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THE STORM IS HERE!! TRUMP’S MASTER PLAN: Imminent Arrests of Bush, Clinton, and Obama – Biden’s Loss of Military Support – Urgent False Flag Operations Signal TOTAL Collapse of DEEP STATE!

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The New York court’s conviction of President Trump is a blatant coup against the core of our Republic. This kangaroo court, run by corrupt New York Democrats, handed down a verdict that reeks of deceit. Their timing, just four days before the RNC Convention, is no coincidence. This is a desperate bid by the deep state to cling to their power. But mark my words, their malevolent plot will implode spectacularly.

Trump’s victory is now inevitable. This sham trial has not only failed to cripple him but has also fired up his supporters and exposed the deep state’s desperation. This charade sets the stage for the long-overdue arrests of Bush, Clinton, and Obama. These former leaders have long been entangled in dark dealings, from Clinton’s shady Foundation operations to Obama’s covert surveillance on political opponents, and Bush’s dubious Middle Eastern entanglements. Their day of reckoning is coming.


  1. Presidents and Former Presidents can be impeached
  2. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to reveal tax and business records
  3. Presidents and Former Presidents lose executive privilege
  4. Presidents and Former Presidents lose attorney-client privilege
  5. Presidents and Former Presidents can be forced to release private phone records and text messages
  6. Presidents and Former Presidents can have their homes raided by the FBI
  7. Presidents and Former Presidents can be subpoenaed by partisan committees
  8. Presidents and Former Presidents can be repeatedly indicted and arrested
  9. Presidents and Former Presidents lose their First Amendment right to free speech
  10. Presidents and Former Presidents lose the right to a jury trial
  11. VP no longer has authority to question validity of disputed electoral votes
  12. The losing party no longer has authority to submit contingent electors when results are disputed
  13. Presidents and Former Presidents don’t have Presidential Immunity

The corruption within the Department of Justice is about to be laid bare for everyone to see. From the shadowy orchestrators to the willing frontmen, their dirty secrets will be exposed. The U.S. Supreme Court, already compromised, will be forced into an emergency review. They know they must uphold the Constitution or face UCMJ treason trials. Justice is coming, and it’s going to be swift.

No civilian court can override a UCMJ-protected Commander-in-Chief. That’s an undeniable fact, no matter how much propaganda the mainstream media churns out. Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, is untouchable. His strategic brilliance is simply leading the corrupt to their own downfall, setting traps they can’t escape.

Remember the mysterious deaths of whistleblowers who threatened to expose the deep state’s secrets? These “accidents” and “suicides” are nothing more than orchestrated silencing. Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who allegedly leaked emails to WikiLeaks, was found murdered in what was suspiciously called a “botched robbery.”

Jeffrey Epstein, with connections to the elite and a treasure trove of damning information, died under highly suspicious circumstances in his jail cell. The message from the deep state is clear: defy us, and you’ll be silenced.

Trump’s strategic brilliance in handling these crises is unparalleled. Take Operation Warp Speed, for instance. Ostensibly a vaccine initiative, it was also a masterstroke in mobilizing military resources to prepare for potential civil unrest. This ensured Trump retained the loyalty of key military factions, ready to act should the deep state overreach.

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The Brunson Case is a ticking time bomb. This case, which involves the unconstitutional certification of the 2020 election, highlights the gross dereliction of duty by most House and Senate members. On January 6, 2021, they betrayed their oaths by certifying an election without proper investigation, an act of outright treason. Trump’s victory is assured as this proverbial nuclear weapon detonates, obliterating those who betrayed the Constitution.

The deep state’s tentacles stretch far and wide. The Bilderberg Group, an annual secretive meeting of the world’s elite, is where global policies are covertly crafted. Their agenda? Maintain control over global economies and suppress any nationalist movements that threaten their power. Trump’s America First policies are a direct threat to their globalist plans, making him their prime target.

Trump holds all the cards. Election interference is treason, plain and simple. Those found guilty must forfeit all their assets to the U.S. Treasury. The American people have hit the jackpot, and soon, our Republic will be restored. The Democrats, in their relentless quest to turn America into a third-world hellhole, have only accelerated their own demise. November 5 is our last chance to reclaim our nation.

Biden Loses Military Support

In the wake of Trump’s unconstitutional trial, Biden has lost the support of the Black Hat military. This significant shift spells doom for the deep state. Without military backing, Biden’s grip on power is tenuous at best.

The deep state’s desperation is palpable, and their next move will be a false flag operation. This tactic, a covert operation designed to deceive and manipulate public perception, is a staple of their playbook. Alex Jones has sounded the alarm, warning that such an operation is imminent.

“Expect the unexpected,” Jones declares. “The deep state has cards up their sleeve, and they won’t hesitate to use them. We must remain vigilant and question everything.” This is not a time for complacency; it’s a time for heightened awareness.

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Potential False Flag Operations

A staged event—a terror attack, a major blackout, or a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure. These scenarios are not just possible; they are probable. The deep state will create chaos and induce fear, then swoop in as saviors with draconian measures to “restore order.” Their goal is simple: maintain control at any cost.

Trump’s Resilience

President Trump’s resilience in the face of these attacks is nothing short of heroic. After his conviction, Trump raised an astonishing $52,000,000 in just 24 hours, a testament to his unwavering support.

The influx of donations was so overwhelming it crashed the Trump Campaign website. This outpouring of financial backing underscores the strength of his base, who see through the lies and deceit of the deep state.

The Deep State’s Web Unraveled

The deep state’s web of corruption is unraveling. The exposure of DOJ malfeasance, the Supreme Court’s forced hand, and Trump’s unyielding support are converging to dismantle their stranglehold on our nation.

The establishment’s days are numbered, and Trump’s return to power is imminent. His strategic brilliance, coupled with the determination of the American people, will ensure his triumph.

Preparing for the Storm

As we stand on the edge of this storm, we must be prepared. The deep state’s final gambits will be desperate and destructive, but they will not prevail. The American Republic will be restored, and those who sought to undermine it will face the dire consequences of their treasonous actions. Trump’s victory is the reclamation of our nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

Prepare for the fallout, for the storm is indeed coming. The deep state’s reign of deception and corruption is drawing to a close. Stand with Trump, stand with the truth, and witness the restoration of our great Republic.

The deep state is cornered, and in their desperation, they will resort to extreme measures. But their time is up. The American people, armed with the truth and guided by Trump’s unwavering leadership, will prevail. The Republic will be saved.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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