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So, the TRUTH is finally out…”AI War Machines Decide Who Lives and Who Dies in the Middle East!”

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The stranglehold foreign lobbies have over American politics is a naked display of corruption and coercion, epitomized by the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). This organization doesn’t just influence U.S. policies; it practically scripts them, turning American lawmakers into puppets for Israeli interests.

The audacity with which this political hijacking occurs undercuts any pretense of democracy or independence in U.S. foreign policy, turning elected officials into bought-and-paid-for actors in a theater run by and for foreign entities.

The suppression of dissent against Israel in the U.S., actively enforced through political pressure and monetary influence, is a grotesque betrayal of free speech and self-determination. It’s a clear demonstration of how deeply foreign tentacles are embedded within the American political system, dictating not just policies but also controlling the national dialogue.

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Adding insult to injury is the rampant espionage and underhanded tactics attributed to Israel against its so-called ally, the U.S. The audacity of spying activities and the deployment of advanced surveillance technologies suggest that Israel views the U.S. not as a partner but as a resource to be exploited and manipulated. This not only mocks the concept of mutual alliance but also exposes a dangerous level of deceit and double-dealing that undermines U.S. sovereignty.

The use of artificial intelligence in warfare, such as Israel’s Lavender program, marks a new low in the ethical battleground. This AI-driven death machine coldly calculates the extermination of people, treating civilians as collateral numbers in a chillingly detached arithmetic of war. The moral decay is profound when software decides who lives or dies, executing strikes on family homes with chilling precision and devastating human costs.

This brutal dance of geopolitics, where technology, espionage, and the dark arts of political lobbying converge, is nothing short of a catastrophic perversion of power. It lays bare a world order where might and money dictate right, trampling over bodies and principles without a second thought. This is a ruthless game played with human lives and national dignity at stake, where the U.S. needs to wake up to the reality that it may be sovereign in name but is subordinate in action.

Ethan White
Ethan White
A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

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