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NESARA/GESARA: Trump Hints at Imminent Implementation, Signed by 209 Countries, Backed by a Global Military Alliance!

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The hour of reckoning is here. The curtain is about to be torn down, revealing the grotesque machinery that has manipulated our world for far too long. This is a manifesto against the sinister forces that have enslaved humanity.

At the core of this cataclysmic revelation is an alliance of military personnel from 17 countries, united under the NESARA/GESARA Law. This law is a revolutionary decree signed by all 209 countries in 2015. It’s the silver bullet aimed directly at the heart of a global cabal that has puppeteered every aspect of our lives for centuries.

This cabal—Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order—has infiltrated governments, corrupted financial institutions, and brainwashed the masses through media and education. They are the architects of a diabolical plan to concentrate power and wealth into the hands of a select few.

The 0.1% who control 99.9% of the world’s wealth didn’t get there by chance. This grotesque imbalance is the result of centuries of meticulous manipulation and ruthless oppression.

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NESARA/GESARA is the antidote to this systemic rot. Promising debt forgiveness, the abolition of income taxes, and a return to constitutional law, this legislation aims to dismantle the financial shackles that have bound us.

Donald Trump has made several statements in his recent speeches that strongly hint at the imminent implementation of NESARA/GESARA, though he avoids explicitly mentioning these terms. Here are a few notable events from 2024 where his rhetoric clearly aligns with these revolutionary laws, supported by relevant data:

  1. Las Vegas Rally, January 27, 2024:
    • Key Statement: “We are on the verge of a financial revolution that will free us from the grips of corrupt institutions.”
    • Implication: This strongly suggests a major financial overhaul, which is a core component of NESARA/GESARA, aiming to eradicate corrupt banking practices and establish a transparent financial system.
  2. Green Bay Rally, April 2, 2024:
    • Key Statement: “The economic shackles that have bound us for so long are about to be broken. We are paving the way for a new era of prosperity and fairness.”
    • Implication: This statement implies significant economic reforms and debt forgiveness, aligning with NESARA/GESARA’s goals of financial restructuring and fairness.
  3. Richmond, Virginia Rally, April 5, 2024:
    • Key Statement: “We are bringing back a system of fairness, backed by the wealth of our great nation, not by the corrupt practices of a few.”
    • Implication: Trump’s mention of a fair system backed by national wealth hints at the implementation of a gold-backed currency, which is a pivotal aspect of NESARA/GESARA.
  4. Waco Rally, March 25, 2024:
    • Key Statement: “The time has come to dismantle the corrupt structures and rebuild with transparency and justice at the core.”
    • Implication: This declaration aligns with NESARA/GESARA’s vision of dismantling corrupt institutions and establishing transparency and justice.

It will reset the global financial system, bringing fairness and transparency where there was once corruption and deceit. The law mandates that all banking activities be monitored to prevent illicit practices, ensuring that the wealth of the world is redistributed fairly.

The alliance of military personnel from these 17 nations is not a symbolic gesture. These warriors have seen the enemy up close. They’ve witnessed the lies, manipulation, and outright betrayal of humanity’s trust. Their mission is a crusade to restore justice and equality on a global scale. They are the vanguard of a movement that will bring down the shadowy cabal and liberate humanity.

This covert war has been raging for years, fought in the shadows away from the prying eyes of the mainstream media, which is complicit in the cover-up. Every financial crash, every political scandal, every “random” event is part of the cabal’s playbook. They create chaos to maintain control, using false flag operations, economic sabotage, and psychological warfare to keep us in a perpetual state of fear.

Look at the 2008 financial crisis. It was not a random market failure but a calculated move by the cabal to consolidate their power. They orchestrated the collapse, then bailed out the banks with taxpayer money, further indebting the population. Consider the rise and fall of political figures—puppets placed by the cabal to maintain the illusion of democracy while they pull the strings from the shadows.

The alliance is ready to implement NESARA/GESARA imminently. This will reset the global financial system, eradicating debt and abolishing income taxes. A new financial system backed by precious metals will ensure stability and fairness, dismantling the Federal Reserve and the IRS. This revolutionary change will expose the decades of corruption and return power to the people.

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As the alliance gains ground, the cabal becomes more desperate. Their efforts to maintain control have become increasingly blatant and aggressive. Social media platforms are censored, dissenting voices are silenced, and draconian laws are enacted under the guise of security and protection. These are not measures of strength; they are the death throes of a beast that knows its time is running out.

This is a fight for humanity’s very soul. The alliance fights for a world where information flows freely, where power is decentralized, and where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. This isn’t just a battle between good and evil—it’s a fight for our freedom and dignity.

We stand on the brink of an unprecedented transformation. The outcome of this hidden war will shape human civilization for generations. Will we awaken to a new era of enlightenment and prosperity, or will we continue to live under the thumb of an elite few who see us as nothing more than cattle?

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The truth is right in front of us. It’s up to us to open our eyes, question everything, and reject the sanitized narratives of those in power. Complacency is a luxury we can no longer afford. The battle for humanity’s soul is here, demanding our full attention. The choices we make today will echo through history.

NESARA/GESARA is not a distant dream; it is about to become our reality. This law will reset the global financial system, eradicating debt, abolishing income taxes, and restoring constitutional law. A new financial system, backed by precious metals, will ensure stability and fairness, dismantling the Federal Reserve and IRS, exposing decades of corruption.

The time is now. The alliance is ready to unleash NESARA/GESARA, heralding a new era of transparency and equality. The dismantling of the old guard is imminent. Brace yourself for the inevitable—an awakening that will reverberate across the globe. The revolution is here. Stand with the truth. Stand with NESARA/GESARA. The future is ours to reclaim.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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