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Red October Ripped: Iraq’s Dinar, US Debt Lies & Water Threats – Gold’s Ascent, Wells Fargo Secrets & McCarthy’s Schemes: Crisis Alert Unleashed!

Prepare yourself, because the month that has just begun—October, colloquially known as “Red October”—is about to unravel the very fabric of the world you know. But don’t be alarmed; the truth will set you free.

Just a day ago, the National Retirement System announced the release of salaries for both civilian and military retirees. The urgency of this move is not just a simple governmental procedure. It’s a sign. A signal. Money has started to flow through channels you might not be privy to.

And then there’s the US debt situation. A potentially catastrophic government shutdown was avoided by a hair’s breadth. The House of Representatives gave the green light to extend the country’s government funding for a mere 45 days—and conspicuously left out any aid to Ukraine. It was a move that ruffled many feathers. What’s more? The Senate echoed the decision. This isn’t mere coincidence; it’s a script.

The Saturday that passed was a day masked with the unassuming facade of ‘return‘ and ‘Continuity of Government.‘ But here’s the bombshell—there is no Congress. You’ve been watching a theatrical play. Yes, it’s reminiscent of that spine-tingling warning from President Trump and Military Intelligence Q. An audacious plot was staged to unearth the treacherous betrayals simmering beneath.

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Deny it if you must, but every fiber of our current reality screams of fabrication. There has never truly been a threat of a government shutdown. It’s an act, a chapter in a grander narrative. And how does one trap a cunning thief? You let them believe they’ve succeeded.

Now, delve into the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). It’s a law aimed at cracking down on criminal organizations, and it paints a dire picture. A staggering majority of the US Congress—about 90%—is corrupt. The establishment we’ve entrusted our lives to is a facade, an illegal entity that needs to be replaced with the Restored Republic of the United States Government.

Remember the sudden fire alarm disruption before a crucial vote? That wasn’t a mishap. Congressman Jamaal Bowman was the orchestrator, an act caught on camera, triggering the alarm and causing the subsequent chaos. Was it a desperate attempt to divert attention or an orchestrated move to expose deeper plots?

Adding another twist, Steve Bannon of MSNBC unveiled another layer, revealing that McCarthy had struck a separate agreement on Ukraine funding with Biden. This isn’t a mere political play. This is evidence that many in the government are complicit in the nefarious acts that have transpired in Ukraine, acts which are now laid bare for the world to see.

Switching gears, let’s talk about something that has piqued global interest: Zim Notes, Bonds, Agro Checks, and GESARA Benefits. There’s a looming deadline: by November 1st, the goal is to conclude all currency exchanges and Zim bond redemptions. After this, the US Federal dollar could lose all its value.

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Moreover, come January 1, 2024, the very dollar bills you clutch will be mere pieces of paper. All global currencies will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a 1:1 parity.

Lastly, let’s circle back to the Iraqi Dinar. Whispers in the corridors of power hint at changes in oil, government auctions, and the exchange rate. It’s a global restructuring, an imminent recalibration.

The Shadow Play Behind Global Events

For anyone who’s ever dared to peel back the curtain, it’s evident that what meets the eye is only the beginning. It’s October 2nd, a date that heralds the Red October, a month when seismic shifts echo through the corridors of power. The Iraqi Dinar update, the US debt debacle, shocking international moves, and sudden financial suicides—what links these seemingly disparate events?

The Iraqi Dinar stands as a testament to a nation wrestling for control. On October 3rd, Iraq declared its independence, asserting itself as a sovereign entity, free from the strings of external puppeteers. The significance? It’s not just Iraq embracing autonomy, but the entire world. According to a source, Tracy Wight claimed an inside scoop from Reno, a group that had been silent for 13 years, breaking their silence with a message that change is imminent.

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Over in the US, the House floor was rife with tension. The Democrats allegedly had a single agenda—funding for Ukraine. This, mind you, while the fate of the US’s operational capabilities hung in the balance! As revelations spill, McCarthy’s alleged double-cross deal with Democrats to finance Ukraine might be the catalyst for a showdown with the Freedom Caucus. The stakes? Nothing less than the very fabric of geopolitics. With Ukraine’s fragile foundations, the collapse of this pivotal state would spell disaster for the Deep State, an entity thriving on offshore financial windfalls and concealed illicit activities.

But that’s not all. As the Deep State’s subterranean maneuvers unravel, a more chilling revelation emerges. The World Economic Forum, the institution that governs global financial paradigms, has begun signaling an impending disaster. After their global vaccination dream proved futile, and the climate change narrative faltered, they’ve now set their sights on the world’s lifeblood—water. A cryptic message suggests a looming threat to the global water supply.

Meanwhile, in the shifting sands of global finance, central banks, erstwhile custodians of the US dollar, are now entrusting their reserves to gold. The dollar’s days of dominance are numbered, and a new golden age is on the horizon. To further rattle the financial echelons, a tragic event unfolded as Wells Fargo executive, Greg Beckett, allegedly driven to despair by overwhelming work pressures, took his life. The clock is ticking; a tipping point for the Cabal is imminent.

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But in the darkest of times, glimmers of hope emerge. Despite the grim state of affairs, innovation in the world of digital currencies charges forth, promising a future where global transactions are streamlined, transparent, and instantaneous. The introduction of EURC on the Stellar Network, a collaborative triumph of Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation, marks a monumental stride in redefining cross-border transactions.

However, in this digital transition, what’s the role of industry tycoons like Elon Musk? With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP witnessing wild price fluctuations, the fate of cryptocurrencies seems precariously perched on the decisions of a select few.

And so, as the storm of events churns, a question remains. Who are the puppeteers, and who are the puppets? As information is filtered, suppressed, or highlighted, it’s up to discerning individuals to connect the dots. Every revelation, every whisper in the dark, every dramatic turn of events, all point to a grand play unfolding on the global stage. And in this spectacle, only time will reveal the final act.

Hold onto your hats, folks.

The drama is only beginning.

Stay woke. Stay vigilant.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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