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The Stage Is Set: Global Elites Orchestrate Staged Wars and Secret Operations—April 20, Iran-Israel Conflict Exposed as a Planned Show!

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The stage is set, the actors are in place, and the script is unfolding right before our eyes. But what you see on the nightly news is not the chaotic turmoil it seems to be. No, this is a calculated spectacle, orchestrated down to the last detail by those pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

What the world has been fed as a sudden conflict beginning in 2022 is, in fact, nothing more than a continuation of a drama scripted back in 2014. The so-called ‘Ukrainian conflict’ is a carefully managed piece of theatre. The early narrative of Russian aggression masks a deeper play: the elimination of facilities linked to dark, sinister activities—bioweapons research, human trafficking. These are central to the operation, conducted under the guise of warfare but truly aimed at cleansing the shadows of our world.

What has been achieved in Ukraine is a mirage of conflict designed to distract and pacify the public while the real objectives are pursued quietly, ruthlessly. The media’s portrayal of chaos? Merely smoke and mirrors. The reality is that the ‘conflict’ has served its purpose and is now being drawn to a close, slipping away from the public eye as the script demands.

Now, turn your gaze to the Middle East, where Israel and its neighbors are locked in what appears to be an endless exchange of fire. Again, what seems to be random violence is anything but. The conflicts between Israel, Palestine, Iran, and others are not spontaneous or natural developments. They are the outcomes of a long-standing proxy war, with Iran’s covert involvement escalating tensions.

In March 2023, the region witnessed a significant escalation, a flurry of missiles that seemed to signal a new depth of crisis. But let’s peel back the layers. This violence is not an end but a means—a smokescreen for the true operation: the obliteration of deep state (DS) facilities, particularly those hidden underground. These targets are precise, calculated moves in a grander strategy orchestrated by the Alliance.

Moreover, the timing is no coincidence. Notice the synchronicity with religious and global events, such as Ramadan. These are not merely cultural landmarks but strategic markers used to camouflage the real actions taking place behind the veil of public attention.

As for Yemen, the narrative fed to the populace is one of a ‘civil war’—a term that evokes images of internal strife born from local discontent. Yet, this too is a facade. The Yemeni situation is a proxy battleground for larger powers, notably Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is not a mere internal conflict but a staged arena where broader geopolitical games are played, with real lives used as pawns on this cruel chessboard.

These wars, these so-called ‘conflicts,’ are nothing more than episodes in a larger series scripted by those in power. They are designed to manipulate public perception, to control the narrative, and to achieve outcomes that serve not the many but the few. These are not battles for the heart of nations but cold, calculated moves in a war for global dominance.

This understanding leads us to the enigmatic GESARA—the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. The promise of a war-free world under GESARA is not a utopian dream but a calculated endgame. The cessation of these ‘conflicts’ will signal not just peace but the successful completion of a deeply intricate global strategy.

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The final act is unfolding as we speak, with “Israel” slated as the endpoint for eliminating what’s been referred to in hushed tones as DS-related facilities. This term, while cryptic, refers to a network so perilous, its unmasking involves operations of extreme risk and secrecy. The Q Plan, often dismissed by mainstream media as a fringe theory, emerges as the backbone of this audacious strategy. The storming of these facilities is prelude to the liberation of global finance through GESARA – a reset that promises to recalibrate the world’s economic and power structures.

But let’s turn our gaze to Yemen, where the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran showcases the complexity of geopolitical chess. Often dismissed as a mere civil conflict, the Yemeni Civil War is anything but. Starting in 2015, its timing is suspiciously synchronous with strategic movements on this shadowy chessboard. The realists will tell you that this war is a calculated distraction, a part of a larger narrative woven by those who pull the strings from behind the veil.

The Yemeni Civil War is not just a conflict within a nation but a battleground where Saudi Arabia and Iran—each backed by titanic global powers—vie for supremacy not just over Yemen, but as a show of strength in this multifaceted global conflict. It’s a proxy war where the casualties are real but the objectives are hidden, layered with intentions far reaching into the realms of global finance and geopolitical dominance.

In a move that barely scratched the surface of mainstream media, the recent diplomatic breakthrough mediated by China between Saudi Arabia and Iran marks a significant pivot. This is the reshaping of old alliances and enmities that have fueled decades of conflict under the surface. What’s at stake is clear—a shift in the balance of power, a reconfiguration of alliances that will redefine the Middle East and, by extension, global politics.

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The talks held in Sanaa, leading to a possible ceasefire, are not merely about ending a civil war. They are about repositioning key players in anticipation of a new world. The closure of this proxy war could signal the beginning of a new era in geopolitical dynamics, aligning with significant global financial changes anticipated to kick in post-April 20.

This convergence of events on April 20 is no coincidence. It’s a calculated crescendo in a symphony orchestrated by those who dare to manipulate global events. This date is not just significant for those who follow the intricacies of Islamic calendars or the fluctuations of the Iraqi dinar. It is a pivot upon which the next phase of a global plan is set to unfold.

We are poised on the brink of something monumental—a shift so profound that its ripples will be felt for generations. The GCR/RV and the release of GESARA are not just financial resets; they are the keys to unlocking a future where power is redistributed, where the old guards are dismantled, and a new global hierarchy is established.

As the world’s eyes turn towards Yemen post-April 20, those in the know watch not for the news that makes the headlines, but for the story that unfolds in the shadows, the real narrative that will dictate the course of world events. The end of the Yemeni Civil War might just be the beginning of a new chapter in our global story, one where the truth is as elusive as it is transformative.

In these turbulent times, where every whisper of change carries the weight of centuries, one thing remains clear: the world as we know it is being redrawn, and the forces behind this monumental transformation are as powerful as they are unseen.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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