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Nikola Tesla “Lost” Interview : “Visualization Is the Secret”

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Amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos, a singular figure emerged, challenging the very fabric of our understanding. This man, a beacon of intellect and innovation, was none other than Nikola Tesla. Born amidst trees, rocks, and the starry sky of Lika, Croatia, Tesla’s origins were as poetic as the man himself. His village, named after mountain flowers, stood beside a forest and a church, painting a serene picture of his early life.

Tesla’s genius was not just confined to the realms of science and technology. His mind danced with the cosmic processes, intertwining the tangible with the ethereal. His inventions, though groundbreaking, were but a fraction of his grand vision. He dreamt of illuminating the entire Earth, of tapping into the very life forces that permeate the universe. In his experiments in Colorado Springs, he sought to harness the energies of joy, peace, and love, energies that manifest in the simplest of Earth’s wonders, from a blooming flower to the food that sustains us.

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But Tesla’s journey was not just about external discoveries; it was deeply introspective. He believed that the essence of life was rhythm, a cadence that one must understand and embrace. This rhythm connected everything, from the smallest amoeba to the vast galaxies. The universe, in Tesla’s eyes, was a thinking, sentient being. Every stone, every plant, every creature was imbued with consciousness. And in this grand tapestry of existence, light was the eternal constant. It was the source, the medium, and the message.

Tesla’s relationship with light was profound. He saw it not just as a physical phenomenon but as an embodiment of knowledge and existence. He believed that every individual, every nation, had its unique ray in the grand source of light. And in this luminous realm, he found solace, often conversing with the thunder and lightning, seeking answers and insights.

His vision extended beyond the physical realm. Tesla spoke of the soul, of the eternal energy that binds us all. He believed that every individual had the potential to become a beacon, akin to Christ or Buddha, and that the universe held the secrets to such transcendence. He spoke of the power of visualization, of the ability to shape one’s destiny through sheer will and imagination.

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Yet, amidst all his grand visions and profound insights, Tesla remained grounded. He viewed his discoveries and inventions as a game, a playful dance with the cosmos. He laughed with the universe, found joy in the simplest of things, and cherished the beauty of existence.

Tesla’s philosophy was a blend of science, spirituality, and poetry. He saw the universe as a harmonious symphony, where every star, every planet, every heartbeat played a part. He challenged the notions of his time, often clashing with contemporaries like Einstein. Yet, in his heart, he held no animosity. He believed in a universe that was moral, spiritual, and infinitely connected.

In his interactions with the world, Tesla often spoke of cosmic pain, a deep-seated malaise that affected all of existence. He believed that this pain was a reflection of the universe’s own struggles, its own quest for meaning and purpose. But he also believed in healing, in the power of the heart to overcome and transform.

As we reflect on the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla, we are reminded of the infinite possibilities that lie within us. His journey, his discoveries, and his philosophy challenge us to look beyond the mundane, to seek the luminous enigma that is the universe, and to find our place within it. In the dance of light and shadow, in the rhythm of the cosmos, we find our purpose, our joy, and our destiny.

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