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Operation Gladio- 1992 Documentary (Organized Stalking = Gladio 2.0 = Covert State-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism By “Deep State”)

Epigraph Quote From Video:

1) The Police Forces, the Security Forces and those political groups which make use of the Secret Services and the Security Forces have manipulated Italian neo-fascism since 1945, 1946. Peteano (was an act of war that) was born as an act of revolt against this manipulation, a retaliation against the State….

When you were on the right, you were not supposed to attack the State or its representatives. You were supposed to attack civilians, women, and children; innocent people outside the political arena, for one simple reason: to force the Italian people to turn to the State and ask for greater security. This was precisely the role of the right in Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State (to advance the State’s) “Strategy of Tension.” In so far as they had to get people to accept that at any moment over a period of 30 years from 1960 to the mid-eighties a State of Emergency could be declared. So, people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains, or enter a bank. This is the political logic behind all the bombings. They remain unpunished because the State cannot condemn itself.

… Even today, they (perpetrators of state-sponsored domestic terrorism) hide behind the excuse of national security.

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…. After the war, international Masonry took on the task of participating in the battle against Communism. Many army officials, particularly in the high ranks, are Masons. As are judges, high-ranking police officers and Carabinieri officers. Neo-fascism couldn’t stay outside this phenomenon.

The massacre at Bologna came at a time of maximum concern one the part of Italian, American, and Allied Secret Services because of the electoral success of the Italian Communist Party. The massacre at Bologna responds, as do all the other massacres, to the logic of the State, who, no longer knowing how to control a political enemy, resorts to extreme measures of violence, attributable to extremists on the Left or the Right, in order to justify their own actions. That is the only truth about Bologna.

Vinzenzo Vinciguerra, Former Member of neo-fascist group, Ordine Nuovo (New Order)

2) The clandestine structures inside the Italian secret services first came to light in 1984 as a result of certain revelations of Vinzenzo Vinciguerra during a trial disclosed that these structures had links to the CIA and Western secret services.

Judge Felice Casson

Webmaster Comment: What is exposed here is the same kind of “parallel domestic terrorist military structure”/shadow government in Italy as now operates throughout the world. Essentially, the CIA and US military in cooperation with their foreign allies, most notably UK and Israel, are behind the whole thing. In the name of anti-communism, state and civilian forces, including Masonic powers, became terrorist murderers. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that many of those interviewed in this documentary are guilty of mass murder. A myriad of “smokescreen terms” are used to justify the policy of state-sponsored domestic terrorism….. “Revolutionary War, Counter-Revolutionary War, “Strategy of Tension.” These shadow government operators are murderers in suits. The same is now occurring throughout America and NATO countries. Murder is murder and murderers go to hell, whether or not they are brought to justice in this life.

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