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BLACK SWAN EVENT! Trump’s Plan for Economic Collapse and the Global Power Shift!

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Trump didn’t hint at wanting an economic collapse for no reason. He wasn’t simply speculating about an inevitable downturn. He was signaling a massive, orchestrated event aimed at dismantling the deep state’s financial stranglehold on the world. Yes, the deep state’s money is already crumbling, and a black swan event is unfolding before our eyes.

For years, it has been clear to those paying attention: Trump is the real president. Despite the façade of his removal from office, covert military operations authorized by Trump have continued, exposing a global cabal syndicate. The deep state’s clandestine activities are being unraveled, and the world is on the brink of an unprecedented financial collapse.

And guess what?

Trump cannot hold office during this collapse. The deep state knows this and has played its hand. But rest assured, Trump, Russia, China, and the BRICS nations will return post-collapse to establish a new financial order rooted in fair trade and global peace.

This new order will align with the GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) principles, ensuring financial sovereignty, debt forgiveness, and prosperity for all nations involved. The integration of GESARA after the collapse will pave the way for a fairer, more transparent global financial system, ultimately dismantling the deep state’s grip on world economies.

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Elon Musk, a visionary in technology and finance, predicts a profound transformation of the American financial system through the Quantum Financial System (QFS). The QFS promises a new era of transparency, security, and efficiency in financial transactions. Here’s how this transformation is unfolding:

The Quantum Financial System (QFS)

  1. Enhanced Security and Transparency:
    • Quantum Computing: QFS utilizes quantum computing to provide unparalleled security, making financial transactions virtually immune to hacking.
    • Blockchain Technology: By integrating blockchain, QFS ensures complete transparency and traceability of all transactions, reducing fraud and corruption.
  2. Decentralization:
    • Distributed Ledger: QFS operates on a decentralized ledger, eliminating the need for central banks and intermediaries. This decentralization empowers individuals and businesses by giving them direct control over their financial activities.
  3. Global Integration:
    • Interoperability: QFS is designed to be globally interoperable, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions and fostering international trade.
    • Standardization: The system aims to standardize financial transactions worldwide, reducing complexity and costs associated with international finance.

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The Predicted Golden Age

Elon Musk’s prediction of a new Golden Age hinges on the successful implementation of QFS, which promises:

  • Economic Stability: By eliminating central banks’ control and reducing corruption, QFS aims to create a more stable and resilient global economy.
  • Financial Inclusion: QFS has the potential to bring financial services to unbanked populations, fostering economic growth and reducing poverty.

Current Global Events and Their Implications

Recent global events, such as the nuclear confrontation and the war in Ukraine, are viewed as critical turning points:

  1. Nuclear Confrontation:
    • Geopolitical Tensions: Rising geopolitical tensions are seen as necessary for revealing deep-seated corruption and triggering global reforms.
    • Military Tribunals: These events may lead to military tribunals and world courts, exposing corruption within military and intelligence agencies.
  2. War in Ukraine:
    • Strategic Control: The conflict in Ukraine is seen as a deep state strategy to maintain control through chaos and distraction.
    • Money Laundering: Allegations of global money laundering in Ukraine highlight the interconnectedness of various deep state operations, including US election interference and European extortion schemes.

Interconnected Deep State Operations

The creation of viruses, human trafficking, and election interference are viewed as parts of a larger strategy by the deep state:

  • Biological Warfare: The creation of viruses is seen as a method to control populations and maintain power.
  • Human Trafficking and Corruption: Operations like Epstein’s sinister activities and CIA involvement at the Mexican border are believed to be components of a vast network of corruption and exploitation.

This is why Trump refrained from outright stating his expectations for an economic crash. He was alluding to the deep state’s financial machinations and the unfolding black swan event. The crash had to occur while Trump was out of office, though only ostensibly removed. For those who’ve been paying attention, it’s been evident all along: Trump is the legitimate president, guiding military operations to expose and dismantle the global deep state cabal.

Trump’s return post-crash is not a matter of if, but when. He will rebuild a new financial structure that ensures fair dealing, uniting with Russia, China, and BRICS. Musk’s role in restructuring financial systems and the North American currency is crucial.

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The Golden Era is not a distant dream but an imminent reality. We’ve been warning about these events for years, and now, as we approach the nuclear impasse, the pieces are finally coming together.

Stay strong. These events, including the approaching world war scenarios, are crucial. They lead to global courts, military tribunals, and the complete exposure of corruption within the deep state’s military intelligence. The creation of the virus, the orchestration of the Ukraine war, and global money laundering are crimes against humanity that will face the Nuremberg Code tests.

Everything will be exposed during the collapse. The black swan events are the catalysts. Allied military operations are systematically dismantling the deep state’s stronghold. Every connection, from US electoral interference to CIA human trafficking, is being brought to light. Trust the plan. The plan to save the world is unfolding as we speak.

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