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Insider Info! The Terrifying Reality of Directed Energy Weapons: The Silent Weapons They’re Using Against Us!

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern warfare, there’s a new player that’s silently changing the game: Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). These aren’t your typical guns and missiles. They’re sophisticated, silent, and incredibly powerful tools that harness the might of the electromagnetic spectrum. And while they might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, they’re very real and already in use.

DEWs are a testament to human ingenuity, using variations of light, including those invisible to the naked eye, to achieve their objectives. There are three primary classifications of these weapons:

  1. High Energy Lasers (HEIs): These are not your everyday lasers. With an output 200,000 times greater than the laser pointer you might use during a presentation, HEIs can focus beams of light on the infrared spectrum to target and neutralize threats. The sheer power of these lasers is enough to melt steel.
  2. Millimeter Wave Weapons (MWWs): Operating between wavelengths of 1 and 10 mm, these weapons can generate over a kilowatt of power. Their larger beams mean they can engage multiple targets simultaneously.
  3. High Power Microwave Weapons (HPMWs): These are the giants of the DEW world. They can produce a staggering 100 megawatts of power, which is 150,000 times more potent than the microwave you use to heat your dinner. Their longer wavelengths allow them to target multiple threats at once.

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But what makes DEWs truly revolutionary is their adaptability. Depending on the mission, they can be calibrated for tasks ranging from non-lethal interventions to outright destruction. Factors like time on target, distance, and specific target areas can be adjusted to determine the weapon’s impact.

Enter the realm of Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW). The very nature of war is undergoing a seismic shift. Gone are the days of open battlefields and clear enemies. In this new age, warfare transcends boundaries, becoming unrestricted and elusive. It’s a form of moral and cultural warfare, where perceptions are manipulated, and the context of reality is altered. The most chilling aspect? In 5GW, the losing side might never even realize they’ve been defeated.

DEWs are the perfect tools for this new form of warfare. They offer plausible deniability, a term that’s become synonymous with 5GW. These weapons can engage targets from thousands of miles away, silently and swiftly. Whether launched from land, air, sea, or even space, their reach is unparalleled. The US government, always at the forefront of military innovation, has already deployed DEWs on various platforms, including land vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, ships, and even satellites.

But DEWs aren’t the only tools reshaping the battlefield. The strategic use of wildfires as weapons has also been explored. A declassified report from June 1970 titled “Forrest Fire as a Military Weapon” sheds light on the US government’s experiments with using wildfires in Vietnam. The objective? To attack enemy strongholds, destroy supplies, and gain a clearer view of the landscape below.

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The strategy is meticulous. Factors like the dry season, vegetation type, ground brush humidity, and even pre-placed litter at ideal humidity levels are all considered to ensure the fire catches and spreads. The conditions for a successful forest fire sabotage are clear: heavy fuel loadings of dry material, multiple ignition points, intense solar insolation, and specific atmospheric conditions.

The Hidden Truth Behind Maui’s Fires: What They Aren’t Telling You

In the picturesque landscapes of Maui, a sinister puzzle is unfolding. The evidence is there, right in front of our eyes, yet the mainstream narrative seems to be missing some crucial pieces. Let’s dive deep into the facts, and you can decide for yourself what’s really happening.

Lasers, those powerful beams of light, have the capability to slice through robust materials like steel and aluminum in mere moments. Now, when we turn our gaze to the burn zone of Lahaina, we find melted aluminum, glass, and even tires and rims. But what does this mean?

For context, the melting point of aluminum stands at a scorching 1,221°F. Wildfires, as we know, can reach temperatures as high as 2000°F. So, the melted aluminum? Not entirely out of the ordinary. But here’s where things get intriguing: the melting point for glass ranges from 2,522 to 2,912 degrees. While it’s conceivable that a car fire could generate such heat, it’s a stretch. And when we consider the melting points of materials like chrome, which stands at a staggering 3380°F, the plot thickens.

DEWs, known for their invisibility to the naked eye and silent operation, are perfect for covert operations. Imagine the potential of initiating spontaneous fires from space, undetected and untraceable.

The winds during the Maui Fire were ferocious, reaching speeds of up to 67 mph. Yet, DEWs remain unaffected by such conditions. Their beams, whether launched from space-to-earth or vice versa, remain steady, unaffected by gravity or wind. And while there are limitations to DEWs, like weather interference and power loss, the rapid pace of technological advancement suggests these issues might already be a thing of the past.

Now, here’s a revelation that will send chills down your spine: Chinese lasers were spotted above Maui just months before the fires. Confirmed by Japan, these lasers, often used for remote mapping, raise more questions than answers. Were they merely mapping, or was there a more nefarious purpose?

Space, the final frontier, is not as untouched as we’d like to believe. DEWs and other conventional weapons are, shockingly, legal up there. Both superpowers, the US and China, have resisted global efforts to ban such weapons in space. With both nations, along with Russia, investing in anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons programs, the skies above might not be as serene as they appear.

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But why Maui? The island has been grappling with decreased rainfall for over a decade, and is currently in the throes of a drought. The dry season, which spans from April to October, sees temperatures soaring between July and September. Add to this the fact that Hawaiian Electric’s investment in wildfire prevention has been abysmal, with a mere $245,000 spent between 2019-2022. The stage was set, but was it natural or orchestrated?

The concept of 5th Generation warfare is not just a theory; it’s a reality we’re living in. With Maui earmarked as a future smart city, the conspicuous absence of media coverage, and a baffling lack of federal response, there’s undoubtedly more to this story than meets the eye. When questions are met with silence, it’s not a sign to retreat. It’s a clarion call to dig deeper, to seek the truth, and to demand answers.

In the end, while we might not have all the pieces of the puzzle, the evidence is compelling. And as any seasoned journalist will tell you, when you’re on the right track, that’s when they try to silence you. But we won’t be silenced. The truth is out there, and it’s our duty to find it.

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