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“Joe Biden, YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO BE EXPOSED…” – How His Policies Are Pushing America to the Brink of Financial Collapse!

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Under Joe Biden’s administration, the very fabric of America is being unraveled at an alarming pace. His tenure has been marked by a series of misguided policies, glaring incompetence, and an outright disregard for the foundational principles that once made this nation strong.

Economic Collapse

Biden’s economic policies have driven the country to the brink of financial ruin. Rampant inflation has eroded the purchasing power of ordinary Americans, with the cost of living skyrocketing beyond control. His administration’s excessive spending and failure to address supply chain disruptions have resulted in shortages and price hikes, making everyday necessities unaffordable for many.

Border Crisis

The situation at the southern border has spiraled into chaos under Biden’s watch. His lax immigration policies have led to a surge in illegal crossings, overwhelming border facilities and law enforcement. The unchecked flow of migrants has brought with it increased crime, drug trafficking, and strain on public resources, threatening the safety and security of American communities.

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Foreign Policy Disasters

Biden’s foreign policy blunders have severely weakened America’s standing on the global stage. The catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan not only left the country in the hands of the Taliban but also abandoned American citizens and allies to a dire fate. His appeasement strategies towards adversaries like China and Russia have emboldened these nations, jeopardizing global stability and undermining U.S. influence.

Erosion of Civil Liberties

The Biden administration has aggressively pushed for policies that encroach upon fundamental freedoms. From attempts to federalize elections, undermining state autonomy, to imposing draconian mandates under the guise of public health, there has been a systematic erosion of civil liberties. The administration’s stance on free speech, where dissenting opinions are labeled as misinformation and censored, is a direct assault on the First Amendment.

Divisive Social Policies

Biden’s presidency has exacerbated social divisions rather than healing them. His administration’s focus on identity politics and critical race theory has sown discord, fostering an environment of resentment and division. Policies that prioritize ideological conformity over merit and competence are tearing at the social fabric and undermining national unity.

Military and Defense

Under Biden’s leadership, the U.S. military has deteriorated. Prioritizing woke ideology over readiness has compromised effectiveness and morale, detracting from national defense and leaving the country vulnerable to threats.

Healthcare and COVID-19

Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of disastrous. Mixed messages, arbitrary mandates, and the politicization of the virus have deepened public distrust and hindered effective response efforts. His administration’s failure to provide clear, consistent, and science-based guidelines has prolonged the crisis and caused unnecessary suffering.

Energy Policy and Environment

Biden’s energy policies have led to a decline in American energy independence. His war on fossil fuels, marked by the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and restrictive regulations, has resulted in higher energy costs and greater reliance on foreign oil. The push for a premature transition to renewable energy sources has been poorly managed, causing disruptions and economic hardship.


Joe Biden’s presidency has been a relentless assault on the values, stability, and prosperity of America. His administration’s policies have sown chaos, division, and decline, betraying the trust of the American people. If this trajectory is not corrected, the damage inflicted may be irreversible, leaving a legacy of failure and a nation in disarray.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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