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How the U.S. Plans to Cripple China with One Stealthy Move!

Decoding the U.S. Chip Sanctions: The Hidden Strategy Targeting China's Tech Dominance and the Global Repercussions.

This is war!

There’s no longer a way to mince words about it. The US has declared itself at war with China. An announcement so bold and controversial, it almost feels like something out of a dystopian novel. Yet, on 12 July 2023, The New York Times (NYT) candidly referred to this move as “An Act of War.”

Hold on. Before your thoughts start running amok imagining large scale military invasions and nuclear warnings, let’s dive a bit deeper.

In October of the previous year, a rather inconspicuous, almost unnoticeable bureau – The United States Bureau of Industry and Security, released a document that spanned over 139 pages. This was no ordinary document. Buried under heaps of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo and complex technicalities, was what essentially became a declaration of economic war on China. Not from the White House, not from the Pentagon, but from a bureau with a paltry budget and a minuscule workforce. Quite the underdog move, wouldn’t you say?

Fight China to the Death

The stakes? Life and death. As hyperbolic as it sounds, this isn’t some author’s dramatic perspective. In fact, Rozman Kendler, a notable voice in the scene, echoed the same sentiment in a hushed tone, implying that the US sees this “chip war” as a fight for survival.

But why such an existential view of a mere economic clash?

Well, let’s break it down. The future of chips isn’t just about tiny pieces of silicon – it’s about hegemony, dominance, and control over future global platforms. And if sources are to be believed, US leaders, irrespective of their public announcements of cooperation and peace, have in hushed corridors and closed rooms deemed this a war to either destroy or be destroyed by China.

Destroy All of China’s Economy, Science, and Development

The objective seems clear. This isn’t just about stymieing China’s progress in certain areas, it’s about halting the juggernaut completely. Emily Kilcrease, a voice to be reckoned with, gave a rather chilling insight, “We said there are key tech areas that China should not advance in.” Connect the dots, and the picture isn’t pretty.

According to various insiders, the heart of this clash beats to the rhythm of AI. AI, which is set to change the face of society as we know it, is entirely dependent on these very chips. To deprive China of these chips, therefore, is to handicap China for a generation.

Push China to Go Backwards

But the US’s game plan doesn’t stop at just stalling China’s progression. There seems to be a more sinister goal in play. Pushing China not just to a standstill, but making it regress.

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Every two years, chip technology evolves, doubling its power. Cutting off China from this growth trajectory means not only stopping its progress but sending it spiraling backward, at an alarming pace. Yet, that isn’t enough for the powers that be. A series of events from influencing the Netherlands to coercing Taiwan indicates a concerted effort to not just impede but also reverse China’s tech prowess.

US Repeats Cold War Victory Strategy

History, they say, often repeats itself. The US seems to be borrowing its strategy straight from the Cold War playbook. A strategy that once crippled the Soviet Union, by cutting off access to vital technological advancements, leading to its eventual downfall. The aim? To create an environment where economic progress becomes impossible, popular sentiment becomes restless, and an entire society collapses in on itself.

Is this what awaits China? If the past is any indication, then China is on a perilous path. Yet, the dragon has been eerily silent.

To say the tides of international politics have shifted would be a gross understatement. Beneath the surface of cooperation and globalization, tectonic plates are moving, setting the stage for an economic standoff of epic proportions. Only time will tell whether this audacious strategy will succeed or if it’ll backfire, but one thing is certain: the world is watching, with bated breath.

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