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Shocking Revelation: Biden’s DOJ Removes Child Sex Trafficking from its ‘Area of Concern’ – Why?

The Department of Justice (DOJ), led by Democrat President Joe Biden, has taken child sex trafficking off its list of offenses that it regards as "areas of concern."

The Department of Justice (DOJ), led by Democrat President Joe Biden, has taken child sex trafficking off its list of offenses that it regards as “areas of concern.”

The DOJ removed information from their webpage on child sex trafficking in late May.

In an alarming development that reeks of utter disregard, it has come to light that the Department of Justice (DOJ), once a beacon of hope for those ravaged by the heinous crime of child sex trafficking, has blatantly whitewashed its webpage. As of late May, the section meticulously detailing this reprehensible practice – a glaring testament to the failed humanity, has been blotted out.

The said section, initially instated by President Donald Trump’s administration, firmly announced that the US government would prioritize combating the “international sex trafficking of minors”. But now, as shocking as it may seem, the Biden-led DOJ has sneakily scrubbed this information clean. As if this unspeakable crime has ceased to be a “concern” for them.

The astonishing revelation comes courtesy of the undaunted investigative journalist, Natalie Winters from Steve Bannon’s Warroom. This incident sends shivers down the spine, especially in light of the current influx of mass migration through America’s seemingly sieved southern border. This boundary has sadly become the preferred route for child sex trafficking, as exposed by Slay News.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the DOJ’s controversial move synchronizes with the recent release of the critically acclaimed anti-child trafficking movie “Sound of Freedom.” Does the timing hint at a hidden agenda or an attempt to divert attention? The question is as unsettling as it is pertinent.

A more detailed dive into the DOJ’s webpage amendments, enacted on May 12th, 2023, reveals the complete obliteration of three crucial sections: “International Sex Trafficking of Minors.”

Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors,” and “Child Victims of Prostitution.” Is the DOJ turning a blind eye, or is it deliberately blurring the lines on these egregious crimes? The alarming implications of this change demand urgent attention, lest we fall prey to a much graver catastrophe.


Human trafficking, a nefarious practice that includes both labor and sex trafficking of innocent souls including children, is a glaring blemish on our global society. The problem is rampant and shockingly, America is not immune. Below are some startling truths about human trafficking that you must be aware of.


The U.S. Department of Justice ominously describes human trafficking as “a crime that entails the forcible or manipulative exploitation of individuals for labor, services, or engagement in commercial sex acts.” This manipulation can be “covert or explicit, physical or psychological.” The issue’s wide scope engenders a convoluted network of victims who have endured different experiences, most of whom are denied justice for the atrocities inflicted upon them.

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Globally, it’s estimated that nearly 28 million individuals are trafficked at any given moment. The illegal trade generates a global profit of a staggering $150 billion annually, making it “the second-most lucrative crime following drug trafficking.” Despite this, a minuscule number of traffickers are actually penalized for their heinous deeds. In 2022, there were 15,159 prosecutions worldwide for trafficking, resulting in a mere 5,577 convictions. In the United States alone, the National Human Trafficking Hotline recorded over 10,000 reports concerning 16,554 victims in 2021.

While human trafficking is not confined to sex-related offenses, disturbing statistics indicate that the U.S. is one of the world’s top consumers of child sex. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children received an alarming number of reports — more than 17,200 — related to child sex trafficking within the U.S. in 2021.

Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Against Human Trafficking, ominously declared that the “United States is the leading consumer of sex globally,” with a worrying trend towards child exploitation. Rogers argues that there are “scores of children being sold into sexual slavery in the U.S. today,” with over half coming from the foster care system. These chilling facts underscore the grim reality; child sex trafficking is not confined to foreign shores but is rampant right here, in our own backyards.

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Research indicates that the insatiable consumption of pornography plays a significant role in the dehumanization of individuals and fosters an “acceptance of sexual exploitation.” In an alarming discourse on the ties between pornography and sex trafficking delivered by the Family Research Council, Arina Grossu underscored the addictive nature of pornography. This addiction drives the incessant demand for more pornographic material and explicit sex acts, many of which involve individuals forced into sex trafficking.

Specifically, studies have uncovered a chilling correlation: those who consume pornography most frequently were also those more likely to engage with women in prostitution for sexual acts. Journalist John-Henry Westen argues that repeated exposure leads to increased tolerance for violent, explicit pornography, thereby nurturing a clientele for the sex trafficking industry.

As society becomes increasingly desensitized and even accepting of pornography consumption and involvement, victims of sex trafficking are exploited to meet this demand, forced to produce content devoid of genuine consent. With the worldwide pornography industry valued at a mind-boggling $97 billion, primarily due to its addictive allure, traffickers find themselves incentivized to continue exploiting victims for persistent financial gain.

Even more horrifying is the escalating prevalence of online child pornography consumption. An astounding 40-80% of child pornography consumers have reportedly molested a minor themselves. Subsequent research reveals that 66-90% of women exploited in the creation of pornographic material were victims of sexual abuse during their childhood. This harrowing link between childhood abuse and the heightened risk of being trafficked for pornography later in life highlights the monumental crisis society grapples with, in its mission to safeguard children from this unspeakable evil.

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According to estimates, up to 72% of all victims of human trafficking in the United States are foreign nationals, with many of them being trafficked across the border from Mexico. Many girls, some as young as 14, are kidnapped before they reach the border and then smuggled across to perform sex acts for a fee due to the current state of the border. A whopping 60% of kids who enter the country unaccompanied and illegally are seized by cartel members and used to make child porn.

In order to facilitate the passage of bipartisan legislation, the problems of illegal immigration and human trafficking are typically handled separately during the legislative process. The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, which was recently approved, offers unaccompanied youngsters “special accommodations, such as expedited processing and benefits.” Unfortunately, the chances given to unaccompanied adolescents encourage them to cross the border, leading to little limits and more chances for cartels to kidnap these kids. We must take action to stop the widespread unlawful border crossings, particularly when unaccompanied youngsters are involved, if we are to effectively combat human trafficking in the U.S.

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