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Imminent! The EMP Strike Is Coming, Will Destroy Everything, and Leave Millions Dead—Who Will Survive?

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An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack: the disaster scenario no one wants to think about, but everyone should. Imagine the world plunged into darkness, electronics fried in an instant, and the power grid rendered useless. In a society so heavily reliant on electricity, the fallout would be catastrophic.

Essential services, infrastructure, and the supply chain would all grind to a halt. The U.S. EMP Commission reports that between 60 and 90 percent of the population would die of starvation within a year. Those who survive the initial chaos will be desperate, scavenging for supplies and equipment. In such a scenario, bartering becomes a lifeline.

Stockpiling the right items now could make the difference between life and death later. Here’s what you need to know about the top items to have on hand for trading and survival after an EMP attack.

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An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could bring civilization to its knees in an instant. The consequences are dire: the electrical grid wiped out, electronics fried, and society plunged into darkness. Survival hinges on preparation, and the key to thriving in this apocalyptic scenario is stockpiling crucial items for barter and personal use. Let’s dive into the raw facts about what you need to hoard now to stand a chance when the unthinkable happens.

Alcohol: The Ultimate Trade Commodity
When the lights go out, the world will crave alcohol. Even if you’re not a drinker, stock up on various types of alcohol. People will be desperate for something to take the edge off the new, harsh reality. Small bottles are particularly valuable because they are easier to trade and more psychologically valuable in desperate times. This isn’t just about having a drink; it’s about having a potent barter item that could secure you life-saving resources.

Batteries: Power in a Powerless World
Small electronics might survive an EMP attack if they have the right protection. But what good are they without batteries? Stockpile AA, AAA, lithium ion, and button cells. Alkaline batteries can last up to a decade, making them perfect for long-term storage. In a powerless world, the ability to power devices will make you indispensable.

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Cigarettes: Stress Relief in a Stick
Stress will be sky-high after an EMP attack, and people will turn to cigarettes for relief. Factory-made cigarettes won’t last, so opt for cut tobacco and rolling papers. They last longer and will be highly sought after. Smokers may compromise on their favorite brands, making any tobacco product a valuable trade good.

Coffee: The Essential Drug
Caffeine is a must-have for millions, and post-EMP, that won’t change. Stock up on instant coffee, whole beans, or ground coffee. Whole beans last longer and retain their flavor better. Don’t forget a manual grinder. The ability to offer a cup of coffee will make you a beacon of hope in a caffeine-deprived world.

Firestarters: Essential for Survival
With modern conveniences gone, fire becomes essential for cooking and heating. Stock up on matches, tinder, flint and steel, or a ferro rod and striker. Those unprepared will need these items, making them valuable for bartering.

First Aid Supplies: Health is Wealth
Injuries will be common, and medical facilities will be overwhelmed. Stockpile first aid supplies like antibacterial cream, butterfly closures, chest seals, cotton swabs, elastic bandages, gloves, hot and cold packs, N95 masks, rubbing alcohol, scissors, and splints. These items will be lifesavers, literally and figuratively, in a world where medical help is scarce.

Fuel: The Lifeblood of Tools
Gasoline, kerosene, propane, and wood will be crucial. While cars might not run, these fuels can power tools, start fires, and more. Gasoline doesn’t store well, but it’s still a valuable commodity. Store it in metal cans for longevity. Other fuels like kerosene and propane will also be in high demand. Wood, though cumbersome, will be a staple for heating and cooking.

Medicines: The Ultimate Necessity
Medicine will vanish quickly after an EMP attack. Stockpile what you can legally obtain. Over-the-counter medicines like antihistamines, diarrhea medications, and pain relievers will be highly valuable. Learn about and grow medicinal herbs as a backup. When the pharmacies are empty, your stockpile will be worth more than gold.

Personal Hygiene Products: Maintain Morale and Health
Hygiene will be a huge issue post-EMP. Stock up on bar soap, Chapstick, combs, cotton swabs, dental floss, deodorant, diapers, feminine hygiene products, hairbrushes, hand sanitizer, lotion, razors, shampoo, shaving cream, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. These items will be crucial for maintaining health and morale.

Preserved Food: The Most Basic Need
Food will become increasingly scarce. Stockpile preserved foods and learn to preserve your own. Local supplies will dry up quickly. The value of food will skyrocket as shortages increase. Monitor your area’s situation to gauge the value of your stockpile. Your ability to trade food will be a lifeline.

Soap: Essential for Cleanliness
Soap might seem trivial, but it’s essential for hygiene and disease prevention. Stockpile soap to keep yourself and others clean. Its value in maintaining health cannot be overstated.

Toilet Paper: The Unspoken Essential
Toilet paper is a necessity often overlooked. Stock up on it. Alternatives exist, but none match the convenience and comfort of toilet paper. It will be a highly sought-after item for barter.

Water Filters and Purifiers: Clean Water is Life
Access to clean water will be critical. Stockpile water filters and purifiers to ensure safe drinking water. Filters will eventually clog, so consider back-flushable options. Water treatment chemicals like chlorine bleach can also purify water. Clean water will be one of your most valuable assets.

Barter Safely and Strategically
Bartering will be risky. Always trade with a friend for protection and never reveal your full stockpile. Keep your prepper status secret to avoid becoming a target. Barter away from home and take precautions to ensure you’re not followed back.

Final Thoughts
An EMP attack is a real threat, and preparation is the key to survival. Stockpile these essential items now. Your life and the lives of your loved ones could depend on it. When society collapses, those who are prepared will be the ones who rise from the ashes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act now, and secure your future in an uncertain world.

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