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MEP Claims: Humanity Stands to Benefit More from a Deal with the Colombian Drug Cartel than the WHO.

The assertion was made last week at the third International Covid Summit, held at the European Parliament, by no less than MEP Mislav Kolakušić of Croatia.

Imagine signing an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel. Preposterous, right? But would you believe that an elected representative suggested that it might be healthier and safer for humanity to do just that, than to sign an agreement with the World Health Organisation (WHO)?

The assertion was made last week at the third International Covid Summit, held at the European Parliament, by no less than MEP Mislav Kolakušić of Croatia.

This historic event saw the gathering of minds, addressing various aspects of the pandemic and the growing influence of global entities, especially the WHO.

An Unseen Tug of War

The Summit was rich with dissenting voices, including Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Byram Bridle, who participated in a press conference held the day after. MEP Christine Anderson from Germany, one of the organisers of the Summit, declared their intention to resist the globalitarian elites at all costs.

-A Troubling Proposal
The cause of their worry?

An agreement the WHO wants all countries to sign.

This agreement would give the WHO authority to declare a pandemic, and to procure vaccines and drugs.

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A seemingly reasonable proposition, but is it really?

MEP Kolakušić doesn’t seem to think so, dubbing it “healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel.

-The Unseen Hand of Control
Dr. Tess Lawrie pointed out the absence of legacy press, radio, and television at the event. Could this be a result of the intense censorship she believes is happening? Her article, which summarises various world events organised by truth-seekers, certainly seems to think so.

Conspiracy or Concern? The Summit Speakers Speak Out

A list of the speakers at the Summit can be found on the International Covid Summit’s Rumble channel and MEP Cristian Terhes’ YouTube channel. The presentations were diverse, ranging from discussions about the evolution of coronavirus, the importance of early responses, to the consequences of mandates and early treatment.

-The Threat of Gain of Function Research
A notable voice of concern came from Dr. David Martin, who warned about the risks of allowing licensure or the patenting of genetic organisms and the continuation of gain of function research. This type of research involves the manipulation of an organism’s genes in a way that may increase their ability to cause disease.

-The Media and Information Warfare
Jason Christoff spoke about the weaponisation of media and information warfare technology against the public, suggesting that crimes were committed using psychological technology, including “Nudge” technology.

-Problems with Vaccine Efficacy Data
Dr. Harvey Risch pointed out issues with the manipulation of data concerning the efficacy of “vaccines.”

A Call to Arms Against the WHO?

The Summit’s conclusion was a clear call to arms, with MEP Kolakusic stating that physicians, not the WHO, should define pandemics. MEP Anderson condemned the repetition of lies by the EU Covid Committee throughout this outbreak.

-The Consequences of Mismanagement
The Summit highlighted the global consequences of mismanagement, with Alejandro Diaz Villalobos speaking about the pediatric consequences in Mexico, and Dr. Kirk Milhoan discussing the cardiac pathology associated with the COVID “vaccines.”

-The Fear of Adverse Effects
Dr. Jessica Rose presented a summary of adverse effects reported in the VAERS database, emphasising the fear of unknown repercussions of the vaccines. Drs. Meryl Nass and Katarina Lindley warned about the amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As we watch this saga unfold, the question remains – is this a conspiracy theory, or should we be genuinely concerned about the growing influence and control of the WHO and other global entities?

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The assertive and worried tone of the speakers at the Summit, coupled with the startling claim that it might be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel, should certainly give us pause for thought.

-The Struggle for Truth, Democracy, and Freedom
MEP Francesca Donato emphasized the importance of truth, democracy, and freedom, values that seem to be under threat in the current climate.

The absence of mainstream media at the event only serves to fuel suspicion about the extent of censorship and control at play.

-The Critical Role of Autopsies
Dr. Ciro Isidoro demonstrated that COVID-19 is not a novel disease, but rather an old one. He emphasized the importance of performing autopsies to determine the true cause of death, a practice that seems to have been overlooked in many cases during the pandemic.

-The Pivotal Issue of Vaccine-resistant Mutants
Dr. Giovanni Meledandri spoke about the evolution of coronavirus, highlighting a pattern of a lessening of the disease but also the emergence of vaccine-resistant mutants, which poses a significant threat to global health.

-The Pivotal Issue of Vaccine-resistant Mutants
Dr. Rosanna Chifari discussed the foetal effects of the “vaccines” and the consequences of spike protein activation on microglia in the brain, as well as the potential impact on the central nervous system.

-The Autopsy Revelations
Dr. Arne Berkhartd spoke about the damage to the heart and lungs observed in a series of 75 autopsies, while Dr. Ryan Cole discussed the effects of the COVID “vaccines” on cancer.

-The Correlation Between Vaccines and Excess Mortality
Dr. Theo Schetters revealed the correlation between the deployment of vaccines and waves of excess all-cause mortality in the elderly, raising the question of whether these vaccines are doing more harm than good.

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The Future of Global Health Governance

As the world grapples with the ongoing pandemic, the role of international organizations like the WHO comes under scrutiny.

The speakers at the third International Covid Summit have raised crucial questions about the power dynamics in global health governance and the potential consequences of ceding control to these entities.

The choice between the Colombian drug cartel and the WHO may be an extreme comparison, but it highlights the need for vigilance, transparency, and a critical reevaluation of the international response to the pandemic.

The voices of dissent from the Summit demand our attention and reflection, as we strive to navigate the complex landscape of global health and politics in these unprecedented times.

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