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Texas Leads the Fight to Save America: A Fierce Battle Against Bioweapons and Deep State Control – 34,000 Military Oath Keepers and 700,000 Truckers Unite to Challenge the Obama and Biden Administrations!

The air is thick with tension, a storm brewing over the horizon. In the heart of Texas, a movement unlike any other in modern American history is taking shape. Led by a Green Beret, a symbol of unwavering commitment to the U.S. Constitution, a colossal force is assembling. This isn’t just a gathering; it’s a clarion call for every patriot who holds the Constitution dear. The stakes? The very soul of the nation.

At the forefront of this unprecedented mobilization is an Army Green Beret, a figure embodying the oath to protect the United States from foreign invasion and safeguard its soil. This isn’t a mere protest; it’s a full-scale mobilization of current and former military personnel, police, sheriffs, deputies, and militias.

An astounding 34,000 U.S. military Oath Keepers have converged in Texas, united by a common goal: to defend the Constitution and revolt against what they perceive as a Deep State government and its puppeteers – the DAVOS Group, CIA, Carnegie Endowment, and the remnants of the Obama and Biden administrations.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Over 700,000 truckers and caravans are thundering towards Texas, joining forces with the Green Beret, military veterans, and the Texas National Guard. Their mission? To stand against the Biden administration and the DAVOS/UN agenda, which they believe is systematically dismantling U.S. borders through unconstitutional acts, posing a clear and present danger of invasion.

Urgent! – Black Swan Event: Deep State Threatens to Starve Millions of American Families!

The battlefront is not just political; it’s also against what they claim are bioweapons of the CCP/CIA/Mexican cartel operations. These forces are accused of streamlining Fentanyl, laced with tranquilizers, into U.S. territory, orchestrating a planned bioweapon attack. The stakes are high, with over 85,000 missing children allegedly trafficked through the U.S. in the past two years under the corrupt guidance of the U.S. Government and the Biden administration.

The resistance is growing. More than half of the United States Governors are joining this fight against what they see as a captured foreign operation by the DAVOS Group and WEF (CIA). Over 25 U.S. States are rallying behind Texas, sending Military National Guards to support the cause.

The message from the Military Green Beret is clear and resonating across the nation: “We defy tyranny.” This isn’t just a local uprising; it’s a global movement. From Germany to New Zealand, patriots are rising against a corrupt system, silently guided by military covert operations with crucial intelligence.

Remember JFK’s creation of the Army Special Forces Green Berets, designed to fight against a domestic totalitarian system. Today, these Green Berets in Texas, alongside the National Guard, police, sheriffs, ex-military, and over 700,000 U.S. citizens, are standing up to defend the country. Leading the Texas division is Green Beret “Doc” Pete Chambers, who is not just a military leader but a beacon of hope for many.

Doc Chambers, in his nationwide broadcast, intentionally names the “DAVOS GROUP” and “ELITES” as the puppet masters behind the Biden administration. He also highlights military-guided operations happening in Europe, signaling a global awakening.

The message is clear: the time is now for U.S. citizens to stand up against the WEF, DAVOS, CIA, and their operations in all countries. Join your local movement, engage in peaceful protests, and make your voice heard.

But amidst this call to arms, there’s a plea for peace. As much as the so-called Deep State Cabal is accused of inciting war and racial conflicts worldwide, the movement urges its supporters to remain peaceful. The mainstream media is already spinning narratives of civil war, both in the U.S. and the EU. The challenge for these patriots is to support their country against globalist tyranny while maintaining peace and order.

The battle lines are drawn, not just on the ground but in the hearts and minds of every American. The question now is not just who will win, but what the future of America will look like when the dust settles. The world watches, holding its breath, as the unseen battle for America’s soul unfolds.

Inside the Texas Showdown That Could Change America Forever!

The Supreme Court’s decision, allowing federal Border Protection agents to dismantle concertina wire across the Rio Grande, has lit the fuse on a powder keg in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott, known for his no-nonsense approach, has thrown down the gauntlet, accusing the federal regime of betraying Texas by treating the migrant surge as a political game. He’s not mincing words, calling it an “invasion.”

But Texas isn’t standing alone in this fight. In a move that’s sent ripples across the nation, 20 states’ governors have thrown their weight behind Gov. Abbott. This isn’t just a border skirmish; it’s a full-blown national rebellion.

At the epicenter of this escalating conflict is General Eric M. Smith and the White Hat council. A source in Gen. Smith’s office reveals that the convoy’s rapid deployment is a tactical response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Texas, it seems, is ready to fight back.

The confrontation at the border is more than a dispute over wire and migrant crossings; it’s a clash of ideologies. The White Hats, shrouded in mystery, are being branded as “the Biden cabal’s Gestapo.” This isn’t just a military operation; it’s a crusade for justice.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. The standoff between the Texas National Guard and federal forces has brought the nation to the brink of civil war. But this isn’t a conflict sought by the White Hats or the Texas National Guard. Their mission, as the source puts it, is to “convince border services to uphold, not violate, their constitutional oath.” They’re not looking for bloodshed, but they’re ready to confront federal forces head-on if pushed.

The task force sent to Texas is a formidable mix of Marines and U.S. Army Rangers. But beyond their military prowess, it’s their unwavering commitment to the cause that stands out. They’re not just soldiers; they’re defenders of a principle that Texas and its allies hold sacred.

This battle is about more than just Texas; it’s a defining moment for America. The actions in Eagle Pass and along the Rio Grande will resonate across the nation. It’s a test of federal authority versus state sovereignty, of bureaucratic overreach versus constitutional adherence.

As the Texas National Guard lays down fresh wire, the message to the federal government is unmistakable: Texas will defend its borders, its people, and its principles, no matter the cost. This struggle transcends Texas; it’s about every American who values state rights and fears federal overreach.

In the days ahead, the nation’s gaze will be fixed on Texas. The outcome of this standoff will shape the future of federal-state relations and set a precedent for America’s internal conflicts. But one thing is crystal clear: Texas isn’t backing down, and neither are the White Hats. This is a fight for the ages, a struggle for the very heart and soul of America, playing out on the dusty plains of Eagle Pass, Texas.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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