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How Obama and Biden Sold Out America in Secret Iran Deal!

A bombshell revelation has surfaced, shaking the very core of our understanding of recent political history. The players in this high-stakes game of deceit? None other than Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the CIA, and the Pentagon. The accusation? A treacherous web of corruption and treason at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

These classified files, which Obama and Biden went to extraordinary lengths to keep under wraps, are not just documents; they are the keys to unlocking a sinister plot that has been hidden from the public eye. The magnitude of their betrayal is so profound that it will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about these political figures.

Obama’s administration facilitated a secret payment of billions in cash to Iran. But why? The answer is as disturbing as it is revealing. It was all to prevent Iran from exposing the deception surrounding Osama bin Laden’s alleged death. Yes, you heard it right. The narrative that was sold to the world about bin Laden’s demise was, according to these documents, a meticulously crafted lie.

But the deception doesn’t end there. The CIA and the Clintons were also complicit in this cover-up. Iran, using a cunning decoy in Pakistan, ensnared the Obama administration in a trap of deceit and extortion. The American public was fed a fabricated story about bin Laden’s death, a narrative that propelled Obama to a second term in office. His re-election campaign was built on a foundation of lies, with the false promise of revenge for 9/11.

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The scandal deepens with revelations about Iran using this leverage to coerce Obama, the CIA, and the Clintons into secretive nuclear agreements. These deals effectively handcuffed the U.S., UN, and EU from taking strong action against Iran’s illicit uranium enrichment and nuclear ambitions. The implications of this treacherous deal are nothing short of alarming.

But the plot thickens with Joe Biden’s involvement. Before Trump assumed office in 2016, Biden took crucial classified documents connected to the UK intelligence agency, which operates under the influence of the CIA and Obama’s Five Eyes alliance. This explains the UK’s role in the Trump-Russiagate narrative and their collaboration on the infamous Christopher Steele dossier.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper, exposing a treasonous plot hatched by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the Pentagon, CIA, Obama, and the Clintons. Their goal? To conceal the operations behind the fabricated Russiagate scandal, which was initiated a year before Trump’s presidential inauguration. This amounts to a treasonous military coup to remove a duly elected president—Trump.

The classified files also shed light on money laundering operations in Ukraine, spanning decades and implicating the Obama administration, the Clintons, and Biden. The shocking truth behind these financial arrangements is astounding. Ukraine becomes a focal point, a mantra that burns through the veil of their dark deeds.

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As we approach the brink of these revelations, the classified files are slated for declassification in 2023. The season of whistleblowers and earth-shattering revelations is upon us. The intricate web of corruption, manipulation, and bioweapon creation engineered by the Deep State cabal, Gates, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, and the Kazarian elite is about to be exposed. The Pentagon, the CIA, Fauci, Obama, Biden, and all their hidden cards are set to be revealed.

The white rabbit beckons us to follow, for it is within the realm of the military alliance operations and the Q movement that everything will be revealed. Declassifications will herald the dawn of truth! Stay alert and prepared, for the revelations are imminent.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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