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INSANE! Texas Devastated by Green Laser Death Rays Amid Thunderstorm! The CIA/Biden’s Secret Direct Energy Weapon Assault on U.S. Ground!

In the unforgiving expanse of Texas, where the American spirit is as wild as the land itself, a new weapon has been unleashed, not by a foreign enemy, but from the shadows of our own government. The green laser that sliced through the darkness of the Texas night is no freak act of nature—it’s a blatant act of aggression, a cold and calculated message from the powers that be, signaling a new era of warfare against the very citizens it’s sworn to protect.

Forget the official narrative; the reality is as clear as the green beam itself. The CIA, under the watch of the Biden Administration, with its newfound laser prowess, is not just experimenting with technology; it’s deploying it against Americans. Texas, with its flames consuming over a million acres, has become the testing ground for these Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs), the latest toys in the arsenal of a government that has lost all semblance of moral compass.

This is no accident, no coincidence. This is an orchestrated attack on freedom, a sinister plot wrapped in the guise of natural disaster and national security. As the CIA parades its laser capabilities, Texas burns—not just from wildfires, but from the heat of a government turning against its people. The message is unmistakable: toe the line or be burned into submission.

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Let’s call it what it is—an act of domestic terror, perpetrated not by some external force, but by the very institution meant to safeguard our liberties. The green laser, those fires—they’re not warnings; they’re declarations of war against dissent, against the very ethos of what it means to be American.

The audacity is staggering. As if the mockery of the Second Amendment wasn’t enough, now we see the government’s true face, gleefully turning brother against brother, igniting fires of division and fear, all while cloaking its tyranny in the mantle of public safety. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves as their warnings about tyranny are played out in the most brazen display of governmental overreach. (Find out what they’re not telling you! Visit Gazetteller.com)

And amidst the chaos, leaked memos and whispers from the intelligence community paint a picture of a nation on the brink, not of external invasion, but of an internal collapse orchestrated by those in power. The stage is being set for an upheaval, a pretext to clamp down, to fortify their rule as the proxy wars abroad falter and the true enemy—the American people—stand resilient.

This is no time for silence, for passive observation. The events unfolding in Texas, the deployment of DEWs, the stench of authoritarianism—it’s a clarion call to every American who believes in freedom, in the sanctity of our constitution. The government, with its lasers and lies, has shown its hand, revealing a disdain for the people it serves that borders on despotic.

This is the Biden era: where advanced weaponry is turned inward, a clear message to the American people that dissent will be met with force, that the autonomy of states like Texas is an illusion, ready to be shattered by the next demonstration of federal might.

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We’re at a tipping point, standing on the precipice of a dark new world where government omnipotence reigns supreme, where dissent is quashed under the heel of technological tyranny. The green laser that lit up the Texas night sky is just the beginning, a preview of a dystopian future where freedom is a memory, smothered under the weight of an unchecked, unchallenged, and unhinged governmental power.

The time for complacency is over. The battle lines are drawn not at the borders but within our own backyards, where the true fight for America’s soul is underway. As Texas burns, so does the illusion of a government of the people, by the people, for the people. In its place stands a regime that would rather burn its dissenters than listen, that sees America not as a nation to be nurtured but as a populace to be controlled, by fear, by fire, by force.

This is a call to arms, to every patriot, every citizen who still believes in the dream that is America. The enemy is not at the gates; it’s within them, armed with lasers, lies, and a lust for power that knows no bounds. The green laser is not just a tool of oppression; it’s a signal fire, igniting the fight for our freedoms, for our rights, for the very soul of our nation.

Stand up, speak out, and let the powers that be know: we will not go quietly into the night. We will not stand idly by as our country burns. We will fight, with the truth as our weapon and liberty as our cause, until the green lasers and the tyrants who wield them are nothing but a dark chapter in the history of a free America.

This article was originally published exclusively on Gazetteller.com!

Ethan White
Ethan White
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