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Obama’s Fuse, Biden’s Fireworks: The Calculated Plot to Challenge Israel and the Underlying Threat to the Judeo-Christian Legacy

We’re no longer discussing mere coincidences or mere policy missteps when we talk about the current scenario in Israel. Let’s face it: Obama lit the fuse, and Biden may well light the fireworks. Could it be that the American left has had a sinister wishlist? Top of their list? Crush the spirit of the Judeo-Christian ethos. The rationale is as raw as it gets: it’s challenging to overpower a population that won’t bend to mortal rule.

Puppeteer Obama has apparently turned Biden into his newest puppet, and their shared mission? Eradicate Israel. Following that? Silence Christians—be it through spine-chilling genocides as we’ve seen in Africa or by making Christianity a crime.

Remember 2014? Israel launched the “Operation Protective Edge” to obliterate the labyrinthine terror tunnels of Hamas. The very tunnels that infiltrated Israel and took innocent lives. Yet, who chastised Israel for defending its own? The Obama Administration, accusing Israel of “overreacting” in their defense against bloodthirsty terrorists.

But there’s more. That same year, in Tel Aviv, Philip Gordon, the key player in the Obama administration, spilled the beans. As quoted in the Times of Israel, Gordon declared:

The West Bank occupation by Israel? Not only erroneous but also a catalyst for regional chaos and the dehumanization of Palestinians. Questioning Israel’s peace commitment, he insisted that Jerusalem must not overlook the chance to strike a deal with the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. And let’s not forget, Abbas’s team once infamously declared the extermination of Jews a religious mandate.

Amid all the uproar in Gaza and the West Bank, it seemed like Obama had an unusual sympathy for the Palestinians endorsing terrorism, rather than the hardworking Jews aiming for a prosperous life.

Here’s a shocker from a 2014 phone call: Obama pushed Netanyahu for a Gaza ceasefire. His argument? Ending Israel’s actions against Hamas was crucial for Israel itself. He emphasized the need for Gaza’s upliftment while bolstering the Palestinian Authority. But one can’t help but wonder: who was Obama to place a value on a Jewish life? As events in the Middle East unfolded, it seemed Obama’s stance was more about safeguarding Palestinians’ right to target Jews without facing the heat.

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Flash to 2015. The Iranian Nuclear Accord, sponsored by Obama, bypassed bipartisan reservations. This deal, alarmingly, set Iran on a path to easily transition to nuclear weapons. Moreover, it handed Iran the funds to further its goals against the Jewish state, even bankrolling Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

But don’t just take my word for it. Majid Rafizadeh, a renowned Harvard scholar, had this bombshell to drop:

To the world: Recognize this nuclear deal for what it is – a carte blanche for Iran’s mullahs. Armed with billions, they can now amplify their anti-American, anti-Semitic campaigns, whilst stealthily nurturing their nuclear dreams.

When President Trump slammed the brakes on the Iran deal, he didn’t just halt diplomacy. He strangulated terrorism funding and threw a wrench into Iran’s (and Russia’s) anti-US, anti-Judeo-Christian plans. Not many realize that Trump’s energy masterstroke plummeted oil prices, squeezing out Iran’s financial lifeline.

Flashback to 2016: Barack Obama’s blatant anti-Israel stance peaked. He didn’t lift a finger against the UN’s scathing anti-Israel resolution. And for what? A resolution audaciously claiming that Jerusalem’s sacred Temple Mount and Western Wall, with over 2,500 years of history, are “occupied territories.” The audacity! This so-called “Palestinian origin” narrative? Concocted in the 60s. Only a hardcore anti-Semite would buy into this.

Fast forward to Biden’s era. The media’s buzzing about $6 billion going Iran’s way, but let’s get real. Richard Goldberg, a former White House official, pulled the curtain in August 2023:

“Staggering amounts – $16 billion and counting – have been funneled to Iran, bypassing Congress. There’s word on another $6.7 billion via the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights and, get this, a whopping $3 billion locked in Tokyo, India, and China!”

While Trump strangled Iran’s oil economy, Biden’s giving it a resuscitation, no questions asked. Remember Trump’s era? Iranian oil exports were a meager 10% of today, translating to a colossal financial dent.

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Now, Biden seems hell-bent on undoing Trump’s work. Money’s pouring into Iran and Hamas. Without this, they’d be toothless against Israel. It’s no secret, thanks to a Wall Street Journal expose, that Iran’s not just pouring money but orchestrating attacks on Israel.

In stark terms, if not for Iran’s interventions, Israeli children wouldn’t face such atrocities. Israel should’ve put an end to Hamas in 2014. But Obama? He had other plans. Can we, in all honesty, dismiss the idea that Obama, followed by Biden, wants to bring Israel down?

Let’s not be naive. Once the Jews are targeted, Christians are

next in line. Hamas isn’t secretive about its next move: wiping out Christianity. And it won’t stop at Israel. Alarmingly, a surge of Middle Eastern men of military age is infiltrating the US via the southern border, many red-flagged for terror links. They’re not here for a vacation. They’re waiting for orders.

So, let’s not sugarcoat it. Obama set the stage for what’s unfolding. It’s not a blunder. It’s a calculated move. The horrifying scenes in the Middle East aren’t random. They’re orchestrated. Unless we act now, the American left could let this nightmare play out on home turf.

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