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The Grand Final GESARA vs Deep State: How Trump is Leading the Charge in Exposing the World’s Biggest Control Scheme by the Elite!

In the intricate web of global politics and finance, a silent war rages – one that could redefine the very fabric of our society. At the heart of this battle is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (GESARA), a movement shrouded in both mystery and promise, poised to dismantle the long-standing dominion of the so-called “Deep State” or “Cabal.” This elite group, a shadowy coalition of the world’s wealthiest and most influential, has covertly steered the course of nations for their own gain. But now, GESARA stands as a beacon of hope, a herald of a new era of freedom and equality.

The Deep State: Puppeteers of the Global Stage

The deep state, a term that has crept into our collective consciousness, refers to an alliance of the rich and powerful, who have exerted a disproportionate influence over global economics and politics. Central to their control is the United States Federal Reserve System, a cornerstone of their financial empire, which, despite its name, wields influence far beyond American borders, encompassing 98% of the world’s central banks.

Their influence extends into the media, turning respected news outlets into mere puppets. Giants like FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are not just news providers but cogs in a vast machine of propaganda and manipulation. They bombard the public with distractions, sensationalism, and fear, all designed to maintain control over the populace.

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A Legacy of Manipulation and Control

The deep state’s history is marred with incidents that reveal their willingness to go to any lengths to maintain their grip on power. The sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of JFK, the 9/11 attacks, and the alleged rigging of the U.S. elections are not just isolated events but pieces of a larger puzzle, each serving the deep state’s agenda of domination and control.

The Dawn of GESARA and the Cryptocurrency Revolution

In this shadowy game of power, GESARA emerges as a force of change. Its goal is to reset the global financial system, shifting from the traditional SWIFT system to a blockchain-based framework, focusing on cryptocurrencies like XLM (Stellar Lumens) and XRP (Ripple). This transition is not merely about adopting new technology; it’s a rebellion against the financial tyranny of the deep state. Cryptocurrencies offer a level of transparency and decentralization that is anathema to the deep state’s modus operandi.

Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Medical Beds: The Future is Now

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) stands as a testament to this new era. Utilizing quantum computing, it promises a financial system free from corruption and manipulation. Similarly, the advent of medical beds, capable of miraculous healings, challenges the deep state’s stronghold over the healthcare industry.

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The False Flag Phenomenon: A Tool of the Deep State

As GESARA gains momentum, the deep state resorts to its tried-and-tested strategy of false flag operations. These orchestrated events, ranging from terrorist attacks to natural disasters, are designed to instill fear, divert attention, and tighten their control. Each false flag is a desperate attempt to hold onto power in the face of an impending paradigm shift.

The Resistance of the Deep State

Despite these advancements, the deep state is relentless. They continue to manipulate the media, control financial systems, and exert political influence. Their resistance is a testament to the threat GESARA poses to their age-old dominion.

Exposing the Puppet Masters

Consider the Rothschilds, not just financiers but the masterminds of modern geopolitics, operating from London, Berlin, and Israel. Their influence isn’t limited to banking; it’s about reshaping nations. The Rockefellers, American titans with ties to Israel, aren’t merely oil magnates; they’re architects of the global political landscape.

The Morgans and the House of Warburg, key players in this financial chess game, don’t just control wealth; they dictate economic fates. The Lazard and Moses Israel Seif families, with their roots in Paris, Italy, and Israel, are more than influential clans; they’re linchpins in a global game of dominance.

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The Kuhn-Loeb and Lehman Brothers families, spanning from Germany to America, aren’t just banking giants; they’re silent rulers of economic policy. Goldman Sachs, a name synonymous with Wall Street, isn’t just a bank; it’s a cornerstone of this shadow empire.

Beyond these financial behemoths lie the Black Nobility and the Vatican, not mere relics of a bygone era but active players in this clandestine game. Their influence transcends the spiritual realm, delving into the heart of global decision-making.

Secret societies like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Bilderberg Group aren’t fodder for conspiracy theorists; they’re real, and their objectives align sinisterly with the Cabal’s agenda.

Then there’s Donald Trump, a figure who shook the foundations of this hidden order. His presidency wasn’t just a political shift; it was a direct assault on the deep state. Backed by a coalition of military minds, Trump waged a war against this shadowy empire. Yet, the deep state’s economic fortress proved impenetrable, stonewalling his every move.

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Despite being the people’s choice, Trump’s return to power was sabotaged by the deep state’s relentless grip on control. His military allies recognize the pivotal role he plays in this ongoing battle against the invisible tyrants.

The deep state’s reach isn’t confined to finance and politics. They collude with entities like the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, and the CIA. Their machinations dictate global conflicts, political assassinations, terrorist funding, economic crises, and even the orchestration of pandemics.

This narrative isn’t spun from fiction; it’s the narrative of our world, hidden under the guise of normalcy. The deep state, with its pervasive control, isn’t just a group of power brokers; it’s a doctrine, a strategy that has silently shaped our existence. As we uncover the truth of this hidden empire, we’re left to ponder: How far does this shadowy influence extend, and what can we do to expose these puppeteers of chaos?

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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