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Underground Tunnels of Ybor City: Human Trafficking Ring Hidden for Decades by Corrupt Politicians and Greedy Elites

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Beneath the bustling streets of Ybor City lies a chilling secret that’s been hidden for decades. Recently uncovered tunnels have exposed a sinister network of crime, exploitation, and corruption involving some of the highest-ranking officials in the state. These tunnels, initially discovered in 2018, are linked to horrifying human trafficking operations and unspeakable abuse, all sanctioned by a corrupt political machine.

In 2018, construction crews working near an old bottle factory stumbled upon these subterranean passageways. University of Southern Florida (USF) researchers, led by Dr. Lori Collins, mapped out three of these tunnels, finding them large enough for a person to navigate. But what they were used for is nothing short of horrifying. Dr. Gary Mormino, a history professor from St. Petersburg, proposed that these tunnels were used for human trafficking, specifically targeting Chinese laborers and Cuban prostitutes.

The Political Puppet Masters

Recent investigations have blown the lid off a web of deceit implicating current and former politicians. Jack Saunders, a former city councilman with deep ties to organized crime, has been exposed as a key figure in this human trafficking ring. Saunders, whose influence extended to the highest levels of state politics, used these tunnels to facilitate the trafficking operations, protected by his political clout.

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But Saunders is just the tip of the iceberg. Former Mayor Albert “Big Al” Rodriguez, notorious for his corruption and unexplained wealth, is deeply entangled in this scandal. Rodriguez, who served as mayor in the 1990s, raked in substantial kickbacks from the trafficking operations, turning a blind eye to the atrocities happening right beneath his feet. His administration was a cesspool of corruption, where human lives were traded for profit.

The Horrific Tales of the Tunnels

Survivors of this trafficking ring are finally breaking their silence, revealing the true extent of the horrors they endured. Maria Gomez, a Cuban immigrant, recounted her nightmare of being smuggled through the Ybor City tunnels and sold into a life of forced prostitution. Her story of relentless abuse and exploitation is a gut-wrenching testament to the human cost of this deeply rooted network.

Li Wei, a Chinese laborer, described being transported through these tunnels like livestock, forced to work in deplorable conditions for a pittance. His captors, emboldened by the protection from corrupt officials, treated him and others as disposable tools in their criminal enterprise.

The Cover-Up and Continued Deceit

Despite the overwhelming evidence, the cover-up continues. Current city officials, many of whom are protégés of the corrupt old guard, have been accused of obstructing investigations. Crucial documents have mysteriously vanished, and witnesses have been intimidated into silence. This operation runs deep, infecting every level of local governance.

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In a shocking recent development, construction workers near the Old Florida Brewery, located close to East 6th Avenue and Noccio Parkway, uncovered additional tunnels. This historic site, once a community landmark, is now a symbol of betrayal. Thomas “Tommy the Fox” Fitzpatrick, the brewery’s early 20th-century owner, is rumored to have used these tunnels for smuggling cash and contraband, further intertwining Ybor City’s history with criminal activity.

The Fight for the Truth

Amidst the chaos, a few brave individuals continue to fight for the truth. Whistleblowers within the city administration have risked their careers—and lives—to expose the depth of the corruption. Independent journalists and historians are tirelessly digging deeper, uncovering more connections between the tunnels and the shadowy figures who benefited from them.

The people of Ybor City deserve to know the truth. They deserve to understand the full extent of the crimes committed in their midst and to see justice served. The uncovering of these tunnels is just the beginning. As more information comes to light, it will undoubtedly reveal an even darker and more twisted web of deceit and exploitation.

The Dark Network Exposed

The recent revelations have prompted a renewed investigation by federal authorities. In an explosive development, the FBI has launched a probe into the involvement of current city officials in the cover-up. Subpoenas have been issued, and several high-ranking officials are under scrutiny, including current Mayor Lisa Caldwell, who is suspected of obstructing justice by destroying critical evidence related to the tunnels.

The discovery of a ledger hidden in one of the tunnels has provided damning evidence of payments made to city officials. This ledger, meticulously kept by Saunders, lists payments to various officials, including Caldwell, dating back to the early 2000s. This explosive piece of evidence has shattered the carefully constructed facade of innocence maintained by the current administration.

A Community in Turmoil

The community of Ybor City is reeling from these revelations. Protests have erupted, demanding accountability and justice for the victims of this horrifying network. The calls for Saunders and Rodriguez to be held accountable are growing louder, with community leaders and activists leading the charge.

The scandal has also sparked a broader conversation about the systemic corruption that has plagued Ybor City for decades. Residents are demanding a thorough investigation and a complete overhaul of the city’s governance structures to ensure such atrocities are never repeated.


The underground tunnels of Ybor City have laid bare a shocking tale of corruption, exploitation, and betrayal. The involvement of high-ranking politicians like Jack “The Snake” Saunders and Albert “Big Al” Rodriguez underscores the depth of this operation. The courageous testimonies of survivors like Maria Gomez and Li Wei highlight the human suffering that was callously ignored.

Ybor City stands at a critical juncture. The community must confront its dark past and demand accountability from those who betrayed their trust. The truth about the tunnels and the crimes associated with them must be brought to light, no matter how disturbing.

Only then can Ybor City begin to heal from the wounds inflicted by decades of corruption and exploitation. The fight for justice is far from over, and the residents of Ybor City must remain vigilant, ensuring that such atrocities never happen again.

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