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Global Meltdown: Fake Biden Declares World War III, Chinese Leaders Vanish! Secret Military Bases Blown Wide Open!

In a breathtaking revelation that’s tearing apart the traditional political fabric, an imposter, masquerading as President Biden, has brazenly declared World War III, all while lacking any semblance of a military force behind him. This startling development is the latest installment in a tragic comedy, showcasing a rapidly deteriorating facade of what was once revered as the “government” in the United States.

This audacious declaration, emanating from the so-called official “White House“, details a series of attacks conducted by militia groups, leading to a tragic demise of a U.S. contractor. The narrative forcefully asserts that in response, targeted strikes were launched in eastern Syria under Biden’s directives as Commander in Chief. However, herein lies the paradox – the declaration is a farce, an illusion. The true military forces stand firm, unyielding and unmanipulated by these malicious efforts to plunge the world into chaos.

The bold assertion that the ‘fake Biden‘ lacks control over the U.S. or any military force is laid bare. The real guardians of the nation are steadfast, refusing to be pawns in a sinister plot to ignite global catastrophe.

Must Watch! – Imposter Biden Ignites World War III: Imminent Attack Exposed, Political Bedlam!

This desperate gambit to trigger a worldwide conflagration coincides with triumphant advances by the ‘white hats‘ across several battlegrounds. The stunning revelation of Swiss President Alain Berset’s resignation, a key figure in the clandestine Octagon group, has sent shockwaves across the globe. This development portends a cataclysmic shift, leading to the loss of diplomatic immunity for influential entities such as the World Economic Forum, the WHO, and Gavi. This could very well pave the way for tribunals addressing allegations of mass murder through vaccination.

Parallel to this, ‘white hat‘ special forces are engaged in intense subterranean warfare within an expansive network of tunnels beneath Israel and the Gaza Strip. The elusive Benyamin Netanyahu is the ultimate quarry, a trophy sought with relentless determination by Israeli and U.S. special forces.

This subterranean world is ancient and steeped in history. Records spanning over 4,000 years document the existence of expansive underground chambers and tunnels. Professor Joel Roskin elucidates the presence of “complex, multi-story underground caverns and tunnels with rooms, halls, and warehouses.” MI6 confirms that fierce battles rage within these hidden depths.

Further evidence of a global upheaval is the systematic destruction of underground bases, known as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). Earthquakes at depths of 8 and 10 km suggest deliberate demolition, marking the obliteration of these secretive installations. Instances have been recorded in Iran, Australia, and even beneath San Francisco’s international airport.

Meanwhile, influential figures, alleged to be Satanists, are being systematically purged above ground. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen finds herself besieged, criticized for obstructing efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and for hindering the movement of colossal sums of money.

The saga unfolding is a dramatic exposé, filled with covert battles, puppet leaders, and underground mysteries. It compels us to reevaluate our understanding of global politics and power dynamics.

Top Chinese Leaders Vanish: The Hidden Purge Exposed!

China. The world’s most populous country. The epicenter of power shifts, and now, a stage for something so monumental, yet so covert that it’s barely left a blip on the global radar. The heart of China’s political framework quivered, and trembled it did, as top Chinese leaders met unexpected fates in a clandestine purge. Most notably, Li Keqiang, a linchpin of the Chinese political machine and a former Premier, was said to have been wiped off the scene.

Now, if you’re thinking this is just an isolated incident, hold onto that thought. Whispers suggest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is tottering on the edge. President Xi Jinping, in the midst of this chaos, is strategically setting the stage for those that will follow in his wake.

Intrigue doesn’t end in China’s borders. Secret agreements are being inked, drawing together global military giants: the United States, Russia, and, of course, China. In 2017, this triumvirate is rumored to have made a pledge that in the impending ‘storm,‘ nuclear weapons would be off the table.

Red Alert: China’s Covert Attack Strategy Amidst Political Chaos Exposed!

But what is this ‘storm‘? Come 2024, expect ground-shaking explosions. You might see them as cataclysmic, yet sources suggest a significant part of the devastation will be nothing more than digital illusions augmented by conventional explosions. A spectacle, perhaps, but one of magnitude.

And there’s more. Deep beneath the surface, a network of covert communications threads its way from Cheyenne Mountain to Russia and China. This secret conduit is said to be a part of a broader conspiracy, aiming to expose a behemoth of corruption spanning the CIA, the influential Rockefellers, the power-wielding Rothschilds, and several other shadow figures.

Shift your gaze to Iran. It seems they too want in on this game of subterfuge. Iranian insiders, the so-called “white hats,” are alleged to be plotting to use the impending chaos to cleanse their nation of agents from the CIA, Mossad, and MI6.

In the grand design labeled “The Plan to Save the World“, the twists keep coming. Not too long ago, 51 intelligence officers were allegedly ensnared, found complicit in a vast corruption cover-up within the US Government. Simultaneously, unseen hands are accused of manipulating the 2020 Presidential Election, positioning Biden at the helm of the nation.

These same puppet masters, the Deep State, are said to be gearing up for World War III, ensuring their coffers never run dry by banking on both sides of the war.

Now, the nation is reportedly on high alert, as murmurs of a Global Currency Reset abound. On November 2nd, the skies above the continental US saw an unmatched surge in military aircraft, according to certain news sources. By the time afternoon shadows lengthened, VIP jets were reportedly en route to the fortified Cheyenne Mountain Underground Complex in Colorado.

So, there you have it. A tapestry of events, interwoven with secrecy, power plays, and global machinations. As the storm brews, the world might be unsuspecting, but it’s only a matter of time before it all unravels, laying bare the secrets for all to see.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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