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Ignored Facts and Missed Lessons: A Critical Review of Politicians’ Response to the Pandemic

Analyzing the global political response to the pandemic: truth evasion, obfuscation of data, and the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and genuine engagement with the public.

In a world where truth, fact, tradition, and caution seem to be neglected, a concerning pattern has emerged. Politicians on a global scale are often quick to assure the public that they’ve done their best, but a closer look reveals alarming neglect and obfuscation of essential pandemic data.

Politics and Pandemic Policy: When Truth and Caution Are Ignored

It is an unfortunate trend that politicians downplay their potential missteps in the formulation of pandemic policy with dismissive remarks suggesting their errors bear little significance in the grand scheme. This dismissive attitude is alarming given the gravely serious stakes. Even more distressing, lessons do not appear to be learned.

Governments worldwide are masterfully evading truth and obscuring pandemic data, consistently failing to provide an accurate distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated outcomes.

The level of denial and gaslighting is profoundly concerning. Personal anecdotes echo this sentiment, like a friend’s doctor who confessed, “You probably are vaccine-injured, but there is no box on the form for me to tick to confirm it.” These are the individuals behind the statistics, people grappling with their health and simultaneously denied access to accurate information.

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Funding Biotech Research: Science or Self-Interest?

The governments of the world, including New Zealand, seem unwavering in their encouragement of more booster uptake despite unclear evidence of their effectiveness. They continue to pour funding into biotech research for new mRNA vaccines and even risk-laden gain of function research.

This all happens while an authentic assessment of what went wrong appears to be absent, replaced by politicking and self-promotion.

The Consequences of Ignoring Caution

Failing to acknowledge that health outcomes have declined and excess deaths have risen, politicians have missed a crucial mark. The pandemic policy often ran roughshod over employment rights and health choices, pushing real science aside to facilitate a global biotech experiment.

It disregarded the ancient wisdom encapsulated in the Hippocratic Oath, “to do no harm”, and ignored genuine risks.

No apology has been made. Discriminatory and punitive laws remain on the statute books. The leading figures in this charade have not faced cross-examination in public forums or courts. Meanwhile, our elected politicians and public servants are preening their feathers on the international circuit, proclaiming their miraculous pandemic escape.

But the reality is grim: hospitals are overflowing, crime rates have surged, and poverty is rearing its ugly head.

While we are being distracted, a massive, lethal catastrophe looms over America, and it will crush millions of families, especially those with children!

The High Price of Ignoring Truth, Fact, and Caution

The consequences of neglecting truth, fact, tradition, and caution are far-reaching. Real people become mere pawns in an unregulated global space where billionaires, political leaders, Big Pharma CEOs, and the heads of intergovernmental agencies vie for control and wealth.

To reverse this destructive trend, a genuine apology and processes of restitution must be embarked upon.

As we in New Zealand prepare to vote, it’s crucial to consider which candidates are prepared to listen and respond to our concerns. Who among them is willing to dive deep into the facts? Who is prepared to openly and rationally address the issues that matter? Place Chris Hipkins, David Seymour, Chris Luxon, and Marama Davidson side by side with Winston Peters and Matt King and ask yourself: who is listening? Trust yourself, not the paid media.

This is what happens when politicians ignore truth, fact, and caution. It’s time to demand more from those who are meant to represent our interests and make decisions that significantly impact our lives.

Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker is a seasoned journalist and author, known for her investigative reporting and feature writing on diverse topics. Her insightful work has been published in prominent publications worldwide.

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