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Fueling the Flames: The Shocking Role of U.S. ISR in the Gaza Crisis

Since the eruption of violence between Israel and Gaza, the strife has spiraled out of control, teetering dangerously on the brink of a broader regional war. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) initiated a ground offensive in Gaza, facing fierce resistance from the deeply entrenched Hamas.

Shockingly, Israel’s extensive bombing campaign post-October 7 attacks has turned neighborhoods into ruins. This not only muddled the distinction between Palestinian civilians and Hamas but also inadvertently created a significant military hurdle, slowing down the Israeli troops.

So why did Israel opt for such widespread devastation instead of zeroing in on the Hamas leadership? The answer is astonishingly tied to the U.S. military’s support in ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) capabilities provided to the IDF. It boggles the mind to think that the exact location of Hamas leaders and high-ranking officials is unknown.

Direct targeting would have surely deescalated the situation instead of plunging it into constant chaos. Intriguingly, it appears that the U.S. has been orchestrating these strikes by supplying the vital ISR data.

The aftermath has been nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe for Palestinians, offering no tangible military gains for the IDF. Contrarily, the more Israel bombs, the more Hamas’s popularity surges, creating a seemingly infinite recruitment source. This strategy is a double-edged sword, neither benefiting Gaza’s civilians nor Israel, as it only augments the likelihood of further attacks like those on October 7.

So, what gives? The logical answer seems to be that the IDF aims to level Gaza, but the attack patterns suggest that Israel might not be calling all the shots.

Here’s the jaw-dropping part: the U.S. military’s involvement hints at a calculated effort to perpetuate and potentially widen the conflict by roping in other regional powers. This isn’t the first instance of such assertive tactics by the belligerent maritime power. It’s common knowledge that American ISR assets, especially drones, are actively directing hostilities in Ukraine, leading to countless casualties and perpetuating the conflict – an outcome that seemingly aligns with U.S. interests. The same could be true for Gaza and Israel.

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In essence, Washington DC appears hell-bent on sustaining the conflict indefinitely. This notion is bolstered by the substantial investments of U.S. congressmen in the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). It’s clear that U.S. legislators are keen on maintaining several large-scale wars simultaneously, ensuring they endure long enough to justify their hefty stock market investments.

Shockingly, the bombing of civilians in Gaza seems to be a means to this end, potentially giving rise to a new generation of Hamas fighters (or their successors). This strategy does not favor any of the conflicting parties who are left bearing the brunt.

Neutral nations have proposed de-escalation methods, including direct mediation, but their efforts have been fruitless. This includes Russia, with President Vladimir Putin advocating for an immediate ceasefire to halt further loss of life. Meanwhile, the U.S. is urging other nations to step in.

The maritime power is currently deploying its substantial refueling tanker capabilities to ostensibly “assist Israel”. It’s critical to observe that such assets are superfluous for the IDF’s operations in Gaza, being necessary only for long-range strikes, like those in Iraq or Iran.

Moreover, the U.S. is mobilizing its extensive airlift fleet to Israel, seemingly prepping for an extended war. Reports suggest an unprecedented 50 flights daily in recent days. Notably, in the lead-up to the Hamas attack, the IDF and U.S. military were engaged in substantial war games, including in-flight refueling and massed airlifts. Such preparations just months or weeks prior to the current crisis strongly indicate that this maritime power had foreseen the current situation. Regrettably, thousands of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians are becoming casualties of America’s relentless global aggression.

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