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Trump’s Military Alliance Exposes Soros, Clintons, and UN in Global Human Trafficking Plot—Military Operations Poised to Purge Deep State Players!

The global manipulation game is hitting its peak. A loud and clear warning has come out of the Alliance Military Operations, pointing fingers at the United Nations, Davos, George Soros, the Democratic National Committee, and various non-governmental organizations linked to the Clintons and the Carnegie Endowment’s philanthropy front. The CIA and the Rockefellers are said to be lurking in the shadows.

November 2023 will be remembered for former President Donald Trump’s fiery statement. He accused the so-called charitable left, nonprofits, and aid organizations of engaging in human trafficking and child smuggling, not just making allegations but promising to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

This proclamation is tied to an Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking, invoking the Constitution and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. It’s not just words on paper; it’s a declaration of war against human trafficking, a plague that scars communities, fuels criminal empires, and threatens national security.

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The narrative isn’t isolated; it’s part of Trump’s Executive Orders aiming to dismantle shadowy networks within the deep state, allegedly tied to global human trafficking. Some have whispered this story for a while, but it’s gaining momentum.

The story suggests that “White Hats” in this silent war were waiting, watching deep state entities set their plans into motion. These machinations supposedly involved moving immigrants through porous borders while profiting from what seems like a global trafficking operation disguised as charity.

It’s not just about flawed immigration policies; it’s about a monstrous enterprise dealing in human lives. It’s the revelation of a dark side hiding behind a façade of benevolence, implicating not just shadowy figures but also prominent names with public influence.

The pronouncements and executive actions serve as a call for awareness, unmasking the entities threatening society’s fabric. It’s a reminder that hidden battles may be shaping our world beneath the surface.

Reports claim a massive shadow operation by the White Hats military alliance, documenting activities of global power players and secretive organizations like the UN, World Banks, Davos Group, Clintons, CIA, Obama, Carnegie Endowment, and more. They allegedly used advanced digital spyware to track these organizations’ digital footprints.

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The spy tools mentioned are infamous for internet data harvesting and digital surveillance, allegedly capturing illicit activities like human trafficking, child sex trade, drug and weapon trades, and global blackmail operations that manipulate world leaders and corrupt financial systems.

These operations have reportedly tracked illicit transactions on the blockchain since 2012, rooted in military intelligence apparatus and military intelligence battalions.

As “The World Storm” operations approach a climax, a narrative emerges of impending high-profile arrests. Thousands of immigrants, military personnel from various countries, have allegedly been debriefed and digitally tracked, adding to a database of the accused.

The most shocking allegations revolve around the involvement of the CIA, United Nations, and the Carnegie Endowment society in a vast network of human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and smuggling foreign soldiers into the U.S.

The MCAFEE database is said to contain evidence against corruption involving presidents, prime ministers, elites, corporations, and global military and intelligence factions.

This narrative goes beyond crime and corruption, suggesting connections to the southern border, shadow financing, and a massive cover-up that involves a military coup, pandemics, election fraud, and warmongering.

According to Trump+ MIL, these charges are not mere accusations; they claim to have documented facts that could potentially upend established power structures and clandestine operations, reshaping our understanding of global governance and covert activities.

As the layers of this operation unravel, the world awaits a potentially historic revelation with monumental implications.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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