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From Earth’s Numbered Days to Cosmic Visions: The Profound Mystery of the World Elites’ Quest for a New Home

The Silent Pursuit of a Galactic Sanctuary by Global Leaders

In a compelling interplay between science, entertainment, and covert agendas, the revelation of liquid water on Mars coincided with the premiere of the cinematic masterpiece “The Martian,” setting off a chain of events that stirred global intrigue. While the connection between Hollywood, NASA, and even Google may appear coincidental, deeper examination raises questions about orchestrated efforts to reshape public perceptions and the potential transformation of Mars into Earth 2.0.

In a twist of events that seemed plucked from a script penned by a seasoned Hollywood writer, a revelation surfaced just days prior to the premiere of 20th Century Fox’s cinematic masterpiece, The Martian, directed by none other than Ridley Scott and starring the enigmatic Matt Damon. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which had remained relatively dormant in terms of groundbreaking updates, orchestrated a grandiose announcement confirming the existence of liquid water on the surface of Mars. This Could Be the Biggest Game-Changer of 2023!

The significance of this revelation cannot be understated, as liquid water is a pivotal requirement for life as we know it. Unsurprisingly, this announcement reverberated through global media outlets, capturing the collective attention. Even Google couldn’t resist joining the festivities, commemorating the “discovery” of water on the Red Planet with a playful doodle. On September 29, 2015, users greeted a cheerful rendition of Mars sipping from a straw through the second “o” in Google’s logo. With over a billion users, the tech giant seemed intent on ingraining the idea that Mars was, indeed, a habitable world.

Behind Closed Doors

But could this sensational finding from NASA be more than it seems? Could there be a shadowy collaboration between Hollywood, the space agency, and even Google, working to shape our perceptions? Is it possible that an orchestrated effort is underway to pave the way for a future where Mars becomes Earth 2.0? While skeptics might dismiss these notions as mere conjecture, it’s worth delving deeper into the curious relationship between the silver screen and the scientific frontier.

As the weekly magazine Newsweek astutely pointed out, NASA’s involvement in the entertainment industry is far from unprecedented. However, with The Martian, the extent of collaboration reached new heights. The American space agency contributed not only to the film’s script but also its primary photography and marketing efforts. Intriguingly, when a Yahoo Movies journalist inquired about NASA’s recent announcement regarding water on Mars to Ridley Scott, the British director casually let slip, “I’ve known for months.” The response was quickly seized upon by various conspiracy-fueled websites as evidence that Scott was privy to insider information and was, perhaps, a willing conduit for messages subtly propagated by clandestine government agencies working hand in glove with the film industry.

Unraveling the Threads

It’s easy to dismiss such speculations as the product of overactive minds, yet there’s a notable surge in pre- and post-apocalyptic films in recent years that begs a second glance. Moreover, let’s not forget that cinema serves as more than just a source of popular entertainment; it’s a powerful ideological tool, wielded by industry, politics, and the highest bidder. This raises the specter that these interests might be at odds with those of the majority.

Now, consider films like Elysium (2013), incidentally also featuring Matt Damon. Set in the not-so-distant future (2159), it portrays a world starkly divided between the privileged elite living in a luxurious space station and the rest, relegated to a desolate Earth (see sidebar). Could this sci-fi narrative actually bear some semblance to reality? The clues pointing in this direction are more substantial than one might think.

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Eyes on the Sky

Enter Gary McKinnon, a British computer whiz who inadvertently stumbled into the limelight in 2006. McKinnon had, some years prior, hacked into the computer systems of the US armed forces and NASA, unintentionally thrusting himself into a global spotlight. His intrusion led to accusations of committing “the greatest military computer hack of all time,” carrying a potential prison sentence of 60 to 70 years. But what did this Scottish hacker uncover, and why did his actions result in high-level meetings involving figures like Barack Obama and David Cameron?

According to McKinnon, he was on a quest for evidence of UFOs, aiming to uncover a conspiracy that sought to conceal the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft and agents operating in Earth’s orbit. His claims gained credence, given the extraordinary diplomatic friction between the UK and the US in his case. As it turned out, McKinnon accessed internal NASA servers, discovering incriminating conversations and purported satellite-captured UFO images. According to him, “A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging.”

A Sinister Scheme Unearthed

One file, in particular, grabbed McKinnon’s attention: “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” This document listed names and ranks of US Air Force personnel unaccounted for elsewhere. It also mentioned “ship-to-ship” transmissions involving names of ships nowhere else documented. Did McKinnon stumble upon proof of a secret fleet of off-planet ships? Or could “non-terrestrial officers” imply a military branch stationed in space, as some UFO enthusiasts speculate? Could it be more direct—actual extraterrestrial beings? These revelations hark back to one of the most intriguing layers of UFO-related conspiracies: Project Solar Warden. Only a Few Know About This – Do You?

Allegedly initiated by the US in the 1980s, Solar Warden is a clandestine program aimed at maintaining a permanent American presence in space—a notion persistently denied by US authorities. However, the controversy escalated when a journal entry from President Ronald Reagan was declassified in 2009, bearing a cryptic statement: “Lunched with five top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier, and some of the developments there in astronomy, etc., are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.” Given that shuttles only accommodated eight astronauts, how could they suddenly house three hundred?

Could the US be harboring a secret space fleet? What else could be concealed? Could ultra-modern “arks” exist in space, akin to the mythical Noah’s Ark?

The Veil of Secrecy

As we wade through the enigmatic waters of government collusion, Hollywood intrigue, and outer space mysteries, one thing is clear: the boundaries between fact and fiction, reality and conspiracy, have grown increasingly blurred. With each revelation, each tantalizing thread of information, the narrative takes a twist that both captivates and bewilders. What remains to be seen is whether these pieces of the puzzle will eventually form a coherent picture or whether the tantalizing enigma will persist, forever challenging our perceptions of what lies beyond.


In a dystopian fiction resembling the conditions that drive the elites to escape Earth in Elysium, it seems that reality is inching closer to this scenario. In fact, the “masters of the world” have long been preparing themselves to face unforeseen catastrophic events. Or perhaps to prevent the bomb of ever-growing inequality between them and the marginalized from detonating in their faces. Their inclination toward seeking refuge in secretive, preferably underground locations is the first example of this escapism, which was partially revealed during the “millennial fever” of 2012.

During that year, various media outlets featured terms like preppers, survivalists, and preparationists – labels referring to individuals who employed every means at their disposal to avoid being caught off guard by a hypothetical apocalypse. It was revealed that the most cautious among us, especially Americans, were stockpiling food and weapons. Companies selling anti-nuclear shelters were raking in profits based on predictions that December 21 would be doomsday.

We also learned that specific locations on our planet would miraculously survive Armageddon. Examples include the French town of Bugarach, allegedly hiding an alien base, and the Italian town of Cisternino, touted by an Indian guru to become a “safe island amidst chaos.” Many Russian oligarchs, guided by psychics and seers, had transformed Cold War-era bunkers into luxurious, secure apartments, echoing the previous “era of terror.”

Authoritative Underground Realities

Author of “Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide?”, Richard Sauder, though trained in sociology and holding a Ph.D. in political science, is genuinely drawn to UFOs, mind control, and all things paranormal. He frequently voices his opinions on popular programs such as George Noory’s Coast to Coast, boasting over 4.5 million nightly listeners.

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It was on this show that Sauder unveiled one of the most significant conspiracies in U.S. history, which extends to the entire world. In his book, Sauder exposes how the U.S. Armed Forces, or an ultra-secret division thereof, control an extensive network of underground bases spread across the country and beneath the ocean’s surface. These revelations were backed by plans and photos provided by contacts within contracting companies, the military, and anonymous citizens who approached him after his lectures and conferences.

One such anecdote from his book illustrates this: “A couple of years ago, a man who had served in the Navy approached me. As we chatted, he mentioned having been stationed at China Lake. My ears perked up. I asked him if he knew about an underground facility there. He confirmed its existence and, lowering his voice, told me it was vast and deep. I inquired whether he had been inside it, and he affirmed he had, though not on the deepest levels. Curious about the depth of the lower levels, I asked further. He gazed at me solemnly and almost inaudibly said, ‘You’d have to descend over a mile and a half.'”

Subterranean Intrigue and The Elites’ Escape Plan

Sauder paints a subterranean world filled with nuclear-powered tunnel boring machines, magnetically levitating trains traversing thousands of kilometers along monorail networks beneath the Earth’s surface, and cutting-edge weaponry. Essentially, he describes a subterranean realm forged with technologies that seem ripped from futuristic tales, designed to offer refuge to a highly guarded governmental elite, a hypothesis supported by alternative investigators and figures like American politician Jesse Ventura…Join the Elite Group Who Know This Secret!

Truth Seekers Unveiling the Hidden

A Vietnam veteran, former professional wrestler, and ex-governor of Minnesota, Ventura belongs to the community of truthers or “truth seekers.” Arising after the September 11 attacks, this extensive group of Americans – one in seven Americans doubts the official version of the attacks – devotes themselves to uncovering various government abuses and conspiracies. Ventura asserts that one such conspiracy lies beneath – and above – the Denver International Airport (DIA), the largest in the U.S., second-largest in the world, and, according to Ventura, a chosen refuge for global elites in the event of a global catastrophe.

Since its establishment in 1980, this massive airport has been shrouded in controversy. Firstly, virtually no Colorado resident understood the need for its construction, especially when the Stapleton International Airport, just 20 km away, fulfilled its purpose adequately. Secondly, it involved a staggering investment of $4.8 billion. The aspects that intrigue us are related to the idea that the airport conceals a colossal subterranean city – a metropolis sheltering the world’s rulers before embarking on an exodus to an unknown planet. Whether one finds this plausible or not, the imagery and symbolism within and around Denver’s airport provide fertile ground for conspiracy enthusiasts.

For instance, the surrounding landscape was originally flat as a pancake, but it is now dominated by rolling hills. These hills are the result of moving over 100 million cubic meters of earth to construct the facility’s foundations. In Ventura’s view, this excessive volume of earth goes beyond what is necessary, constituting one of the key pieces of evidence supporting his claim of a subterranean city beneath the airport.

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The symbolism both inside and outside the airport – luciferian statues, apocalyptic murals, and a time capsule adorned with Masonic symbols – suggests that the creators or financiers of this eerie architectural ensemble are not ordinary individuals. Are they the Illuminati, as Ventura and other truth seekers suspect? Or, does the overt symbolism rule out the discreet Order, by nature, as the architect of the airport? Perhaps the Illuminati have decided there’s no need to hide their intentions anymore.

Both Denver’s alleged subterranean city and the secret facilities outlined by Richard Sauder meet the criteria for serving the interests of a shadow government prepared to literally bid farewell to Earth. Mars, the objective?

To Mars in Three Days!

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara are striving to bring photonic propulsion to reality. NASA engineers are finalizing the EM Drive, a fuel-less engine driven by the microwave bounce effect. It’s science, not fiction…

“Will we reach Mars in just three days?” The British newspaper Daily Mail posed this seemingly rhetorical question in a late February 2016 interview with Philip Lubin, a physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Professor Lubin and his team are investigating how to propel spacecraft using the power of light. They refer to it as photonic propulsion, involving lasers to achieve speeds approaching relativistic range, meaning close to the speed of light.

“For us, achieving relativistic speeds in the laboratory is straightforward. In fact, we do it all the time,” Lubin told Daily Mail. “On a macroscopic level, planes, cars, and spacecraft are pitifully slow,” he added. Lubin and his team have managed to accelerate objects to up to 25% of the speed of light. “We could send a 100 kg probe to Mars in just a few days. Similarly, with a shuttle-sized craft, it would take about a month,” concluded the prominent American physicist.

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Visionaries like Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), Elon Musk (SpaceX), and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) have long been eyeing the space tourism business. As early as 2040, voyages to the Red Planet will become nearly routine. Elon Musk, the South African entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, and SolarCity, is known for spearheading the private alternative to the Space Shuttle. His upgraded spacecraft promises to make trips to Mars and even more distant destinations possible. Another visionary, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, shares Musk’s ambitions. His company, Blue Origin, established in 2000, focuses on private spaceflight, including regular trips to Mars. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos believe that the future of our species lies in space. However, the space tourism they propose will remain out of reach for 99.9% of humanity.

A Venture for the Wealthy

Elon Musk envisions an ordinary ticket to Mars costing around $500,000, according to recent words from Kevin Maney, a scientific journalist at Newsweek. Musk considers this price not only reasonable but cheap. But who can afford half a million dollars for a trip to space? The answer is straightforward: “Companies offering space travel claim they are developing technologies to enable humanity to survive on other planets. But the fact is that only the wealthiest have enough money to fly to Mars,” Maney reflects. Yet, it’s highly likely that the cost of a journey to the Red Planet will be significantly higher than Musk’s proposal. For instance, the first space tourist in history, Dennis Tito, a magnate and former NASA engineer, paid $20 million for a brief stay on the International Space Station. This amount seems more realistic when tickets to Mars become available. At that point, some might even sell their souls just to leave Earth, a planet that by then, possibly by 2040, will be perilously close to its definitive collapse. Experts Are Shocked by This New Discovery – Find Out Now!

As the lines blur between fact and fiction, reality and conspiracy, the complex tapestry of government collaboration, Hollywood influence, and clandestine agendas comes into focus. From the depths of underground bases to the heights of elite escape plans, the intricate web of hidden truths challenges our understanding of the world beyond. As humanity’s gaze turns toward the stars and Mars beckons as a possible frontier, the enigma persists, leaving us to wonder whether the pieces of this intricate puzzle will ever coalesce into a coherent narrative or remain a tantalizing enigma forever.

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