foreign and domestic policy. It is imperative for those in power to recognize the gravity of the situation and act decisively. America, and indeed the world, cannot afford hesitation in the face of such clear and present dangers. It’s time for Biden to step aside, for the sake of the nation’s security and its future.

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