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The Puppeteers Behind Joe Biden—Who Really Runs the White House?

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In today’s America, the spectacle surrounding Joe Biden’s presidency—and the circus of his potential re-election—is nothing short of a grotesque farce. It’s a scandalous charade that would make even the Roman Empire’s audacious decision to crown a 14-year-old emperor look tame by comparison. Let’s pull back the curtain on this grotesque mockery of democratic governance.

Let’s start with Biden at the recent G7 summit in Italy, where he wandered away like a confused old man lost in a supermarket. This isn’t just embarrassing—it’s downright alarming. And yet, the media, those puppeteers of public opinion, have largely given him a pass. Then, there was the Juneteenth event at the White House. Biden stood there, stiff as a board, while life buzzed around him. He was more prop than president, a sad testament to the state of his administration.

These aren’t isolated incidents—they’re symptoms of a broader deception perpetrated by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream media. They’ve turned American politics into a theater of the absurd, where reality is scripted like a bad reality show. Meanwhile, pundits like Rachel Maddow peddle fear, warning of Trump’s return as if he were a boogeyman out to destroy democracy. In reality, the only thing Maddow and her ilk fear is losing their grip on the narrative.

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Maddow, a self-appointed guardian of “progressive” values, rants about non-existent concentration camps awaiting her and her followers under a Trump presidency. This is fear-mongering at its worst, and it underscores the hysteria that has infected the left. They’re not interested in facts; they’re interested in maintaining control through chaos and confusion.

But here’s the raw truth the left doesn’t want you to know: the Biden administration is a front. It’s a smokescreen for the deep state operatives and Obama-era holdovers pulling the strings behind the scenes. Susan Rice, Lisa Monaco, and the whole cabal are the real power brokers, using Biden as their puppet to advance their agenda.

The audacity of this charade is breathtaking. The Democratic Party is banking on the American public being too distracted, too apathetic, or too brainwashed to notice. But they underestimate the people’s capacity to see through the lies. They think they can parade Biden around as a viable candidate for another term? It’s an insult to every American’s intelligence.

Look at the COVID-19 pandemic—a masterclass in manipulation. The government, playing the role of both savior and enforcer, pushed vaccines and mandates, not out of a genuine concern for public health, but as a means to expand control and silence dissent. Those who dared question the narrative were labeled as threats, as enemies of the state.

This is a deliberate assault on the foundations of freedom. It’s about power, control, and maintaining a status quo that benefits the elites at the expense of the ordinary citizen. And let’s be clear: Trump’s presidency threatened to upend this status quo, which is why the establishment fears his return.

They’re terrified because Trump doesn’t play by their rules. He represents a direct challenge to the entrenched interests that have sold out America for their gain. Under Trump, America saw economic resurgence, international respect, and a reaffirmation of core American values. He fought for the people, not the political elite.

So, as we approach another election cycle, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The Democratic Party’s desperation is palpable—they know they can’t legitimately win, so they resort to the lowest tactics: censorship, defamation, and outright lies.

But here’s the thing: America is waking up. The people see the truth behind the Biden façade. They’re tired of the lies, the manipulation, and the paternalistic tyranny that the left calls governance. The backlash is coming, and it’s going to be a reckoning like no other.

As the Fourth of July approaches, let’s remember what’s at stake here. This is more than just an election; it’s a battle for the soul of our nation. It’s time to reject the deceit and decay that the Biden administration represents. It’s time to stand with Trump, to restore integrity and strength to the White House.

Let’s bring back a leader who fights fiercely for America, not one who barely manages to stand up without support. This isn’t just a political fight; it’s a crusade to reclaim our nation’s future.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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