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No More Lies! How Nesara/Gesara Will Free Us from Debt Slavery and Globalist Control!No More Lies!

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The veil is finally lifting, revealing the stark and disturbing reality of the world we once accepted as ‘normal.’ This so-called normalcy was a mirage, a deceptive comfort sold to us by those with darker agendas. It’s a prison meticulously designed to keep us oblivious to the puppeteers pulling our strings—governments, media barons, medical establishments, and religious figureheads, all intertwined in an unholy alliance that has dictated our lives from the shadows.

These power players have long been involved in an extensive cover-up, perpetrating crimes against humanity so vile, so extensive, that their true nature is almost incomprehensible to the everyday citizen. Why would we ever suspect our trusted leaders? Yet, here lies the cunning of their deceit. These architects of despair have woven their narratives so deeply into our consciousness that doubting them seems irrational.

The sentence for these atrocities? Death. A fitting end for orchestrating human suffering on a massive scale. The Nesara/Gesara act is a purging of evil, a complete annihilation of those shadow forces that have long manipulated and maligned the very essence of humanity. The Masons, the Illuminati, the globalists—every hidden hand that has steered our fate from the darkness will be eradicated. This cleansing is not only necessary; it is just.

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Picture a world where the sinister networks of the Deep State are dismantled, where Satanists no longer lurk in positions of power. With Nesara/Gesara, all debts will be erased, economic slavery abolished, and everyone will have the opportunity to pursue work they love rather than toiling for mere survival. Homes for all, no more homelessness, no more food engineered to poison our bodies but wholesome nourishment that heals and sustains.

Think about the profound peace that comes with knowing no child will ever again play in fear, where the sick find healing through revolutionary technologies once suppressed by those who profited from disease. Wars will become obsolete; any nation daring to disrupt the peace will be swiftly cut off, isolated from the collective prosperity.

The Bible has foretold of this era—a thousand years of peace, a divine reset where Satan, the instigator of all chaos, will be shackled and thrown into the Abyss, powerless to deceive the nations any longer. This isn’t just scripture; it’s a blueprint of the monumental shift about to unfold. His end is near, and with him, the cessation of all evil practices like child sacrifice and satanic worship that have plagued our societies in secret.

The role we play in this isn’t passive. We are the heralds of this new dawn. Sharing this knowledge isn’t just a choice; it’s a duty. Each person awakened to this reality is another spark in the fire of transformation. This is about empowering each individual with the truth, allowing them to stand firm and resolute through the tumultuous times ahead.

As these revelations spread, the forces of darkness will double their efforts to suppress the truth, to paint us as deluded or conspiracy theorists. But we are beyond such labels. We are the awakened, the bearers of light against the encroaching darkness. This battle for the soul of our world is not metaphorical but as real as the chains of deception that have bound humanity for centuries.

The coming changes are inevitable. The great awakening is a revolution of consciousness, a global shift that will redefine the foundations of our societies. Prepare to stand strong, to fight not with weapons but with words of truth, for when the dust settles, we will emerge not just survivors, but victors in the most significant spiritual warfare ever waged.

Engage, share, awaken. Be the catalyst in this seismic shift. The future is ours to claim, and the age of enlightenment is upon us. Brace for impact—the truth will shake the very core of our existence, but from its ashes, a new world will rise, glorious and free from the shadows that once bound it.

Ethan White
Ethan White
A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

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