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GESARA Unleashed: Explosive Revelation of the 13th Amendment, Covert Power Wars, and a Global Financial Uprising on November 1, 2023!

Dive into the annals of American history and you’ll uncover a staggering revelation that few dare to acknowledge. On December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment, known for addressing the issue of slavery, was inscribed into the U.S. Constitution. But there’s a clandestine twist to this narrative that demands our attention.

The story goes that what we know as the 13th Amendment should have been the 14th. A profound amendment, which once stood in its place, was craftily erased from public records. This original amendment fortified a provision already in the Constitution, barring American citizens from holding titles and honors. Transgressors would face a severe penalty: loss of citizenship. Shockingly, this amendment was clandestinely obliterated from the records by lawyers in America.

But why? Here’s the staggering truth. When American lawyers pledge allegiance to the BAR Association, they align themselves with the British Accredited Registry, receiving the title of “Esquire.” This act, contrary to the Constitution, would have led to a loss of citizenship under the original 13th amendment. The evidence is glaring, yet the federal judiciary and lawyers conveniently ignore this glaring anomaly.

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Now, let’s venture into the murky waters of 1871, when Congress enacted the England Act of 1871. This act birthed a private company christened the UNITED STATES, simultaneously annihilating the sovereignty rights of U.S. taxpayers. Owned by foreign magnates, including the Rothschilds and their Khazarian Mafia in Israel, this corporation subtly altered the Constitution, swapping ‘FOR‘ with ‘OF‘ in the title. A mere change of a preposition, you say? Think again.

This alteration paved the way for our taxes to be funneled directly into the pockets of private bankers. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the Khazarian Mafia of Israel stealthily founded their privately-owned Federal Reserve and IRS in the foreign territories of Washington DC and Puerto Rico. But the audacity didn’t stop there. The US Inc. of Washington DC transformed into a private corporate entity, and shockingly, it went bankrupt in 2008.

The Vatican, the City of London, Buckingham Palace, and the State of Israel morphed into unaccountable, profit-driven corporations, wielding the powers of “government” to their advantage.

Now, let’s shift our gaze to a revelation that is nothing short of miraculous: NESARA. With this comes the release of 6000 cures and the introduction of holographic medical pods, referred to as “Med Beds,” a groundbreaking technological marvel.

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As we bid good morning to Patriots and welcome the “New Republic,” we also usher in the era of Real Estate Tokenization. This revolutionary shift means purchasing a property will take a mere 30 seconds instead of the conventional 30 days. The concept of a mortgage, a term that translates to ‘death pledge,‘ will be rendered obsolete.

So, what does all this mean? It points to a clandestine struggle for power, a tug-of-war between hidden entities that manipulate the very fabric of our society. These revelations lay bare a narrative that has been meticulously brushed under the carpet, a narrative that shakes the foundations of what we’ve been led to believe.

The calendar has turned its page, and it’s now November 1, 2023. The clock is ticking, and the world stands on the brink of an unprecedented financial transformation. The deadline is upon us, and the whispers of change are growing louder and more insistent.

Twenty-one major nations, powerhouses in their own right, have boldly declared their intention to abandon the US dollar for oil transactions. Russia, China, India, Germany, France, and the UK are among the heavyweights championing this seismic shift. The transition is set to mark the dawn of a new reserve currency, and the countdown ends today: November 1, 2023.

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But what does this mean for the world, and more importantly, for the United States? This transition signifies the return of a massive influx of dollars from foreign accounts back to the American soil, threatening to shake the very foundations of the American monetary system.

China, a key player in this unfolding drama, has declared its intention to cease purchasing US debt. The Federal Reserve, in a frantic bid to stabilize the situation, has escalated its dollar printing operations from $85 billion. Analysts predict that the looming catastrophe could dwarf the 1930s stock market crash in scale and impact, leaving many unprepared for the fallout.

But let’s delve deeper. Let’s peer behind the curtains and seek the puppet masters pulling the strings. Israel stands in the spotlight, its existence and sustenance intricately tied to the fiat dollar minted by the Federal Reserve. And who controls this linchpin? The Rothschilds, architects of the State of Israel, whose empire is built on the Middle East’s acceptance of the fiat dollar for oil payments.

Now, consider the curious case of Iraq and over 200 other nations turning their backs on the dollar. It begs the question: Why did D. Trump sign a second declaration of independence? Could it signify the breaking free from the shackles of a foreign power? Could it mean that the Corporate Law of 1871, crafted by the Rothschilds, is no longer steering the nation through the political and banking systems?

The imminent Stock Market Correction is poised to bring a resurgence in the value of precious metals, suppressed for years. A new currency is on the horizon, anchored by the Gold Standard. The cogs and wheels of the new financial system are in motion and nearing readiness.

SOFR, ISO-20022, Basel 3, Comex 589 Protocol 20 – all heralding a new era. The best is yet to come.

In this high-stakes game, financial giants BLACKROCK, VANGUARD, and JP Morgan Chase have seen their stocks and profits nosedive over the past three years. Their attempts to mask the truth in their financial reports have proved futile, with BLACKROCK teetering on the edge of collapse, signifying a monumental shift in the financial landscape.

White Hat Intelligence reveals a pattern: ALL WARS begin with a false flag. From Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin, from 9/11 to Iraq – the narrative is eerily similar. Building 7, part of the World Trade Center complex, collapsed on 9/11 without a direct hit, a move allegedly to thwart NESARA GESARA.

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The ongoing situation in Israel is perceived as an obstacle to GESARA. The ‘Revaluation‘ of global currencies is underway, and the fleeing Khazarians have seemingly lost their grip on the world financial system. Major “oil-producing” nations, predominantly Arab, have aligned with BRICS+.

Sergey Glazyev, a distinguished Russian economist and politician, anticipates the swift advent of a common BRICS currency. He deems the emergence of this new settlement currency as inevitable due to the current international monetary chaos and the political turmoil leading to sanctions and de-dollarization by Eastern states.

November 1, 2023, is here, and the world watches with bated breath as the wheels of change are set in motion.

The financial landscape is transforming, and the echoes of these changes will resound for generations to come. Hold on tight; the ride is about to get turbulent.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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