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They Said It Was Impossible: How NESARA/GESARA Will Erase World Debt and Usher in a New Golden Age!

The world is on the brink of a seismic shift, one that few dare to fathom, let alone acknowledge. Yet, in the underbelly of the Internet, the whispers grow louder. Something monumental is brewing, something that will shatter the very bedrock of our societal structure. This revolution is none other than the implementation of NESARA/GESARA.

Steeped in secrecy, this policy change represents the greatest leap in human history. A small, enlightened faction of the global populace has anticipated this for decades. The rest? They are either blissfully unaware or mired in denial, their eyes unopened to the impending tsunami of change. Brace yourself, for what follows is the unmasking of a shadowy conspiracy.


No, it’s not another ploy by the Illuminati, nor is it the advent of the New World Order. NESARA/GESARA is the keystone to the revolution that will sweep across every nation on Earth this year. It signifies “The End of Poverty, The End of Debt, The Beginning of a New Golden Age!” Not a reformation but a revolution, GESARA is set to impact the entirety of our world, transforming all 206 sovereign nations.

At the heart of GESARA is a new financial system, a clean slate that wipes the debt-ridden chalkboards of the past. It zeroes out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt, this in response to illicit banking and governmental activities. The very idea of this is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare – a “jubilee,” a global forgiveness of debt.

This new financial paradigm goes on to abolish income tax and disband the IRS, setting up a 15% flat rate non-essential new item sales tax revenue for the government. Food, medicine, and used items like old homes will remain tax-free.

Imagine a world where the Constitution governs all legal matters and courts. This is part of GESARA’s vision. It returns Constitutional Law to prominence, ensuring justice is dispensed, not bought. It abolishes the notion of secret societies and special interest groups manipulating the outcomes of elections, introducing a new era of transparency and fairness.

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As radical as it may sound, GESARA doesn’t stop there. The new law reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment, initiates a new U.S. Treasury Bank System, eliminates the Federal Reserve System, and restores financial privacy. And perhaps most ground-breaking of all, it enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies hidden under the cloak of national security. This includes free-energy devices, antigravity technologies, and sonic healing machines.

By facilitating the advent of the “global gold-standard monetary system,” the IMF is an integral part of GESARA. This means all remaining fiat currencies will be traded in for gold-standard currency. In time, paper money will become an artifact of history. The financial system of the future is digital, underpinned by an impenetrable quantum server that scoffs at hacking attempts.

This new age won’t only bring financial revolution but also an overhaul of our values and perspectives. With newfound wealth, people are more likely to aid their relatives, friends, and fellow citizens. They’re more likely to contribute to humanitarian efforts, creating a ripple of prosperity and benevolence.

Rise of the Phoenix

Yet, we should expect resistance. The cabal, those shadowy puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes, are not going down without a fight. Their suppression of technology and control over our lives, spanning back 70 years or more, is on the brink of collapse. These technologies aren’t new; they’re ancient, some dating back millions of years. They’ve simply been concealed from us.

The revolution of GESARA will lead to the greenification of deserts, the revitalization of plants, and the democratization of resources. Replicators that can conjure everything, genuine healthcare focused on promoting health rather than treating sickness, and a new understanding of the power of our minds will redefine our existence.

In this new era, money and banks, the cabal’s tools of control, will disappear.

However, coinage will remain, and the surge in consumers following the RV will provide wealth and prosperity.

The global elite’s pyramid structure, including governments and corporations, has been dysfunctional, creating class separation and fostering scarcity mentality.

But GESARA promises to usher in an era where no one is enslaved, and everyone is equal.

Prepare for the greatest revolution of mankind, the implementation of NESARA/GESARA.

It’s not just a policy change, but a quantum leap in human evolution.

There’s a new dawn on the horizon, and it’s time to open your eyes to it.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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