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The Storm Is HERE! Zimbabwe’s ZiG Currency & Quantum System Annihilate Corrupt Banks! GESARA/NESARA & TRUMPSARA Takeover, Military Crushes Deep State—Welcome to the Unstoppable 5D Revolution!

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The Quantum Financial System (QFS) heralds nothing less than the dawn of a new era, ripping the very fabric of the outdated financial regimes that have long choked the global economy with their stranglehold of greed and control. No more will the world’s financial arteries be clogged by the sclerotic central banks and their labyrinthine networks. The QFS obliterates them with a clean sweep, establishing a pristine order where money moves with the speed and security only quantum computing could promise.

Satellites orbiting the Earth are not mere pieces of technology floating in the void; they are the armored guardians of this new era, part of a “Secret Space Program” that shields this high-tech financial system from sabotage and espionage. These are solid, unassailable facts. The elite tremble as their control slips away, piece by piece, asset by asset, all under the watchful eyes of these celestial sentinels.

And what of the banks? Those ancient behemoths, the keepers of wealth, hoarders of secrets, and the puppeteers of the poor? Their days are numbered. The QFS renders them utterly obsolete. Banks will no longer hoard your hard-earned money, because in this new world, fiat currencies will gradually convert into sovereign currencies—real value, backed by real assets. Gold is the standard of the future. Every digital certificate in this system points to tangible assets, making the invisible hand that once rocked the markets visible and accountable.

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Amidst this financial upheaval, a term emerges: QUANTUM GESARA, also known as TRUMPSARA. It’s a monumental shift that promises a Global Currency Reset. This reset isn’t merely a return to the Gold Standard; it’s a resurrection of fairness, a revival of the promise that all men are created equal in the eyes of wealth. This policy declaration is seismic—1955 prices, blockchain elections, and a declaration (DECLAS) of every secret kept from the public eye.

Zimbabwe, once a byword for economic disaster, has turned the tables with the launch of Zimbabwe Gold, or ZiG. As ZiG takes its rightful place on the global stage, backed not by empty promises but by the solid certainty of gold, the message is clear: the old rules no longer apply. The game has changed, and the power dynamics have shifted irreversibly.

In the shadows of this vast transformation, the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) stands ready. It’s the thread that weaves through the fabric of this new society, binding citizen to government, the informed to the knowledgeable. EBS is about forging a direct, unbreakable link between leadership and the populace. This system, tested by fires of crises ranging from natural disasters to national security threats, proves itself indispensable in our pursuit of a transparent, immediate communication ethos.

Behind every calm command issued through the EBS, the military strategizes relentlessly. Their role has evolved; they are no longer just defenders of territory but protectors of this new socio-economic paradigm. Their mission is clear: ensure the stability of the QFS, guard the integrity of our asset-backed future, and maintain the tactical superiority necessary to keep our newly gained financial freedoms secure.

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Zimbabwe’s recent seismic shift towards stability and prosperity with its groundbreaking introduction of the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG). On April 14, Harare witnessed the launch of this gold-backed currency, which immediately surged 1.1% against the US dollar in its first trading week.

This remarkable ascent aligns perfectly with the global surge in gold prices, a direct response to the escalating tensions in the Middle East. As investors scramble for a fortress against the storm, Zimbabwe stands as a beacon with its golden shield, ZiG. Replacing the hyperinflated Zimbabwe dollar, ZiG emerges as a savior, introduced by none other than the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mushayavanhu.

Beyond the borders of Zimbabwe, the narrative thickens with equally compelling developments. The latest updates from Japan on April 18 reveal strategic movements by the Iraqi government delegation in the United States. Their meetings with major banks and investment firms are laying the groundwork for something monumental, with the Sudanese Prime Minister (Iraq) at the helm of these pivotal negotiations.

Parallel to these high-level talks, there’s a profound critique of our current societal framework. The prevailing “3D society” has long been dictated by the Deep State (DS), imposing a reality where ‘common sense’ trumps intuition and sensitivity—qualities inherently tied to the natural world and human essence. This manipulation distorts our perceptions, but the awakening is near.

The scriptural and cosmic timing cannot be ignored either. Reflecting on the historical Exodus on the 15th of Nisan, 1476 BCE, which liberated Israel from physical slavery, we approach a modern parallel. Exactly 3,500 years later, a second Exodus unfolds, freeing modern Israel from financial slavery through mechanisms like NESARA/GESARA, the RV, and GCR. This is no coincidence but a calculated divine intervention aimed at overthrowing the modern-day Pharaohs—the so-called evil elite.

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These events are meticulously orchestrated steps towards a massive global shift. As the white hats likely fret over these revelations, the signs are clear for those with eyes to see. The imminent separation from our outdated societal constructs will propel the enlightened into a new era. Those attuned to the shifts and capable of adapting will transition into a new phase of existence, a 5D world where human potential can truly flourish.

This looming bifurcation in human history will see the dawn of a new age. Those clinging to the obsolete paradigms, to a world spiraling into chaos, will find themselves left behind. The new currency systems like ZiG, and the behind-the-scenes maneuvers by global leaders, are not isolated events. They are harbingers of a profound evolutionary leap.

The repercussions of these shifts are profound. As economies teeter on the edge of inflation and deflation, as geopolitical tensions rise and the old guard struggles to maintain its grip, the emergence of ZiG and similar initiatives elsewhere signal a move towards real assets, towards tangible, undeniable value.

The courage to implement such a system in Zimbabwe, the strategic discussions among Iraqi leaders in the US, and the prophetic alignment of historical and modern liberation all point to a carefully curated sequence of events designed to reset the global economic system. The stakes are monumental, the opposition fierce, and the implications far-reaching.

As this drama unfolds, the role of every individual becomes crucial. Those who perceive the undercurrents shaping this new world will find themselves equipped to thrive in the aftermath. Meanwhile, the skeptics and the unprepared may very well succumb to the tumult of a dying age.

In this critical juncture of our history, it becomes imperative to not only observe but to understand and act. The transition is already underway. It’s about evolution, about stepping into a realm defined not by the gold standard alone but by the liberation and ascension of human consciousness itself.

As we stand at the precipice of change, one must question: Are you prepared to move with the currents of history, or will you be left clinging to the remnants of a world that no longer exists? The choice, as ever, remains with us—the architects of the new world order.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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