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Shocking Revelation: The Dark and Twisted Campaign Targeting Innocent Children – You Won’t Believe What’s Happening!

As boundaries blur and societal constructs undergo metamorphosis, a crucial question emerges: Are we on a path of genuine evolution, or merely puppets in the hands of a shadowy few? Let’s plunge into this vast ocean of change and uncover its depths.

The powerful elite, having tampered with the core essence of men and women, now audaciously target the innocence of children. Does it seem excessive? You’d be surprised.

Tying neatly with the global outcry over pandemics and the haunting specter of climate change, the topic of sexual orientation and transgenderism is thrust upon us all. Cloaked in the righteous garment of “human rights”, the world’s puppet masters weave their narratives. Two major players dominate this grand theater – the United Nations, the globe’s supposed sentinel, and the kingpin of the philanthropic world, Bill Gates.

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Agenda 2030, rolled out by the United Nations, claims to be a visionary blueprint to rewire human existence by 2030. Their profound proclamation reads:

“We have adopted a historic decision on a comprehensive, far-reaching, and people-centered set of universal and transformative goals and targets. We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030.”

But, could there be more than meets the eye? Some argue that hidden within the confines of this seemingly noble agenda is a bid for a transhumanist autocracy. Envisage a world where everything organic and natural, from the food we eat to the ways we interact and reproduce, is turned on its head. Suddenly, childhood topics once guarded with innocence are now breeding grounds for premature sexualization, leading many to question the motives at play.

The UN’s International Technical Guidance on sexuality education, framed under the Global Education Agenda 2030, advocates a revolutionary perspective. Boiling down the verbose guidelines, it essentially nudges children to: “understand their sexuality early, indulge in their desires, explore same-sex relationships, navigate the vast world of online porn, and master various sexual techniques.”

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Tracing back the origins, this controversial blueprint for childhood sexuality first made its appearance in 1986 with the provocative “Betrayal of Youth: Radical Perspectives on Childhood Sexuality.” A passage from this manifesto chillingly states:

[W]e must see clearly that the changes in our attitudes to children’s eros must relate to, but not be totally dependent on other social transformations…it is uniquely suited to be channeled and manipulated by the powerful in the interest of maintaining their power (p. 122).

With strong echoes of communist ideologies, which also serve the interests of the globalist elite, the emphasis on shattering the family unit becomes evident. Tight-knit families are the bedrock of resilient communities, which in turn form sovereign states that defy globalism. It’s no wonder then, that under the guise of “progress”, we see schools shunning foundational knowledge in favor of gender theories. The US Department of Education’s switch from terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ to ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ is a prime example. The tragic fallout? A generation grappling with profound gender dysphoria and families left in shambles.

It’s crucial to question, then: Are we genuinely moving towards a brighter future, or are we merely pawns in a grander, more sinister scheme? Amidst the controversial rhetoric and heady ideologies, one thing stands clear: society stands at the crossroads of change, and our collective conscience will determine its direction. The stakes have never been higher.

Questioning the Extremes: The Intersection of LGBT Rights and Controversial Policies

It’s undeniable: we’re living in a time of profound sociocultural change, with identities and beliefs once left in the shadows now championed on the world’s stage. But with every progression, there’s a potential dark side, which often goes unnoticed, veiled by the charm of the ‘new normal’. Let’s dive into some facts and unveil the surprising reality that lurks behind.

According to recent statistics, “7.2% of US adults and 19.7% of GenZ identifies as being LGBT persons.” While past civilizations often saw sexuality as a personal journey, keeping it out of the public’s eye, today’s Western world champions a different ethos. Here, individual rights and emotions take precedence over time-honored traditions and social conventions.

Why the rapid change, you ask? Consider this: entities like the UN, the WHO, and the ever-prominent Gates Foundation have been channeling vast resources into child education on sexuality. The IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation), with its vast network across 146 countries, is at the forefront, empowered by funding from the Gates Foundation. Their work, combined with the introduction of the “Declaration on sexual rights,” seeks to create an inclusive world free from “discrimination based on gender, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, and sexual behavior…”

Now, here’s where things get dicey: is the LGBTQ movement a genuine push for equality, or is it a facade? Controversial viewpoints suggest it’s the latter, accusing the movement of being a smokescreen for a more sinister agenda. It’s hard to ignore the connection when the Democratic Party, which holds significant sway over teacher unions, offers full support. With Western countries fast granting sexual preference a “human right” status, it’s not far-fetched to think that pedophilia might soon be protected under the same banner.

By 2020, Europe had made significant strides in inclusivity concerning all forms of sexual expression. Meanwhile, the US seemed to be playing catch-up until President Biden, during his inaugural month in 2021, extended legal shields to various sexual fetishes. But that’s not all.

This year brought an eyebrow-raising report from the UN, suggesting a world where children can “consent to sex.” Yes, you read that right. The report goes so far as to propose the abolition of age-of-consent laws, while simultaneously pushing for criminalizing anti-trans actions. An excerpt from The National Pulse provides insight:

Ages of consent exist because minors are rightly considered incapable of giving informed consent. Particularly if they are vulnerable, or have been groomed. Alas, the [UN] report doubles down, demanding that “the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of [minors] to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.”

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This bold stance from the UN is puzzling, especially when considering their own stained history. Reports abound of United Nations Peacekeepers exploiting children in the very nations they were sent to protect. Haiti, for instance, became a hotbed for UN-perpetrated crimes, with an alarming 134 peacekeepers implicated in a single report from 2017. The penalties for such heinous acts? Virtually non-existent.

From Africa to Europe, the patterns persist. NATO soldiers, UN police, and even Western aid workers have been reported taking advantage of the vulnerable. An exposé by The Guardian in 1999 highlighted how the influx of such personnel into the Serbian province of Kosovo bolstered a burgeoning sex trafficking industry.

This deep dive paints a perplexing picture, suggesting that beneath the shiny surface of progress lies an underbelly of exploitation and questionable intent. As society charges forward, it’s essential to remember: Progress at any cost may be a price too high to pay.

The Interplay Between Globalism, Dissent, and Unthinkable Acts

Let’s dive deep into an issue that’s been making waves on and off the internet: the intertwined relationship between international organizations, personal freedom, and unspeakable crimes.

We often imagine the United Nations as an unbiased entity, but many believe there’s a hidden layer beneath its noble façade. A surprising revelation: “UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has close ties to the WEF globalists.” Now, before we delve into what that could imply, let’s inspect how dissenting opinions are treated in today’s world.

Noted investigative journalist Leo Hohmann came forth with a bold claim: “Any opposition to the Agenda’s narratives is henceforth considered a criminal offense.” Alarmingly, the US Homeland Security appears to be in cahoots, allegedly dispersing $20 million in grants to various institutions to pinpoint potential ‘threats’ to society.

If you’ve been vocal on issues like COVID, vaccine mandates, immigration, LGBTQ rights, or even electoral integrity, brace yourself. Hohmann warns that speaking out may slap a tag of “violent extremist” on your forehead. Yet, while certain dissenters are pinpointed, society seems to be softening its approach to darker concerns.

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Here’s where it gets even murkier: The portrayal of pedophilia, a vile act that’s been condemned for centuries. Recently, there’s been a push by some sectors of academia, like Dr. Allyn Walker, to sanitize the term. They introduced a seemingly benign acronym, “MAP” for “Minor Attracted Person”. The idea? To blur the lines between unspeakable child violations and a skewed perception of ‘consensual’ actions.

So, why is there a link between pedophilia and LGBTQ rights? One chilling argument stands out: “If I am a pedophile…I want pedophilia to become normal…I am going to push LGBTQ because if a child is old enough to decide…how can you argue that they are not old enough to decide to have sex?”

These shifting societal views bring us to public figures like BBC’s Jimmy Savile, who was publicly revered and even knighted by the British monarchy. Yet, posthumously, a sinister side emerged. He’s been accused of being part of a satanic group, with allegations of countless child violations.

The rabbit hole seems to go even deeper, encompassing media giants and politics. Mark Thompson, the incoming leader at CNN, once downplayed pedophilia during his tenure at the New York Times. There’s also Marc Dutroux’s horrifying revelation of kidnapping children purportedly for the elite.

But perhaps the most controversial case is that of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Assange’s notoriety skyrocketed when his platform released incriminating emails. What’s intriguing is the content: accusations of a pedophile ring involving high-profile individuals like the Clintons. Dubbed as ‘PizzaGate’, the narrative was dismissed as conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo.

To wrap it all up, we’re left with a whirlwind of questions. How do globalist agendas, societal taboos, and freedom of speech intertwine in the modern era? While the revelations may be hard to swallow, it’s a testament to the saying: “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

In 1989, the inimitable Oprah Winfrey made an earth-shattering revelation, alleging that “prominent families indulged in satanic rituals and child sacrifice.” Oddly enough, she never touched on the subject again. Fast-forward to the present day, and Oprah stands as the wealthiest Black woman in America. Coincidence? Perhaps. But isn’t it intriguing how silence can shape fortunes?

Another glaring instance that raised eyebrows but was almost swept under the rug was the film “Sound of Freedom.” It’s a film that, based on a true story, delves deep into the terrifying world of child trafficking. Despite raking in over a whopping $200 million, this cinematic piece became the target of either blatant ignorance or derision from mainstream media. But why? Are they suggesting that organized pedophilia is a fictitious tale best left to thriller novels? Unfortunately, the chilling reality might be far from fiction. This topic seems to be kryptonite for media giants, and one can’t help but wonder why.

In What is Wrong with the Western Political Class? Gaius Baltar explains the selection process of the modern-day satraps:

It is not a secret that the Western political class undergoes a selection process before being set loose on their populations. Various programs have been set up to recruit and indoctrinate promising young (and not so young) people for leadership positions in government and business.

The selection process of our political elites involves identifying [narcissists] and then developing them further. Forums with widespread invitations, including the WEF forum and various youth forums, are essentially scouting operations. Good candidates are selected and developed further in other meetings and on a personal level. Conventions, such as the UN climate change conventions, are then used for maintaining the brainwashing, for introducing new programming, and as social mutual-affirmation events.

The essence of narcissism is the elevated perception of self. The more elevated the self, the greater the need for control of the environment and the greater the rationalizations. This increases the ability to justify ever greater misdeeds toward others, up to and including genocide in extreme cases.

He is told how important he is and how smart he is. He is told how important his task is and how the little people can’t ever understand. He is made to feel exceptional.

If this process is successful, the candidate’s narcissistic “level” can be tuned up to such a degree that he can be convinced that he needs to destroy his own culture or nation – while still believing he is a good person. Some can be moved so high up that they will almost start to believe they are gods and will use extreme methods for the emotional reinforcement of the self, including systematic physical abuse – even of children.

When the narcissist has been brainwashed with these belief systems, these systems will have become internalized. They have become a part of the self and must be advanced and defended. For this, any action and lie can be justified. Any challenge will be personal and must be crushed. Abandonment of the beliefs cannot be allowed because it would damage the self, resulting in emotional turmoil and anxiety. The narcissist therefore cannot back down once committed. He has no reverse gear.

Bill Gates and the Underbelly of Global Agendas: What They Won’t Tell You

Bill Gates, a name that once resonated with innovation, has recently been associated with far more sinister ties. Not only was he often found at the abode of the infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but his enigmatic connections extend far beyond that. Let’s shed light on some shady corners that most mainstream media might overlook.

In a bid to fast-track the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 and perhaps to distract the world from his numerous indiscretions (including an alarming incident in India), Mr. Gates allegedly greased the palms of the media. Gasp! Are we talking about bribes? While I wouldn’t be that crude, word on the street is that he has distributed over 30,000 grants, aggregating to a whopping $300 million. Why? Well, you know what they say: Money talks.

In 2020, Gates proclaimed rather audaciously, “People act like you have a choice, you don’t have a choice.” Could he be hinting at us mere mortals having to resign ourselves to his cutting-edge mRNA inoculations? As he avidly pushes for the Immunization Agenda 2030 – a scheme that unsurprisingly fills his coffers further – Martin Armstrong boldly claims that Gates aims to usher in a reign of global medical despotism.

The Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) makes some tall claims. Want to wipe out poverty? Vaccinate. Fancy a robust workforce? Vaccinate. Dream of an industrial revolution in middle-income economies? Apparently, all you need are vaccines. Oh, and if you’re worried about the earth overheating, these magic potions might even counter climate change! Are we all aboard a fantasy train here?

Mr. Gates, the puppeteer of this grand show, advocates for a united front. He beckons all nations to stand shoulder to shoulder in this endeavor. And why? Because the world needs more vaccines! This global initiative aims to “accelerate the development of new vaccines.” But who stands to gain from this venture? The global investors? Mr. Gates? I’ll let you take a wild guess.

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But there’s more. While Mr. Gates’ unsavory associations with Epstein might raise eyebrows, it appears his affiliations with pseudo-intellectuals are equally worrisome. Word has it that he generously funds researchers who conveniently churn out findings that align with his own agendas. So if you’ve been hearing a lot about GMOs and synthetic meat being the future, you might want to question the authenticity of these ‘findings’.

Now, before you think all is lost, there’s a silver lining. In a world where diplomacy often takes precedence over truth, 22 countries, including Russia and Hungary, have shown some spine. Despite facing colossal diplomatic backlash from powerhouses like the US, EU, Canada, Australia, and the UK, these nations stood their ground during the UN Commission on Population and Development meeting in April, blocking the “comprehensive sexuality education.”

In conclusion, in a world clouded by misinformation, political correctness, and vested interests, it’s essential to sift through the noise. The interplay between money, power, and global agendas is as old as time, but every once in a while, the veil lifts, and the truth makes a surprise appearance.

Hungary’s Resistance: The EU’s Controversial ‘Sexual Agenda’ and Its Underlying Tensions

In recent times, the European Union, often touted as a symbol of unity, seems to have taken an unexpected turn. It appears that they are fervently attempting to dictate Hungary’s sexual paradigms, with particular emphasis on coercing Budapest into retracting protective laws for children. And guess what? These are laws that act as a shield against possible LGBT threats and their associated propaganda.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a central figure in Hungary’s political realm, recently shared intriguing insights. He observed a peculiar transformation: how Hungary’s erstwhile communist politicians now proudly flaunt the liberal tag. This isn’t just a simple ideological shift; it dives deep into the chasm between liberal and conservative viewpoints.

In a world that’s increasingly about “me, myself, and I”, what truly defines us? The liberal-left, with its growing Western clout, loudly proclaims: “you, yourself” is all that matters. Your desires, your comfort, your personal bubble – these should be your priorities. But is this narrow, self-focused perspective all there is to life?

Contrastingly, the conservative right, which Hungary predominantly aligns with, offers a more expansive viewpoint. Yes, personal happiness matters, but aren’t there things that transcend individual desires? According to conservatives, life’s richness lies in treasures like family, nationhood, divinity, and the bond with the Supreme Being.

Balazs Orban, the Political Director and a close confidant of Prime Minister Orbán, echoed these sentiments in a candid conversation with renowned anchor Tucker Carlson. He expressed grave concerns about the EU’s relentless “legal vendetta” against Hungary. The bone of contention? A robust Hungarian law that restricts transgender and LGBTQ content for minors.

He painted a vivid picture of Hungary’s prevailing zeitgeist in 2021. It felt like the calm before a storm, with waves of ‘woke’ ideologies and LGBTQ propaganda threatening to flood their schools, media, and grassroots initiatives. But here’s the twist – the Hungarian lexicon doesn’t even have the term ‘woke’! Imagine the perplexity of the average Hungarian: “What’s this ‘woke’ everyone’s fussing about? Is it a French magazine?”

And then there’s the mysterious ‘Brusselian Deep State.’ Much like the notorious DC counterpart, it seems hell-bent on legal persecution. While many Western European nations support this onslaught, Eastern European countries, Hungary included, are determined to forge their own path, leading to an icy political and legal standoff.

In this tug-of-war between individualistic freedom and collective values, where does the true essence of humanity lie? One thing’s for sure: Hungary isn’t backing down without a fight. And as the EU-Hungary tensions simmer, we find ourselves asking: At what cost unity?

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