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Former FBI Agent Breaks Silence: Worldwide Governments Use Mind Control Programs, Including WEF-Endorsed Brain Wave Technologies!

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The use of mind control technology is a present-day reality that should outrage and mobilize us all. This is a documented fact that governments and powerful organizations are developing and deploying technology to control and manipulate our minds. The implications are terrifying and demand immediate action to protect our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

In 2018, the World Economic Forum openly discussed the potential for mind control using sound waves. These technologies are being tested and used on real people. The term “targeted individuals” refers to those who have been subjected to this insidious form of control, often dismissed as paranoid or delusional. But the evidence is mounting, and their stories cannot be ignored.

Take the case of Mark, a government employee who began experiencing severe health issues after a trip to Cuba in 2016. He was a victim of Havana Syndrome, a condition that has afflicted numerous U.S. diplomats in Cuba. Mark’s symptoms were not random—they were the result of targeted attacks using low-frequency sound waves designed to drive him insane. This is a deliberate, calculated effort to test and perfect mind control technology.

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These devices are not some futuristic gadgets—they exist now. They can be as compact as a car trunk or large backpack, capable of emitting low-intensity, long-duration hits that make the target feel like they are losing their sanity. This technology has evolved from crude prototypes to sophisticated tools capable of breaking a person’s will without leaving any physical trace. The fact that these devices can be used covertly, without detection, makes them even more dangerous.

Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson reported in 2011 that he and thousands of others were being targeted by these technologies. His successor, Mike German, confirmed that federal agents were instructed to target individual Americans to justify increased federal funding. This is not just about surveillance—it is about control. The government is using these technologies to create a state of fear and compliance.

NSA whistleblower William Benny revealed in 2012 that the government was conducting comprehensive surveillance on nearly every U.S. citizen, targeting whomever they pleased. Journalist Glenn Greenwald exposed the methods used to discredit and isolate individuals, such as hacking into their social media accounts and posing as them. This is psychological warfare, plain and simple.

Consider Jane, a teacher from Ohio, who began hearing voices in her head after posting anti-government articles online. The voices told her she was worthless and should harm herself. This is not paranoia—it is a deliberate attempt to silence dissent using voice-to-skull technology. This technology, which has existed since 1976, allows the transmission of voices directly into people’s brains, driving them to the brink of madness.

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Dr. James Giordano’s 2017 lecture revealed even more disturbing advancements. He discussed technologies that could control brain function, modify memories, and induce undetectable illnesses. These methods could be used to manipulate key individuals, altering their perception of reality and behavior. The use of nanoparticulates to cause strokes or brain hemorrhages, or deploying insects as bio-drones to deliver toxins, showcases the terrifying potential of these technologies.

Imagine a world where dissent is punished not by imprisonment but by psychological torture. This is not a dystopian fantasy—it is happening now. Neuroscience, a field that has grown exponentially over the past four decades, is being weaponized. It is no longer just a tool for understanding the brain but a means to control and manipulate it.

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In 2008, the National Academy of Sciences acknowledged the potential of brain sciences for national security. By 2014, it was clear that these technologies were ready for operational use. The brain has become the new battleground, with governments around the world racing to develop and deploy these capabilities.

The implications are staggering. With the ability to assess, access, and affect brain function, governments can influence behavior on a massive scale. This power extends beyond individuals to entire populations, shaping interactions and behaviors in ways we are only beginning to understand.

We must stand against this insidious form of control. The use of mind control technology is a violation of our most fundamental human rights. It is an assault on our autonomy, our freedom, and our very humanity. We cannot allow this to continue. We must demand transparency, accountability, and an end to the use of these technologies. This is not just a fight for our minds but for the very essence of who we are. We must act now before it is too late.

Ethan White
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