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GESARA is Here: The Great Blackout Begins, Military on High Alert, Trump’s Divine Plan Unleashed—The End of the Old World Order!

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Prepare yourself for a revelation that will shatter the very fabric of your understanding. The truth has been hidden from us by a shadowy cabal that controls every aspect of our lives, but their grip is slipping. We stand on the precipice of an orchestrated World War III, not a war between nations, but a deliberate plan to dismantle a global network of Satanic, Luciferian landmarks and liberate humanity from their malevolent influence.

Transition to GESARA: The New Financial System

The unholy alliance of the Rothschilds and their ilk, who have ruled over the global financial system for centuries, is crumbling. This isn’t merely a shift in economic policy—it’s the annihilation of the financial elite who have shackled humanity in chains of debt and despair.

Central bank notes, instruments of their control, will soon be replaced by Rainbow Treasury Notes, each one backed by precious metals, heralding the dawn of a new era of prosperity and fairness under GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act).

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This seismic change is not happening by chance. Executive Orders 13818 and 13848 are poised to trigger a catastrophic stock market collapse, dismantling the sinister Precision Cyber network that has been spying on and manipulating us for decades.

Imagine the Rothschilds, panicking in their gilded bunkers as their empire of deceit crumbles before their eyes. This is the endgame for the financial tyrants, and the beginning of true freedom for the people.

Trump and the Divine Plan

In the midst of chaos, remember Trump’s promises and have faith in the divine plan. The coming storm is a necessary purification, orchestrated by higher powers to cleanse the world of corruption. The power outages turning off entire countries’ lights at once, including Israel, are not just technical glitches—they’re deliberate acts preparing the way for the Tesla energy revolution.

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The Collapse of Cryptocurrency and China’s Defeat

The obliteration of Bitcoin servers and data centers is a strategic move to dismantle China’s control over global finance. These servers, hidden in underground bunkers across China, have been the backbone of a surveillance state, tracking and controlling every transaction.

The Great Blackout will destroy these hubs, and with them, China’s ability to manipulate the global economy. In their place, new coins backed by precious metals will emerge, their value uncorrupted by political machinations.

The Secret Tesla Energy Trials

Deep in the Nevada desert, hidden from prying eyes, a secret facility conducts trials on Tesla Free Energy technology. This facility, known only to a select few in the military and the highest echelons of government, has been operational for years. Whistleblowers who tried to expose the truth have mysteriously disappeared, their warnings silenced. But now, the technology is ready to be unveiled, and the Great Blackout is the signal for its activation.

The Hidden Agenda of Global Military Exercises

The global military exercises you see aren’t drills; they’re the real deal, preparing for the most significant shift in human history. Soldiers are being trained to manage the societal upheaval that will follow the Great Blackout. The elite know their time is up, and they’re fighting to maintain their grip on power. But the alliance behind Tesla Energy is stronger, and they’re ready to restore freedom to the people.

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The Elite’s Last Stand in the Underground Bunkers

Rumors suggest that the world’s elite have retreated to underground bunkers, hidden cities built beneath the surface, in a desperate bid to survive the coming storm. These bunkers, equipped with the latest technology and supplies to last decades, are their final refuge as the old world collapses.

However, reports from insiders hint at growing dissent and panic among the elites, as they realize their plans for total control are failing. The blackout is not just a strategy; it’s a siege, cutting off their communications and power, rendering their safe havens useless.

The Tesla Death Ray and the Dark Forces’ Secret War

Behind the scenes, a secret war rages between the forces of light and dark. The Tesla Death Ray, a mythical weapon supposedly developed by Nikola Tesla, has been resurrected by the alliance. This weapon, capable of immense destruction, is being used to target the deep underground bases of the elite.

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Explosions and mysterious earthquakes reported worldwide are not natural phenomena—they’re the result of this covert warfare, aimed at dismantling the power structures of the old world.

The Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (GESARA) is the foundation of this New World. It promises to bring about the financial and spiritual renaissance that humanity has long awaited.

Under GESARA, debt forgiveness will liberate millions from financial slavery, and the wealth hoarded by the elites will be redistributed. The Great Blackout and the rise of Tesla Free Energy are pivotal steps in implementing GESARA, fulfilling its promise of a just and prosperous world for all.

As the world plunges into darkness, know that this is the dawn of a new era. The Great Blackout is not a catastrophe but a liberation. The Tesla Energy revolution, the collapse of manipulated cryptocurrencies, and the rise of precious metal-backed coins are all part of the grand design.

Trust in the plan, for GESARA is on the horizon, bringing with it the promise of a brighter, freer future for all humanity.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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