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Manipulating Global Events: How the Khazarian Mafia and CIA Orchestrated Engineered Global Chaos – The Secrets Behind Their Alliance!

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In the shadowy corridors of global power, a plot centuries in the making unfolds, casting its sinister shadow across our world. The players: the Khazarian mafia, a clandestine group of global manipulators masquerading as benevolent leaders, and the CIA, their loyal enforcers, orchestrating a symphony of chaos that serves only their diabolical interests.

Together, they form an unbreakable alliance, responsible for some of the most catastrophic events in modern history, their fingerprints invisible but indelible.

The roots of this diabolical partnership stretch back to the emergence of the Rothschilds and their ilk, those self-styled stewards of global finance who trace their ancestry not to the ancient tribes of Israel but to the Khazar Empire. These Khazarians adopted Jewish identity as a cloak for their broader ambitions, infiltrating societies and economies across Europe, and eventually the world, laying the groundwork for centuries of manipulation.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and the creation of the CIA in 1947 under the National Security Act became the catalyst for global control. The CIA, ostensibly an intelligence-gathering entity, quickly transformed into the enforcement arm of the Khazarian mafia.

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From orchestrating coups in Iran and Chile to their murky involvement in the Vietnam War and the Cold War’s darkest moments, the CIA’s operations have consistently destabilized regions, toppling governments and installing puppet leaders subservient to their cause.

The 9/11 attacks—a pivotal moment in American history—are a prime example of this dark synergy at work. While officially attributed to terrorists, deeper analysis suggests that this tragedy was not only foreseeable but facilitated at multiple levels by elements within the U.S. intelligence community, acting under the influence of the Khazarian mafia.

The subsequent ‘War on Terror’ was not a response but a pre-planned orchestration to justify military interventions in the Middle East, securing oil resources and extending their geopolitical reach.

The 2008 financial crisis further illustrates their grip on global finance. Orchestrated by high-ranking officials within major financial institutions—many of whom are puppets of the Khazarian mafia—this crisis was engineered to consolidate wealth and power. The bailout of banks by taxpayers was a strategic move to ensure that the public bore the financial burden while the elite prospered.

Enter Donald Trump, a figure who, regardless of personal views, emerged as a genuine threat to this shadow government. His presidency disrupted this globalist agenda, exposing deep-seated corruption within the United States government and its institutions.

Trump’s approach and direct communication with the public through platforms like Twitter bypassed traditional media, which had long been under the influence of Khazarian interests.

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Trump’s attempts to withdraw troops from endless foreign conflicts and his confrontation with the Federal Reserve were moves to dismantle the mechanisms through which the Khazarian mafia exerted control. His administration’s focus on economic nationalism threatened to upend the global economic order that the Khazarians had meticulously crafted over decades.

Despite relentless attacks and the orchestrated scandal of the impeachment processes, Trump’s tenure revealed the extent of the deep state’s infiltration. The 2020 election’s contentious outcomes and the unprecedented media and social platform censorship highlighted the desperate lengths to which the Khazarian mafia and their operatives would go to regain control.

As we stand at a crossroads, the battle is not merely political but existential. The Khazarian mafia, allied with the CIA and other globalist entities, continues to manipulate global events, from pandemics to economic collapses, to advance their agenda of total world domination. But as awareness grows, so does the resistance.

Figures like Trump have ignited a global awakening, challenging citizens worldwide to reclaim their sovereignty and restore truth and justice to their rightful place at the core of human governance. This is not just a fight for one nation but for the future of humanity itself.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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