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Leaked Bombshell: COVID-19 Was Engineered in 1965 as a Depopulation Bioweapon! European Parliament in Chaos!

The murmurings are growing louder, the whispers turning into shouts, and the shadows of doubt now cast long, chilling lines across the halls of power in the European Parliament. The revelation has crashed onto the public stage with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and the ripples it’s sent out can no longer be ignored or dismissed by any stretch of the imagination.

What’s unfolding isn’t just another news cycle chew toy, it’s the veritable unmasking of a situation so grave, so meticulously orchestrated, that it challenges the very fabric of our collective reality. At the epicenter of this revelation are two entities: the vaccine and the virus—both now cast in a nefarious light, the extent of which is just beginning to seep into the public consciousness.

Now, let’s cut through the noise. The evidence, now pried open for the world to see, is allegedly pointing towards a dire conclusion: the COVID pandemic, an event that has upended lives, economies, and the very notion of freedom, was no accident. The whispers allege that it was a deliberate release, a biological weapon aimed at the populace, with the vaccine following suit as its twisted counterpart.

These aren’t just baseless claims tossed into the void; they are grounded in words, numbers, a trail of breadcrumbs that lead back decades. The plausibility of such a scenario throws us into a tumultuous sea of questions and demands a confrontation with the chilling possibility of its reality.

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Cast your mind back to ten years ago, in the same European Parliament, a lone voice made a prophetic warning against the perils of weaponizing nature. That voice, now vindicated by current events, wasn’t just speculative—it was a harbinger of the storm we find ourselves in today. It’s a storm that has been brewing since before most of us were born, tracing back to the isolation of the coronavirus as a replicable pathogen in 1965. That’s right, 1965.

But this isn’t just about looking back in anger or pointing fingers at shadowy figures of the past. It’s about the here and now, the crossroads at which we stand. This moment isn’t just about reckoning; it’s about introspection—about who we are as a species and what path we choose to carve out for our future.

The platform we’ve been given, through disclosures and discussions that would once have been dismissed as fringe, is unprecedented. It’s an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about our very humanity. It’s an opportunity that’s been shaped by those in the European Parliament, by people like Kim Martin, who dared to pull back the curtain during the early days of the pandemic.

Gone are the days of mainstream media platitudes, where audiences were fed a steady diet of filtered information. Those days are as distant as the naive belief in the infallibility of the systems that govern us. What’s left in their wake is a stark reality, a realization that the stage we’ve been set upon is one of historical significance.

Make no mistake, the implications of such a scenario are profound. They have the potential to rewrite history, to redefine the narrative of our time. The once-celebrated presentations on CNBC and Bloomberg now pale in comparison to the gravity of this discourse. It’s a discourse that’s been a century in the making, simmering beneath the surface until it reached a boiling point no power structure can contain.

This isn’t about creating panic or spreading fear. It’s about facing the potential reality of the world we live in—a reality that has been meticulously documented, analyzed, and now, brought into the glaring light of public scrutiny. It’s about understanding that the world we thought we knew may have been a façade, one that’s been crumbling under the weight of truth.

1966 wasn’t just another year; it was the year the first COV coronavirus model was unleashed, suggesting an entanglement of human ingenuity and biological experimentation that spanned the vast Atlantic.

Fast forward to our current landscape, where questions swarm like locusts over the true genesis of SARS-CoV-10. The bustling wet markets of Wuhan have been cited time and again, but what if the tendrils of truth stretch farther and deeper? The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill isn’t just another academic institution; it’s the epicenter of a startling revelation that what we’ve been told is a naturally occurring viral phenomenon is, in fact, a designed entity.

Let’s dissect this with the precision of a scalpel: SARS, the boogeyman of the early 2000s, was not a child of nature. We—humankind—played God, crafting it in the sterile confines of a lab. And if this revelation isn’t unsettling enough, consider the patent filed in 2002 that speaks of an ‘infectious clone’—a term that might sound like science fiction but is as real as the air we breathe. This ‘weapon’ was fine-tuned to target selectively, funded by none other than NIAID’s Anthony Fauci.

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Hold your breath, because this narrative unravels further. This patent emerged a year before the world reeled under the onslaught of SARS-CoV-10. Coincidence? The timeline is too precise, the events too interlinked to be mere happenstance. The stage was set at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where lines between natural occurrence and artificial inception were blurred beyond recognition.

This revelation isn’t just a lone wolf howling in the dark. Since the 1970s, coronaviruses have been manipulated, cast into different animals, showcasing their ability to leap from beasts to humans. And Pfizer—yes, the Pfizer known for its vaccine crusades—was dabbling in spike protein vaccines for coronaviruses as early as 1990. But why was the world not privy to this information? Because, as it turns out, these vaccines had a fatal flaw: the rapid mutation of coronaviruses rendered them ineffective.

The science is clear and unequivocal. Publications stretching from 1990 to 2018 hammer home the point: coronaviruses evolve too quickly for vaccines to keep pace. This isn’t fringe science; it’s a chorus sung by thousands of independent studies, unshackled from pharmaceutical coffers. The work of Ralph Barrick at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stands as a testament to the futility of these vaccine efforts.

Yet, this is where the plot thickens. In 2002, a patent was granted for a coronavirus infectious clone with proofreading capabilities. This isn’t just another patent; it’s a Pandora’s box that, once opened, reveals the extent to which scientific exploration has probed and tweaked the very essence of viral life.

The narrative we’ve been fed is not just frayed at the edges—it’s fundamentally flawed. And as we stand amidst the clamor of the scientific method and the roar of independent research, one thing is crystal clear: the saga of SARS-CoV-10 is not just a chapter in medical history. It’s a mosaic of human ambition, scientific brilliance, and perhaps, a dash of hubris, challenging the very boundaries of what we deem natural and what we accept as man-made.

As we peel back the layers of this enigma, we are not just observers but participants in a dialogue that questions the very foundation of our understanding of science and its repercussions.

The story is not finished; it continues to evolve, mutate, and challenge us, demanding a reexamination of what we thought we knew and what we still need to learn.

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William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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