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From Nuclear Armageddon to Climate Lockdowns: Are The Globalists About to Play Their Final Hand?

As the final session gavel echoed through the Congressional halls this summer, a shiver ran down America’s spine. Unnerving questions whirl through the air – are we being conditioned for nuclear Armageddon? Climate lockdowns? All under the watchful eye of our ‘protectors.’

Just take a moment, let the mask of ignorance fall and look back at the pages of history. Ever heard of ‘Operation Northwoods’? A chilling chapter from 1962 that could leave even the most hardened soul trembling. A monstrous scheme conceived within the heart of the US Department of Defense, proposing the unthinkable. CIA operatives were to stage and commit vile acts of terror on American citizens, blame Cuba, and ignite a war. All under the veil of patriotism.

Despite their audacious plan to shatter naval ships, obliterate Air Force jets, and spread terror across US cities, there was a roadblock – President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy, the bastion of righteousness, rejected these malevolent proposals. Yet, the winds of fate blew harshly soon after, leaving our heroic President DEAD. Is it just coincidence, or a dark retribution from the shadowy figures disappointed by his defiance?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Presidential Candidate for the Democrats, accuses the very same CIA operatives of assassinating his father and JFK. The continuous cycle of treachery and deception is as palpable as ever. The Globalists, the faceless deep state, are flexing their muscles to bring forth their ‘New World Order’. Their road to ascendancy, however, requires the decimation of the remnants of the old order.

Now, the gears of their malevolent machinery are grinding faster. Reports of grooming the American populace for a nuclear apocalypse, coupled with the looming threat of ‘climate lockdowns’, suggest the curtains might be drawing close on the old world. But we, the people, stand in the wake, united in our resolve to unmask these government ghouls and expose their atrocious crimes.

The biden crime family, Democrats, RINO’s are living on borrowed time, witnessing their world crumble around them. Americans are finally awakening to the grim realities and the lengths these fiends would go to maintain their illegitimate grip on power. They need to topple the bastion of freedom, Washington DC, to pave the way for their ‘new order.’

The chilling warnings from Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky of war returning to Russia and striking its symbolic centers and military bases set a sinister precedent. Is Washington DC, the symbolic center of freedom in America and home to the US government, next on their list? Their history of false flag operations, such as Operation Northwoods, proves their readiness to sacrifice American lives to retain their power.

Are we on the brink of witnessing a seismic event that could dismantle the old world, making way for their New World Order? It’s a daunting prospect, but given their past atrocities, we cannot discount the possibility.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to keep the flames of truth burning bright. We are the torchbearers in these dark times, driven by our commitment to unmask the truth and hold the powerful accountable. With your support, we can and will continue this endeavor.

With Congress away on recess and calls for a deeper investigation into the biden crime family’s weaponization of the Department of Injustice, is it too far-fetched to expect these devils to commit horrific acts against their political adversaries?

The cold-blooded assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, purely because he refused to comply with their terroristic schemes and warmongering antics, is a brutal testament to their ruthlessness.

As we grapple with the notion that nuclear Armageddon could be another scare tactic by the Globalists, the horrors they have inflicted on American citizens across major cities are painfully real. Is it beyond them to unleash a nuclear, chemical, or bio-weapon attack on their own cities and blame it on Russia, China, or their perceived political enemies?

Operation Northwoods is a stark reminder of how far our own government was willing to go in using terrorism on the American people. But we, the awakened, will not stand idle as these devils continue to masquerade as the bearers of truth.

The mainstream media has been instrumental in perpetuating these heinous acts, acting as the Luciferian Globalists’ puppet. Despite this, they continue to peddle their deceit as ‘the truth.’ Their audacity knows no bounds, but so does our resolve. The only path for them now is a complete downfall.

With support from US taxpayers, Ukraine’s Zelensky, a war criminal and profiteer, aligns with the biden crime family.

As the Globalists pull the strings in the background, we are left questioning – how long until their puppet show crumbles?

How long until the truth wins?

Rest assured, the hour of reckoning is near.

Stand tall, stand strong, for the battle is only beginning.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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