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The Sandman Operation and QFS Unleashed: How a Coordinated Financial Strike Could Usher in a New Global Currency System!

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In the shadowy corridors of power and high finance, a catastrophic scenario is unfurling right before our eyes, yet many remain blissfully unaware. We’re in the midst of a monumental shift that threatens the very foundation of our economic system. Let’s cut straight to the heart of the matter: the handling—or rather mishandling—of global monetary policy is a deliberate act.

Currently, the Fiat Euro is crumbling, a fate that the Euro shares with its American counterpart, the dollar. Both are prime examples of Fiat Money systems, currencies that are not backed by physical commodities like gold. Contrast this with the currencies of the BRICS nations, which are securely anchored by gold reserves. This stark difference paints a clear picture of stability versus volatility.

On the heels of this economic revelation, the “Sandman Operation” is rumored to commence. This operation will see all BRICS countries simultaneously dump their holdings of the now worthless dollar. This coordinated action is expected to send shockwaves through global markets, particularly affecting those stock markets that are not shielded by the Global Economic Security and Reform Act (GESARA) and the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

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As we edge closer to April 25th, the “Biden Economy” will reveal its true colors with new economic data. Expect to see a harrowing rise in sovereign debts, which have ballooned to unsustainable levels under the current administration. These represent a toxic legacy that will burden generations to come, particularly toxic to the economies of BRICS countries that have long criticized the reckless fiscal policies of the West.

The dollar, despite being the de facto global currency that facilitates free trade across borders, is trapped in a cycle of perpetual debt, a cycle that the Fiat Money system perpetuates. The illusion of wealth is maintained by the endless printing of money, with no real assets to back it up.

In the chaotic aftermath, if the stock market crashes and banks fail to align with the ISO20022 financial standard, the spectacle will only intensify. Every major bank, including giants like Deutsche Bank, are deeply entangled in derivatives, loan packages, and pledges—sums amounting to trillions. These financial instruments are poised on a knife-edge, ready to topple an already precarious system.

This domino effect could trigger a widespread bank run, a scenario where ordinary citizens, realizing the fragility of their financial institutions, rush to withdraw their savings, leading to a collapse of the Fiat Money system. This would be the great expropriation of major shareholders such as Blackrock and Vanguard, who have gambled on the inflated value of Fiat Money.

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The geopolitical ramifications are equally dire. Loans extended to Ukraine, represented as lifelines, are in reality a massive fraud—loans that will never be repaid, perpetrated by politicians at the taxpayers’ expense. As the public wises up to this grand deception, they may ultimately refuse to pay taxes, leading to a situation where unfunded government checks bounce back, worthless.

This master plan, as sinister as it is brilliant, appears to be a calculated strategy to dismantle the current financial system, paving the way for a redistribution of wealth back to the masses.

Moreover, the freezing of bank accounts belonging to politicians and other nefarious actors ensures that without financial resources, these individuals are rendered impotent. They can no longer wage economic war on the populace.

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Adding another layer to this complex scenario is the involvement of the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which aims to strip these malevolent forces of their financial power. With the QFS, there’s no room for the shadowy transactions that have funded operations—operations that treated ordinary people like insects to be controlled.

From April 25th onward, we should expect to see the visible effects of the Sandman Operation unfold globally. The curtains are being pulled back, revealing the machinations that have manipulated the economy to the detriment of many and the benefit of a few.

This is a wake-up call to the world, and the repercussions will be felt by everyone. As the old system crumbles, we stand on the precipice of a new era—one that promises to restore power where it truly belongs: in the hands of the people.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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