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The Samson Option – Why Israel’s Global Ambitions Position It as the Single Most Dangerous Threat to Our World! Nuclear Missiles Ready to Strike Global Cities!

Imagine this: One nation possesses the keys to unleash widespread destruction, targeting cities across a continent they deem ‘hostile’. A claim so audacious and unnerving, it’s hard to comprehend. This country isn’t Iran, Iraq, Libya, or Afghanistan. Surprisingly, it’s Israel, boasting of its nuclear missiles aimed squarely at European cities. Yes, you heard that right.

Digging deep into the archives, one can’t help but wonder – What’s the true reason behind the world powers rallying behind Israel? When the true security issue, the real elephant in the room, isn’t being given the scrutiny it demands. Israel’s “Samson Option” should be making the headlines, not swept under the rug.

The late Israeli Premier, Golda Meir, in a candid conversation with Alan Hart, unapologetically declared Israel’s willingness to resort to nuclear catastrophe should they face military defeat. The audacity of such a statement, justified by the premise that the world was solely created to serve them, paints a vivid picture. It becomes clear that there’s more than meets the eye.

Trace back to July 4, 1934, when Leo Szilard, a Jewish scientist, submitted a patent application in England for the atomic bomb. The narrative grows murkier when one realizes that every subsequent nuclear weapon invention can be credited to Jewish inventors.

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The world has been sold countless tales of the marvels of Israeli technology, but what about the darker side of this narrative? Israel’s prowess in biological and chemical warfare research is unparalleled, birthing weapons capable of targeting specific ethnic groups. With the presence of Depleted Uranium (DU) in the environment, enough to spell doom multiple times over, one ponders the future of our planet.

For context, Falluja in Iraq now witnesses merely one-third of its previous pregnancy rates post-DU bombing. The staggering 99% of births are marred by severe genetic defects. One would assume, even the reviled Hitler, exhibited a morsel of mercy, refraining from tapping into nuclear power. A compassion glaringly missing elsewhere.

The world’s been fed tales of “terrorists” lurking in shadows. Yet, could there be a chance that entities like Al Qaeda are mere pawns, orchestrated by Mossad and the CIA? Remember the tragic events of 9/11? A web of “security measures” spun to protect from this elusive enemy. Yet, are these measures genuinely safeguarding citizens or merely shackling them, lest they uncover the disconcerting truth?

Delving further into the annals of history, a speech from Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich in 1952 sheds more light. Addressing the Emergency Council of European Rabbis, he spoke of plans that had been underway for millennia. A race for dominance, where every Jew would reign supreme. This eerily mirrors a script from a James Bond movie, where the antagonist is on a quest for global dominance. If politicians today turn a blind eye to these assertions, one can only speculate their true affiliations.

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Analyzing the political alignments during 9/11 and comparing them to today’s power dynamics, striking similarities emerge. If the words of Gutle Schnapper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, are any indication – “If my sons did not want war, there would be none” – then it’s time to reassess the genuine puppeteers orchestrating global events.

The Jewish Rothschilds, a name that echoes in corridors of power, are the puppeteers behind a sinister plot, intending to exact world hegemony by the very people our modern governments represent. One needs to only look at the harrowing testimonies presented in the film ‘911missinglinks’ to uncover the shadows that lurk, waiting to unleash terror on an unprecedented scale. Let us not forget the haunting episode of the USS Liberty. A sinister foreshadowing of what’s to come?

This isn’t some dramatic tale or an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster. No, this is the harsh reality we may face if we, the people, don’t act decisively. Without intervention, our governments, steered by a certain 5th column, could plunge us into a conflict so devastating that nuclear warfare may ensue. A war that could erase hundreds of millions, especially if Israel, perceiving existential threats, implements the Samson Option strategy.

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One might wonder, what could possibly drive such extreme action? To the discerning eye, it’s clear: a premeditated design to attack the globe under the guise of revenge for perceived betrayals. This mindset, deeply entrenched in Talmudic intent, is more than just retaliation; it speaks of a grander plot to exterminate gentiles through military means.

If we consider governments as entities hired by the masses to express their collective will, the current scenario seems to be playing out in reverse. A grotesque dance where leaders, using tools like the notorious Diebold voting machines, perpetrate an illusion of democracy. These “chosen” bloodline families then proceed to puppeteer the masses according to their whims and fancies. If humanity does not shake itself awake from this dark dream, the endgame is evident: annihilation at the hands of those who believe they’ve been ordained to command.

Let’s delve deeper into the psyche. It’s the Jews who, by some interpretations, hold themselves to be superior: the sole masters of every other race, relegating the gentiles to mere transient vessels. A chilling perspective is offered by Israel’s Shas Party leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef when he asserts the idea of non-Jews being birthed only to serve. Such teachings remind me of the Zohar, Vayshlah 177b, which predicts a world where all non-Jews perish, leaving only Israel.

Further, a constant narrative emerges, urging the annihilation of Amalekites, not bound by ethnicity or religion, but encompassing all who oppose the Jews. Such perspectives, deeply rooted in Torah teachings, are a testament to the dangerous obsession that prevails.

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Reflect on this: Israeli military historian Martin Van Creveld openly proclaimed that Israel would resort to nuclear warfare if ever cornered, pinpointing European capitals as their bullseye. A sentiment not new, but eerily echoed by past Israeli leader Golda Meir. The logic, as distressing as it is, seems to be ingrained in Israel’s military ethos. The quandary is why world governments, filled with Jewish representatives, continually bolster Israel’s power. Israel’s submarines, teeming with second-strike nuclear capabilities, are floating catastrophes waiting to unleash doom, especially on European terrains.

To term Israel as just a country would be an understatement. In reality, it stands as the SPECTRE we’ve only read about in James Bond novels. Every ticking second is an opportunity for us to act. The political insiders, the agents that have granted Israel this unparalleled power, have one mission: to place us in a corner where we act as Israel’s shield, only to be discarded later, like pawns in a ruthless game.

This isn’t a call to action.

It’s a desperate plea.

For if we don’t confront and address this, our future is but a bleak landscape, shadowed by looming nuclear silos, with a fate pre-determined by those who deem us their eternal adversaries.

Time is running out.

The choice is ours.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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