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The Global Firestorm: Natural Calamity or Engineered Catastrophe?

Mediterranean Fires and Media Frenzy: Unraveling the Hidden Agendas Behind the 'Global Warming' Headlines.

Amidst the azure waters and golden beaches of the Mediterranean, a raging inferno burned this summer. But it’s not just the fires that should be alarming. Rather, it’s the pyrotechnics of the media in echoing the same horror-tinted stories day in and day out. “Record-breaking heat!”, “Devastating fires!”, “Hell on Earth!” – such sensational headlines dominated the UK mainstream press throughout July. What for? To serve a narrative – that narrative.

The “Great Global Warming Hoax”: A Closer Look

As the fires torched the Mediterranean landscapes, some forces saw an opportunity: a chance to pin the blame squarely on ‘global warming’. The tactic? A ceaseless barrage of fear-mongering, strikingly reminiscent of the media approach during the Covid pandemics of 2020/2021.

One might ponder, why this constant alarm? Especially when the Grecian islands like Rhodes and Corfu, known for their blazing summers, aren’t strangers to temperatures cresting the upper 30’s and even reaching the low 40’s centigrade. A truth we owe to Vanessa Beeley of UK Column News, brings into sharp relief the fact that the recent Rhodes fires, as disastrous as they were, actually impacted just three villages. Tragic, yes, but hardly a scene of continental apocalypse.

Yet, could there be a more insidious aim lurking behind the billows of smoke?

“The Great Reset” and the Agenda of Small Farms

Enter the World Economic Forum (WEF). Their aversion to small farms and their goal to replace traditional agriculture with synthetic alternatives is no secret. With Greece’s landscape dotted by the highest number of small farms in Western Europe, it’s hard not to draw a line connecting its recent adversities to the WEF’s machinations.

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The tides seem to be turning against the ‘Net Zero‘ narrative, as the public sentiment steers clear of superficial headlines. For Greece, the situation is twofold; these farmers, the backbone of Greece’s agrarian tradition, rely heavily on summer tourism. Yet, fabricated tales of unprecedented temperatures have kept tourists at bay.

The True Culprit: Altering Weather Patterns?

While Southern Greece struggles against such systematic oppression, a new environmental antagonist emerges: banks of ‘green’ wind turbines. Much like their brethren in North Germany and Poland, these giants not only harness wind but also alter local weather patterns, making surroundings parched and more susceptible to fires.

Could it be, that this ‘green initiative‘ is inadvertently laying the groundwork for more frequent and intense fires? With reports suggesting that many of the recent fires could be cases of arson, it’s worth pondering the real agenda behind these “green initiatives“.

CO2 and the Volcano Conspiracy

There’s another twist. If anthropogenic global warming is the evildoer, why is the media silent on the volcanic eruptions spewing vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere? Such eruptions could dwarf man-made contributions, but they conveniently remain out of the climate discourse.

Why? Could it be that the looming threat of volcanoes doesn’t quite fit the narrative of achieving Net Zero by 2045? An inconvenient truth, perhaps.

A Call to Action

The stakes have never been higher. As the world witnesses fires from Canada to China, from the USA to Europe, there’s a pressing need to question the root cause. Is it simply natural, or are forces like the HAARP manipulating the weather?

At the heart of this fiery debate, there lies an unassailable truth: humanity has the power to challenge these narratives. The threat may be vast, but the will of an awakened populace is mightier. The goal? To protect God’s creation against an obsessed cabal that would see it transformed.

If ever there was a cause worth fighting for, this is it.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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