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SICKENING!! UN Globalists Declare Fake Crises to Enslave Humanity and Wipe Out Millions – Guterres’ Plan EXPOSED!

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They’re coming for you, and they aren’t even pretending to hide it. António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, is orchestrating a diabolical takeover that will stamp out your freedom and chain humanity to his whims. This September, under the guise of the “Summit of the Future,” the UN will be gathering its globalist henchmen to unleash the greatest power grab the world has ever seen. They’ve rigged the game, stacked the deck, and are ready to cash in on the ultimate heist.

Alex Newman, a journalist who’s not afraid to tell the world what’s really going down, has ripped the mask off these tyrants and revealed their plans. Guterres, salivating at the thought of global domination, wants nothing less than absolute control. His blueprint? Declare an emergency—any emergency—and seize complete power.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pandemic, a climate “crisis,” or an economic meltdown; once Guterres screams “crisis,” the UN will have unchecked authority over every soul on this planet. The endgame is clear: chokehold the globe into submission, dictate every movement, and strangle the last drops of freedom out of humanity.

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But this goes deeper than a simple power grab. No, these bloodsuckers are dead set on wiping out millions. They believe there are too many of us, consuming their precious resources and cluttering up their pristine world. The UN is brazen about its agenda of population control.

They’ve built an entire agency—the UN Population Fund—dedicated to figuring out how to get rid of “excess” humans. They talk openly about too many people having “too many babies,” and it’s all under the pretense of environmentalism and humanitarianism. Wake up! This is a genocide plan hiding in plain sight, and they’re counting on your ignorance.

And when it comes to killing en masse, the Deep State knows exactly what’s needed: war, famine, and economic devastation. Alex Newman doesn’t mince words about this vile agenda. The globalist cabal is fully aware that nothing kills faster than conflict, and they’re itching to spark World War III.

Iran versus Israel, Ukraine versus Russia, China versus Taiwan—they don’t care. They just want carnage. Their goal is to see millions dead and the survivors begging for mercy, willing to trade every last shred of freedom for a sliver of false security. And that’s when Guterres will sweep in, his hands red with blood, and offer a One-World Government as the salvation.

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But Guterres and his cabal aren’t the only players on this chessboard. There’s a way to stop them, and Newman urges you to fight back with everything you’ve got. Don’t bend to their will. Don’t comply with their tyranny. Defend your rights, your families, your communities, and your country. State and local governments need to rise up and draw a hard line in the sand. Stand firm and refuse to bow to these globalist overlords.

In this battle for survival, you’ll need the full armor of God to protect you. Newman insists that now is the time to stand tall and unwavering. This is about securing a future where freedom reigns, and no bureaucrat can dictate how you live your life.

The Summit of the Future is a declaration of war against everything we hold dear, but there’s still time to push back. If enough of us rise up and refuse to be silenced, Guterres and his cronies will fail.

This isn’t a drill. They are coming, and they’re coming for blood. It’s time to choose: will you submit or fight for the last breaths of liberty on this earth?

Ethan White
Ethan White
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