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The Black Swan Strikes: Federal Reserve’s Collapse Triggers Global Power Meltdown!

The unfolding scenario is nothing short of a seismic shift in global power dynamics, a narrative so profound and unsettling that it demands our undivided attention. The United States and Israel, two nations long perceived as unshakeable pillars of the Western world, are teetering on the brink of an unprecedented transformation. The catalyst? The imminent collapse of the Federal Reserve, a behemoth whose downfall signals a domino effect of catastrophic proportions.

Let’s dissect this impending cataclysm. The Federal Reserve, long the puppeteer of global finance, is facing its demise. This isn’t mere speculation; it’s a cold, hard inevitability. The implications are staggering: the collapse of the Federal Reserve isn’t just about a single institution; it’s about the disintegration of an entire system that includes the Corporation of the United States of America, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and a staggering 90% of the world’s transnational corporations. Imagine that – a world where these titans crumble like sandcastles against a tidal wave.

But why is this happening? The answer lies in the murky waters of international finance. U.S. Treasury Bonds, once the bedrock of financial security, are now being shunned in oil trades. The Federal Reserve, crippled by new regulations under Basel 3/ISO-20022, can no longer mask its vulnerabilities through Quantitative Easing. The veil is lifting, revealing a hollow core where there should have been financial solidity.

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Mike’s insights are particularly illuminating here. The Federal Reserve’s inability to perform a reverse repo without annihilating the remaining $2.3 trillion in Mortgage-Backed Securities is a death knell. The fiat dollar, that once-mighty currency, is on a countdown to oblivion. And when it falls, expect a domino effect of catastrophic proportions, reshaping economies and nations in its wake.

The signs are everywhere. Iraq’s decision to cease dollar auctions and move away from U.S. currency trading is a harbinger of the seismic shifts to come. The implications are clear: the U.S. dollar’s reign is ending, and with it, the current world order.

But what rises from these ashes? A new era characterized by the Gold Standard, a New Republic, the reinstatement of Law and Order, Common Law, Military Tribunals, Humanitarian Projects, and Free Energy. This isn’t just change; it’s a revolution.

The “White Hats” have been vocal about the financial war against the Corporation of the USA. China’s dumping of US Treasury bonds in a bid to collapse the Federal Reserve is a strategic move in this high-stakes game. The countermove? A cyberattack on Chinese banks, a desperate ploy by a faltering giant. The message from Canadian intelligence is unambiguous: the U.S. is no longer the titan it once was in world affairs.

The recent meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in California is another piece of this intricate puzzle. Biden’s alleged attempt to offer California as collateral in a desperate bid to sustain the fiat dollar’s relevance is a testament to the dire straits facing the U.S. economy.

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And then there’s the timing – uncanny and suspicious. The Federal Reserve’s absorption by the U.S. Treasury coincided with the outbreak of Covid-19. Now, as the dollar teeters on the brink, there’s talk of another virus. Coincidence? I think not.

The departure of key figures like Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, Janet Yellen, Bibi Netanyahu, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Joe Biden is more than a changing of the guard. It’s a symbol of an era ending, a regime collapsing under the weight of its own corruption and inefficiency.

As we witness the unfolding drama in Washington, exemplified by the expulsion of George Santos, it’s clear that we are witnessing history in the making. This isn’t just a financial crisis; it’s a paradigm shift, a moment in time where the old guard is being swept away, making room for a new world order.

In conclusion, the signs are clear and the evidence is mounting. The collapse of the Federal Reserve and the ensuing domino effect will reshape the global landscape in ways we are only beginning to comprehend.

This is not just a financial crisis; it’s a pivotal moment in history, a turning point that will redefine nations, economies, and the very fabric of international relations. The old world is crumbling, and a new one is emerging from its ashes. Stay vigilant, for we are living in times of monumental change.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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