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The Destruction of American Health Care

In the US medical boards are in many respects agents of Big Pharma. They serve to punish doctors who don’t abide by Big Pharma’s money-grubbing protocols.

In the US medical boards are in many respects agents of Big Pharma. They serve to punish doctors who don’t abide by Big Pharma’s money-grubbing protocols.

The Ohio Medical Board is a good example. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testified in June 2021 to the Ohio House of Representatives Health Committee about the dangers of the so-called “Covid vaccines.” Her testimony was based on published studies in medical journals. Her testimony was at a time when the full press was on to have the entire population injected with an experimental dose of no one knew what. Big Pharma and American medicine that it controls didn’t want anyone  getting in the way of huge profits and whatever other agendas were at work. Big Pharma orchestrated a number of complaints to be made about Dr. Tenpenny. The Ohio Medical Board responded to its master’s call.

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The vaccinators were unhappy when 2 years and 2 months ago Dr. Tenpenny said that the so-called “vaccine” was causing heart inflammation. Her statement, controversial at the time, is now accepted as true.  But the Ohio Medical Board is nevertheless punishing her for being correct. By telling the truth, the Ohio Medical Board thinks Dr. Tenpenny violated the State’s Medical Practices Act. Big Pharma’s Ohio Medical Board has suspended Dr. Tenpenny’s medical license.

This is how corrupt medicine is today in the United States. Over the course of my life I have watched the collapse of medical practice in the US. Doctors were in private practice. You had a personal relationship with them. They knew how to diagnose. Poor people weren’t charged. The doctors added a little to rich people’s bills. The doctor was focused on your health, not his pocketbook.

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Today medical schools teach doctors, who are increasingly corporate employees thanks to Obamacare and other legislation designed to destroy private practice, to type the patients reported symptoms into his laptop and prescribe the drugs that Big Pharma recommends. This kind of medicine can be automated.

In the US doctors have become employees. They cannot use their judgment but must follow protocols. Doctors who rejected the death-dealing Covid protocols and saved patients’ lives with Ivermectin and HCQ were fired. If they were in private practice, they were hauled before corrupt medical boards whose pockets were lined by Big Pharma.

Cat scans, MRIs, and blood analysis are wonderful tests for diagnostics, but technology aside medical practice in the US is failing fast.  With the rapid expansion of corporate medicine doctors are being turned into profit centers. Their job is to hand the patient a Big Pharma prescription and rush to the next patient. 

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One way that Big Pharma, using its political campaign contributions, is closing down private medical practice is by getting Congress to pass legislation that results in corporate billings to insurance companies and Medicare being paid a larger percentage of the billed amount than private practices. The consequence has been the sale of private practices and their incorporation into corporate medicine.

What this means is that “our representatives” in Congress are not our representatives. They are Big Pharma’s representatives and representatives for others who finance their election campaigns. Big Pharma’s representatives have centralized our health care and turned it against us by turning health care into just another monetized commodity.

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