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Imminent Collapse: 50,000 Troops Ready to Strike, Massive Arrests Against the Cabal, Basel 3 Compliance, and IRS Shutdown!

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The global landscape is hurtling towards an unprecedented climax, a convergence of events signaling the imminent downfall of the existing power structures. The orchestrated collapse of the Cabal system is a preordained sequence of events, each meticulously planned and now reaching their inevitable conclusion.

The markers indicating the payment of the titles are undeniable. The sequence has been initiated, and we are witnessing the final acts of a grand play. The first domino has already teetered, and the cascade is about to follow. The list of indicators is exhaustive and explicit, providing a clear roadmap to the imminent financial reset and the end of the Cabal’s grip on global power.

Banks and Financial Systems: The Countdown Begins

Basel 3 Compliance or Closure: The global banking system is undergoing a seismic shift. Basel 3 requirements, tying rare earth minerals and other commodities to new tokenized assets, are the precursors to the implementation of Quantum Technologies’ Protocol 20. This move is designed to eliminate the old fiat systems and replace them with more transparent, commodity-backed financial instruments.

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Abolition of the Federal Reserve System: The Federal Reserve, a long-standing pillar of the Cabal’s control over the US economy, is facing abolition. This shift is crucial to dismantling the centralized control over money supply and economic policy, paving the way for a decentralized financial system.

BRICS Dominance: The rise of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is another clear indicator. These nations are breaking trade records, establishing their own payment systems independent of SWIFT, and dominating global oil reserves. Their collective GDP now surpasses that of the G7, pushing the world towards gold-backed sovereign currencies and rejecting Cabal-controlled central banks.

Collapse of the Petrodollar: The abandonment of the US dollar in trade by BRICS nations signals the end of the Petrodollar era. China’s growing influence and the dumping of US Treasury bonds by BRICS countries further underscore this transition.

Political and Military Maneuvers: The Undercover Operations

Commander in Chief and Continuity of Government: In 2017, President Trump transferred his presidential power to the military, initiating a covert operation known as “Continuity of Government.” This operation, led by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, involves over 50,000 secret troops appointed as Federal Marshals to execute mass arrests. This clandestine military operation is the backbone of the unfolding events.

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Deposition of Corrupt Governments: Across the globe, corrupt governments are being deposed. This aligns with the White Hats’ strategy to expose and dismantle the Deep State’s influence. The exposure of crimes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine-related offenses, is part of this broader strategy.

Economic Upheaval: The Financial Reset

Evergande and the Chinese Economy: The collapse of Evergrande is expected to trigger the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party, causing ripples across the global real estate market and economy. The dissolution of the CCP will mark a significant victory against the Cabal.

US Debt and Economic Collapse: The US debt is projected to reach an unprecedented $35 trillion, with federal public debt surpassing 100% of the country’s annual economic output by 2025. This fiscal trajectory indicates the imminent bankruptcy of the US CORPORATION and the need for a new economic system.

Global Movements: The Tides of Change

Farmers’ Uprising: Farmers worldwide are uniting against oppressive laws imposed by the Cabal. This grassroots resistance is part of the broader movement towards reclaiming sovereignty and rejecting centralized control.

GESARA and Debt Forgiveness: Under the leadership of President Putin, the Alliance is pushing for global debt forgiveness through GESARA. This initiative aims to liberate nations from financial enslavement and promote economic equity.

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Crimes and Exposures: The Reckoning

Arrests of Global Cabal Members: High-profile arrests of Global Cabal members are imminent. The US Congress, along with thousands of politicians and celebrities involved in heinous crimes, will face justice. The anticipated return of Trump will see the reintroduction of firing squads and televised hangings, sending a clear message of retribution.

Electoral Fraud Cases: The Supreme Court is poised to deliver judgments on cases of electoral fraud from the 2020 elections. Judge Clarence Thomas has the authority to decide on these cases, potentially triggering nationwide repercussions and invalidating fraudulent electoral outcomes.

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Massive Lawsuits and Indictments: The $500 trillion lawsuit against the US federal government and over 140 monopolists, alongside Biden’s indictment for bribery in multiple countries, highlights the legal onslaught against the Cabal. Furthermore, the exposure of crimes by powerful intelligence agencies (DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc.) indicates a systematic dismantling of the deep-rooted corruption.

Human Trafficking and Pedophilia Exposures: The release of Epstein’s list and honey trap videos will unveil the network of pedophilia and human trafficking. Adrenochrome production and child torture/sacrifice are set to be publicly exposed, shocking the global consciousness and igniting demands for accountability.

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Cyber and Space Dominance: The Digital Frontier

Cyber Attacks and Network Failures: The escalation of cyber attacks and the failure of terrestrial networks signal the digital warfare aspect of this struggle. The establishment of Starlink satellite internet as a global communication network is a strategic move to bypass traditional media controls.

Space Force and Project Odin: The US Space Force, in collaboration with SpaceX and Starlink, controls all defense systems and protects payment systems. Project Odin, a Military Space Force Intelligence Agency operation, is set to control global networks, ensuring secure and uncensored communication channels.

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Geopolitical Conflicts: The Strategic Deceptions

Ukraine and NATO: President Putin’s calculated escalation of the Ukraine conflict is a strategic move to bankrupt and dismantle NATO, the UN, and other Cabal strongholds. Russia’s daily territorial gains signal the end of Ukraine’s resistance and the restoration of historically Russian lands.

Tax Revolts and IRS Shutdown: The push for tax awareness and the shutdown of the IRS reflect the broader agenda to dismantle Cabal-controlled financial institutions. This move aims to liberate citizens from oppressive taxation and economic exploitation.

The Final Countdown: The Imminent Collapse

US Treasury Notes and Wall Street: Wall Street is bracing for a flood of new US Treasury Notes, signaling the transition to a new financial system. This move is part of the broader strategy to collapse the old system and usher in a new era of economic transparency and fairness.

Zimbabwe’s Gold-Backed Tokens: The introduction of gold-backed digital tokens by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe exemplifies the shift towards commodity-backed currencies. This move aligns with the global trend towards financial sovereignty and the rejection of fiat currencies.

The Ultimate Revelation: The Unraveling of the Cabal

Seven Kingdoms and Colonial Dismantling: The dismantling of global colonialism and the restructuring of land governance is underway. China’s maneuvers around Taiwan and Russia’s actions in Ukraine are part of this broader strategy to reclaim sovereign territories.

Destruction of Satanic Structures: The planned destruction of 34 Satanic structures in a False Flag 3rd World War using Rods of God and Putin’s super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, Satan-2, marks the final act of the Cabal’s downfall.

The convergence of these events is not coincidental but a meticulously orchestrated plan to collapse the Cabal system. The signs are unmistakable, and the culmination is imminent.

We stand on the brink of a new era, a world liberated from the clutches of the Cabal and poised to embrace a future of transparency, justice, and sovereignty.

Time is of the essence, and the titles are on the verge of being paid. Prepare, for the reckoning is at hand.

Ethan White
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