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The Secret Land Grab: How the New World Order Could Empty Our Plates and End Traditional Farming Forever!

The Secret Plot to Upend Farming As We Know It – Global Elites Plan to Replace Traditional Diets with Insects and Seize Control of World’s Farmlands! Discover How a Covert 2030 Agenda Threatens Your Food Freedom and the Surprising Truth Behind Government-Backed Land Grabs!

No Land Ownership for People

A stormy and worrying debate is growing around the future of private land ownership, in the context of farm closures and government intervention. Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a former member of the Forum for Democracy and political commentator, sheds surprising light on this situation:

“I have always said that the nitrogen crisis is primarily a manufactured crisis. It’s fabricated, and the only solution ever proposed is forced expropriation.” In this statement, she suggests that the government might have a hidden plan to take over farmers’ land to make room for immigrants and housing construction. This, in a country already pressed by housing space issues and population growth.

However, not only in the Netherlands is this pressure felt. In 2020, California became the first U.S. state to commit to a 30 by 30 goal, planning to put 30% of its land and water under government control by 2030. Margaret Byfield, executive director of American Stewards of Liberty, sounds an alarm:

“The concept in America is self-governance… The ultimate agenda is that there is no land ownership, so we own nothing. Either we own property, or we are property.”

This movement fits into a broader global scenario, where government regulations, under the guise of sustainability, seem to hide a more sinister intention. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a farmer and representative from California, adds another layer to this problem:

“A lot of this happened in the early ’70s with the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act… but it’s been abused from its original intention.” These statements raise serious questions about the real intentions behind ecological policies.

Therefore, a fundamental and controversial question arises: Are we heading towards a future where private land ownership becomes an obsolete concept, and government control over essential resources becomes the norm? This perspective, which seems to emerge from the pages of a dystopian novel, could have profound implications for individual freedom and how we manage our resources.

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Globalists Have Everything Planned

There are rumors that the plans of the new world order are based on crisis management, assuming a major crisis that will pave the way for a radical transition. “At some point, the narrative changed to be about the climate,” says Balmakov, highlighting a major change in global discourse.

It seems that the Cold War was just a prelude. After a crucial meeting of the Club of Rome in 1991, in which participants such as Rockefeller and early affiliations of the WEF were involved, a new direction emerged: neo-Malthusianism and a global depopulation agenda. “They came up with this incredible document where they said, in fact, we need a new justification for this all-powerful state,” remarks Newman. “So, the new excuse will be because the environment will be affected, and because the climate will harm us.”

Moreover, Balmakov reveals a surprising discovery: “I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, that world leaders actually presented this globalist plan in plain English in a physical book, as early as 1991.” His reference to the book “The First Global Revolution,” which contains a shocking statement: “In searching for a common enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that… the real enemy is humanity itself.”

Newman emphasizes the involvement of the World Economic Forum in this plan, as well as its close ties with China. “The World Economic Forum was actually a critical part of implementing this UN agenda. A few years ago, they became a strategic partner of the UN in implementing the 2030 agenda.” This opens a new chapter in the discussion of how communists and super-capitalists seem to collaborate to advance this agenda.

Another worrying perspective comes from Javier Solana, former head of NATO, who suggests that this new direction could be “the next great leap forward.” Newman raises the question: “Why would we want another one of those? That’s madness.”

These revelations raise deep questions about what appears to be an unexpected collaboration between communists and super-capitalists, suggesting a new form of global power that could reshape the world as we know it. “Wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense on the surface. What’s going on here?” – this is the question we all need to ask ourselves.

The Globalists’ Plan for a New Food Era

There is a wave of radical changes proposed by globalists, who argue that consuming insects could be the key to protecting the planet. It is argued that replacing meat with insects will reduce the need for agricultural land and protect the environment. 14 The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has already started to promote this idea, supporting the benefits of insects in the diet. 15

In June 2021, the WEF published an article emphasizing the importance of insects in food systems, stating that “we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food systems”. 16 This proposal comes against the backdrop of an alleged imminent food crisis.

The European Commission authorized mealworms as food, promoting the idea that insects will play an important role in a healthy and sustainable diet. 17 Victor Davis Hanson, a military historian and almond farmer, observes: 18 “There’s this top-down globalist idea that certain Western countries have diets that they don’t approve of… And they either want to force people to follow their paradigms, or they want to buy or accumulate agricultural land… It’s kind of like the Soviet Union or Mao’s Cultural Revolution.”

Without Farmers, There Is No Food

If the government and corporations take control of the land, they can also control the food supply. “Everywhere you look, small and medium farms are being swallowed up by these mega corporate farms… They can’t keep up with these endless streams of regulations coming down,” says Newman.

In China, mega mechanized farms, government-controlled, are replacing small family farms. 19 Without land, people lose their autonomy, freedom, and independence. Hanson adds: 20 “When the American nation was founded, 95% of people were household citizens… Agriculture produces citizens.”

A War for All Humanity

Newman warns: 21 “We are heading, I believe, into a very significant period of food scarcity… the ultimate goal of the war against farmers… will be a total consolidation of agriculture… if you control the food, you control the people.” This is not just a fight for land or diet, but a war for the essence of freedom and human autonomy.

As we uncover the hidden layers of global agendas, it’s clear that the stakes are high, involving not only our diets but our freedom and heritage. This investigation has unearthed a power play over our farmlands and a radical shift in our food supply, orchestrated from the top

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