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The Great American Tragedy! Life under Bidenomics: Americans’ Struggle with Skyrocketing Inflation and Dumpster Diving!

The dystopian chronicles of America’s unfolding tragedy are no longer limited to the celluloid world of Hollywood – they’re becoming real, and the reel of life is capturing them in gritty, appalling detail. Don’t call it paranoia. Call it reality. Call it, “Bidenomics”!

Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. These are dire times, with haunting videos of Americans combing through dumpsters for sustenance making waves on the global stage.

Welcome to a new low! We never dreamed of being so cash-strapped that we’d find ourselves sifting through society’s refuse for the essentials.

Hold onto your seats, folks. The true colors of the Biden administration are only beginning to show, woven into a story that begins with the dystopian reality of dumpster diving in America. But before we delve into the muck and mire of that morose reality, let’s take a gander at the ugly truth of inflation under this regime.

The media’s puppet masters in the Biden administration have been triumphantly declaring a decline in ‘overall‘ inflation, down to a paltry four percent year over year. Yet, they conveniently forget to mention that this figure rides on the coattails of last year’s inflation, and the year before that, and so forth… This so-called ‘reduction‘ is an illusion – a sly magician’s trick meant to distract from the horrifying reality.

May 2023 did show an improvement over May 2022’s statistics, but such figures hold little consolation when we consider the cruel fact that income growth for Americans has not even remotely kept pace with the skyrocketing prices of nearly everything, from electronics to cars and clothing.

Our glorious media, our supposed watchdogs, have been silent as the grave about this disturbing truth. They’ve failed to highlight that food inflation remains leagues ahead of ‘overall’ inflation – in some cases, over twice as much. Barring meats, poultry, fish and eggs, and fruits and vegetables, every category is experiencing inflation well above the overall rate.

It’s important to put these numbers into perspective. In May 2022, food inflation stood at 10.1%, and by May 2023, it had reduced to 6.7%. But this reduction masks the devastating reality that in just two years, overall food inflation has risen by almost 17%.

Has your income risen by 17% since 2022? Likely not, unless you belong to the privileged few unaffected by the realities of Bidenomics.

An email from one of our readers recently exposed the bitter reality of life under Bidenomics. The reader, shocked by the almost two-dollar price for a can of vegetables at his local Walmart, sent us an image that speaks volumes about the current situation.

And so, like a digital-age Sherlock Holmes, I took to the search engines. My research revealed that inflation for canned fruits and vegetables has always been slightly higher than other food groups. A quick peek at Amazon revealed that while some canned goods remain under a dollar for now, prices for specific items are increasing steadily.

As a humble servant of the public interest, I’d advise you to stock up on the cheapest ones you can find while they remain affordable. Food inflation is not going anywhere, and out of all the categories experiencing inflation, food is the only one we cannot live without.

Now, let’s return to the main topic at hand – dumpster diving in America. We see fellow citizens scavenging for electronics, Macy’s merchandise, and a plethora of other things. Money is being funneled into what little food they can afford, while they resort to the refuse bins for the rest.

TikTok videos of Americans dumpster diving for food are going viral, and there’s been a spike in online searches for “Is dumpster diving illegal” in America. It’s a grim testament to the lengths that people are being forced to go to in order to make ends meet and feed their families.

This is the reality of ‘Bidenomics‘, despite the rosy picture the Biden administration and its media sycophants would have you believe.

Let’s Go Brandon!” indeed.

Another search term gaining momentum is a clear indicator of the desperation afflicting Americans. Stories are emerging every day that underscore how inflation, particularly food inflation, continues to hit Americans hard.

One such story is of Patrice Stinney, who begins her day by making lattes at a coffee shop and ends it as an airline customer service agent at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In her “spare time,” she doubles as a part-time hairstylist, aspiring to own a beauty shop someday. Despite working three jobs, she recently had to move in with her older brother due to a rent increase.

Everything costs so much. Food is high. Gas is high. It’s really hard for me,” says Stinney, a grim testament to the struggle that many Americans are facing.

Many Biden supporters dismiss these issues as part of a “global inflation” problem. However, this argument holds no water when we consider that approximately 50 countries have an inflation rate under 2%, with eight countries showing negative inflation and one at zero.

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We must acknowledge that a nation’s economic policies are the primary drivers of inflation. While events such as the Russia/Ukraine conflict do have some influence on specific items, they are far from the determining factor. In the case of America, the determining factor is Bidenomics.

Reports indicate that meat prices, which saw a significant surge over the last two-and-a-half years, are set to rise even further. The Wall Street Journal, on June 14, 2023, stated that “U.S. beef production is on track to drop by more than 2 billion pounds in 2024,” hinting at an upcoming crisis.

The lessons from 2021-2022 remind us that the prices of freeze-dried food, especially meats, do not rise immediately after a grocery store price surge. Therefore, it would be prudent to restock or top off your survival food reserves before the prices for freeze-dried goods increase.

As we brace ourselves for the uncertainty of what lies ahead in 2024, let’s remind ourselves that we must confront the harsh realities of today. Dumpster diving in America is a glaring symptom of a sick society, diseased by economic policies that are failing its people. It’s time to face the music and take action before it’s too late. After all, survival isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a reality!

Are you ready to make that dive, or will you fight to change this narrative?

The choice is yours, America.

The clock is ticking.

Let’s start rewriting this story.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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