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They Tried to Bury It! Quantum Financial System, GESARA, and the Lies They Fed Us!

The winds of change are blowing across the global financial landscape. At the heart of this transformation is the Quantum Financial System (QFS), set to be launched soon in the West. Touted as a game-changer, it promises to redefine the way we perceive and interact with money, offering a profound sense of freedom that’s been sorely missing in today’s financial milieu.

For the uninitiated, the QFS promises a world where everyone can engage in monetary transactions through their quantum accounts. This isn’t just an upgrade—it’s a radical shift. But, there’s a catch. To activate these accounts, users must disclose to the quantum computer. Without this, the magic of QFS remains locked. This is where GESARA, an entity seemingly intertwined with the QFS, comes into the picture, heralding increased freedom and clarity on a global scale.

A standout feature of the QFS is the gold-backed account. This isn’t your ordinary bank account. It’s an account that no one but you can operate, shielded by quantum technology from hacks, and immune to external interventions. Neither states nor governments can touch this, making it an ideal vessel for neutral financial activities. Think about it: globally recognized requests, from minimum income to pensions and child benefits, seamlessly integrated into one system. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The system also acknowledges Tier IV and Tier V instructions, catering to revalued currencies, guarantee funds, reparations, and more. But what does the future landscape shaped by QFS look like?

States, based on regional exchange rate evaluations (like the GCR in the shopping cart), will receive resources or social money. Not as loans but as non-repayable credits, interest-free and centrally regulated. This pot will be replenished annually, drawing from the nation’s human creativity, value increases, natural resources, education, and more.

The defense sector will witness a shift towards preventive national defense and civil protection. Planning agencies with global responsibilities will be the beneficiaries of specific funding. Industrial sectors are in for a shakeup too. While state control over industries will be diminished, there’s a word of caution: the arms and pharmaceutical sectors need restructuring, not mergers. And with the introduction of MED BEDs, traditional hospitals may become obsolete, though the role of doctors remains pivotal.

A major tax overhaul is on the horizon. Imagine a streamlined system with just a 15% VAT. It might sound improbable, but it’s mathematically feasible, especially if the influence of elites on interest rates and war expenditures is curtailed.

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The governance of such a system will rest with the Council of Elder Patriots and expert ministers. But true power will lie in the hands of the people, with issues put up for direct voting through mobile apps. While parliamentary discussions will still hold importance, the final say will be democratic.

However, there are challenges and disparities to address. For instance, individuals in deep Africa might earn more than their European counterparts. Education and research-centric nations might witness their populace earning significantly more than countries that don’t prioritize these sectors.

Notably, figures like TUCKER CARLSON, associated with Medium Fox News, have dropped hints about significant impending changes. Phrases like “The great Awakening begins now” stir intrigue and speculation.

In some parts, especially in regions like DACH, the news is yet to gain traction. Reports of unjust arrests, court mistreatments, and more paint a bleak picture. The unchecked power of self-appointed politicians mirrors dictatorship rather than democracy.

In the end, while the QFS and GESARA promise a brighter future, challenges remain. The world stands at a crossroads, with the specter of the NWO still a looming threat.

The path ahead is uncertain, but the journey promises to be nothing short of transformative.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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