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Operation Border Breakdown: Exposing the UN Globalists’ Engineered Migrant Invasion at the U.S. Border!

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In the murky underbelly of global politics, where the veneer of diplomacy masks machinations of a more sinister nature, the U.S. Southern Border crisis emerges not as a happenstance of migration but as a deliberate, coldly calculated assault on American sovereignty. This isn’t mere speculation; it’s the bone-chilling revelation of Oriel Ortega, a top Panamanian official with the credentials and battle scars to prove it. Ortega, stepping out of the shadows, paints a picture so raw, it threatens to unravel the carefully curated narrative peddled by international bodies and their cohorts.

The United Nations (UN), under the guise of promoting peace and humanitarian aid, is accused of orchestrating this crisis, a move so audacious it reeks of a plot to undermine national borders and foist a globalist agenda upon unsuspecting nations. The U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, ratified by a staggering 152 countries, is exposed as a Trojan horse, one that promised order but has delivered nothing short of chaos at America’s doorstep.

The evidence? A staggering influx of half a million souls braving the treacherous paths of the Darien Gap, a jungle so dense and unforgiving, it’s a wonder anyone emerges alive. Yet emerge they do, in droves, spurred on by the siren call of a better life and facilitated by an intricate network of NGOs and open-border advocates masquerading as humanitarians.

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This invasion, because let’s call it what it is, isn’t the result of war or natural disaster but the product of a calculated strategy of “strategic engineered migration,” a term that should send shivers down the spine of any patriot. The puppeteers? A cabal of internationalists and NGOs, with the UN pulling the strings, pouring millions into the pockets of organizations like HIAS, not to alleviate the suffering of migrants but to ensure the floodgates remain wide open.

The complicity of NGOs in this engineered chaos is a betrayal of humanitarian ideals, transforming aid into a weapon of mass migration. Maps provided by these organizations, detailing routes replete with bus stops and kiosks, aren’t just aids; they’re invitations, beckoning thousands to undertake journeys fraught with danger, only to be met with inadequacy and neglect.

Ortega’s testimony lays bare a scandalous truth: funds meant to aid migrants are disappearing into the abyss, with only fleeting appearances by NGO staff and spartan provisions at the migrant camps. The Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders do what they can, but the question looms large: where is the rest of the aid?

This isn’t just a failure of policy; it’s a deliberate act of subversion, with the UN at its helm, weaponizing migration against the United States, turning the American Dream into a nightmare for political gain. It’s a full-frontal assault on the nation’s borders, a deliberate attempt to erode the fabric of American society from within.

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As Ortega points out, the ramifications of this agenda are already manifesting, with cities like New York bearing the brunt of this unchecked flow, as “bad people” cause “a lot of damage and a lot of disturbances.” This isn’t just about migration; it’s about the survival of national identity, the integrity of borders, and the sovereignty of states in the face of an orchestrated attempt to dilute and destabilize.

The U.S. Southern Border crisis, through Ortega’s revelations, is a wake-up call, a clarion call to action against the architects of this globalist agenda. It demands a reckoning, a fierce and unyielding defense of sovereignty, and a refusal to be pawns in a game whose stakes are nothing less than the very essence of nationhood.

In the face of such revelations, silence is complicity, and action is the only path forward. The time for polite diplomacy is over; the moment demands a raw, unfiltered confrontation with the forces seeking to undermine the nation. This is not just a battle for the border; it’s a fight for the soul of America.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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