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The Shadow Games of Global Elites: How Bankers, Bureaucracies, and Backroom Deals Shape Wars, Worldviews, and Our Waking Reality.

When you unravel the hidden layers of bureaucracy, the narrative becomes startlingly transparent. It’s an open secret: governments are puppeteered to puppeteer us, the masses. Let’s confront the uncomfortable truth. Why do you reckon governments so willingly dance to the tunes of corporate giants — “Big Banking,” “Big Business,” “Big Pharma,” and the ever-evolving “Big Biotech”? These global elites get the red-carpet treatment, while the interests of ordinary people are trampled upon.

Remember September 11, 2001? For some, it’s an unforgettable tragedy. For the power-hungry elites, it was the starting gun in their race to usher humanity into their coveted New World Order. This wasn’t just an American or European phenomenon. Democratic values? Pffft, those were slowly but systematically stripped away. If you’ve ever dug deep into the EU’s decision-making labyrinth, you’d agree that democracy there seems like a joke. Welcome to the EU’s bureaucratic dictatorship.

Here’s a bold assertion: Our world is a vast madhouse, and we’re too drugged by societal norms to see it. Just as no one questions the absurdities in their dreams, they’re blind to the craziness of their waking lives.

Let’s face it. The world is full of sleepwalkers. And who benefits? The Deep State. It’s easier to puppeteer a person who’s asleep than one who’s awake. Their minds? Caged. Their time, energy, labor? All harnessed. Free will? Only a distant echo for them, because they’ve forsaken conscious thought.

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They continue to be herded like sheep, never daring to defy the status quo. Here’s a wake-up call: Our freedom is at stake. No one superhero is coming to save the day. The real change happens when legions awaken together.

Ever wondered who the puppet masters are? History whispers their names — the planet’s uber-rich families. Their influence didn’t just sprout overnight. Trace back to when European bankers had an epiphany: why lend to the needy when you can profit more by lending to governments? Fast forward, these banking moguls and their crony elites own the world. Secretly, they’ve been the puppet masters, the warlords, the peacemakers.

But here’s the twist: The world is changing. Post-2021, there’s a paradigm shift. As humanity soars in consciousness, the scales are tipping. More positivity is radiating than negativity.

For eons, we were trapped in a cycle of war, violence, and power hunger. Now? The winds of change are blowing. They might be gentle breezes now, but they’re bound to escalate into gales of peace, unity, and collaboration.

In the 21st century, an intricate web of influential forces casts its shadow globally. Thanks to the Internet, the efforts of intrepid journalists, whistleblowers, and brave souls who’ve dared to speak out, the mask is slowly peeling off.

Insiders have always whispered about powerful entities operating behind the curtains. Rumor has it, an FBI bigshot spilled the beans on the Illuminati’s global dominion. For a deeper dive, check out the riveting video on the Occult World of Commerce, as dissected by the late Jordan Maxwell. Just spare the first 15 minutes, and you’ll see the world in a different light. Intrigued? You should be.

Peel back the layers, and the truth about Jordan Maxwell springs forth. A pioneer in unearthing the intricacies of occult and religious philosophy, Maxwell’s journey into these enigmatic realms can be traced back to 1959. Remember Truth Seeker Magazine? America’s legendary Freethought Journal since 1873? He carved a niche there as the Religion Editor for a solid three-and-a-half years.

Maxwell’s deep dives into the shadowy roots of Western religions and the hush-hush world of secret societies have sent ripples across the globe. From hosting riveting radio talk shows, gracing over 600 of them as a guest, to showcasing in hard-hitting TV documentaries (did you catch those CBS TV two-hour specials or the much-talked-about Ancient Mystery Series?), Maxwell has been relentless. What’s his obsession? Exposing how ancient religions still pull the strings in today’s geopolitical theater. Backed with rarely-seen documents and photographs, Maxwell’s explosive presentations have been an eye-opener for many.

In these turbulent times, Maxwell believes it’s imperative to stay informed, upbeat, and hopeful. But here’s a curveball: Are you tuning into public TV every night? If so, chances are you’re being force-fed a diet of deception by the media moguls. Those mainstream narratives, dripping with rage, anxiety, and trepidation, are dangerously seductive.

Stay sharp! Recognize that the world is not just influenced but controlled. And the puppeteers? Well, they’re danced by an even higher power – the shadowy Upper Echelon Crime Cabal. “Admired” royalties from global monarchies are just a fraction of this cabal.

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Mastery Over Masses: A Historical Deception

Rewind a few centuries. People rose against the iron grip of royal dictatorships, crying out for a voice in governance. Cunning as ever, the elite bloodlines swapped overt tyranny with a slyer, invisible version, camouflaging their stranglehold under the garb of democracy. Ever heard of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”? Dive deeper, and you’ll uncover their subliminal warfare tactics.

Fast forward to today. Free trade and centralized precious metal reserves are flaunted as global economy boosters. But it’s a smokescreen. Political party formations are the true chains binding elected officials at every governance level. Instead of manipulating hundreds, the elites now only need to control the puppet masters of these parties.

A System Flawed By Design

When such control systems land in sinister hands, chaos ensues. Instead of bridging economic disparities, they further the divide, binding impoverished nations to the wealthy.

Desire a flourishing political career? It’s straightforward: join a party, please its overlords, and parrot their agenda. This ‘yes-man’ culture isn’t limited to politics. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or teacher, the game remains the same: toe the line or risk obscurity.

It’s a soul trade. Real progress in these fields demands either mental closure or soul barter. Sometimes both.

Take the UK Parliament, for instance. Ever heard of the ‘Whips’? Their sole duty is to ensure MPs tow the party line. Their existence and operations, out in the open, scream of political corruption. MPs get dangled with career carrots or dire threats, depending on their compliance.

Intrigued? Disturbed? You should be.

Buckle up, because this is about to get twisty.

Under the surface of every nation lies a consistent pattern, a “system” if you will, and no, I’m not referring to those official ‘Whips.’ Disturbingly, politicians are under surveillance, their personal data ruthlessly mined by intelligence agencies, ready to be brandished like a weapon. Who’s pulling the strings, you ask? The puppet masters who control the parties, and at the top of that list, the ever-controversial Rothschild dynasty.

For them, ethical considerations are minor speed bumps. Data protection laws? Mere inconveniences. And the juicier a politician’s secrets, the more pliable they become. And just in case they forget their place? Well, the file awaits.

The Dirty Politics Playbook

Politics isn’t just a game; it’s a carnival of deception. As you wade deeper into its murky waters, you’ll find three kinds of players:

  1. The cunning few, privy to the larger conspiracy.
  2. The power-hungry lot, doing whatever it takes, echoing sentiments like parrots without any conviction.
  3. And those with closets bursting with skeletons, forever on the brink of scandal.
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It’s a grim picture, isn’t it? Not every politician fits this mold, but let’s just say the corridors of power echo with whispered secrets more than righteous proclamations. The glue that binds this intricate web? The influential secret societies, with the Freemasons taking center stage.

A shocking revelation? No matter where you pin your vote, the Rothschild-Illuminati dynasty makes the call. They control the gameboard, every player, every move. Politics today is merely a puppet show of hollow promises and backdoor dealings.

The artificial crises we face, be it monetary or economic, are orchestrated acts. Central bankers, spearheaded first by the likes of Greenspan, Bernanke, and now Yellen, played their parts to perfection. The world now teeters between two choices: back the US Dollar or cozy up to the Eastern Alliance’s Gold Standard.

Awaken or Perish

As the world waits for a breakthrough, the fiat money system’s inevitable collapse looms large. Yet, hope remains. Remember the wise words: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything!”

A Fall from Green Grace

Shifting gears, let’s dive into the irony of the ‘green’ movement. Once a beacon of hope, Alexander Pohl, an ex-banker from London, once believed in this cause. Financing eco-ventures, he genuinely thought he was changing the world. But the rose-tinted glasses soon fell off. Disillusioned, he left it all behind, seeking solace in Sweden’s tranquil forests.

But, twist in the tale? Just as he embraced a sustainable life, a wind farm cropped up, shattering his idyllic retreat.

Documentarians Poels and Pohl now embark on a quest, not just for answers, but to strip down the green movement to its core. Are we just chasing windmills? Only time will tell.

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