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EXPLOSIVE!! FEMA’s October 4th EAS – The Chilling Blueprint to Harm and Control!

When the threads of communication are at the mercy of towering entities, it’s not just about technology but the very sanctity of our freedom to communicate. The unveiling of the FEMA Warning and the Starlink System isn’t a mere technological advancement but a clarion call highlighting the struggle between the quest for transparency and the thirst for control.

It’s an established truth that White Hat insiders have expressed serious concerns about FEMA’s intentions with the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Their genuine apprehensions lie in the possibility of FEMA crafting messages that seemingly originate from President Trump, pushing the military into immediate action. This could trigger swift decisions countering Biden’s stances, establishing lockdowns, and initiating assaults on government structures nationwide, mirroring the actions of the J6ers.

In a startling revelation, certain “fifth columnists,” have been dispersing alarming claims. General Smith was presented with the possibility that EAS could, in theory, cause mobile devices to “explode” and even lead to “brain hemorrhages.” Acoustic weaponry is a reality, such dramatic consequences linked to the EAS are verified by credible sources.

ATTENTION: The EAS Aftermath is Coming – Don’t Get Caught Off Guard! Protect Yourself!

However, there’s a more tangible concern at hand. The EAS potentially tracking GPS coordinates or embedding malicious software is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, as suggested by reliable sources. And to set the record straight: No, the EAS isn’t about to usher in a zombie apocalypse. Despite our best efforts, the truth remained elusive, and we had to bide our time.

On the record: FEMA’s EAS did send out alarming signals to a multitude of phones at precisely 2:21 PM EST. But this jarring sound was fleeting, lasting only 6 seconds instead of the projected 35 seconds. ARCYBER, with its unmatched prowess, pinpointed this anomaly to a substation situated a mere 2 miles south of Golden, Colorado, and promptly disrupted the transmission.

The subsequent events were nothing short of cinematic. Within minutes, four Ranger squads descended upon the substation. Here, FEMA agents, under the guise of utility workers, hastily evacuated a maintenance building and a mobile operational hub. A fierce exchange of gunfire between these agents and the Rangers, supported by the formidable MH-60 Black Hawks, ensued. The aftermath was grim, with 17 FEMA agents meeting their fate.

Reliable informants have shed light on the fact that a seasoned FEMA engineer managed to reconfigure the intricate matrix of substation transformers, relays, and other components into antennas on nearby cell towers. These revamped towers would then emanate 5G signals, initiating a potentially concerning cycle.

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As we brace ourselves for what lies ahead, word on the street suggests armored units may have strategized an assault on our communication mediums during the recent FEMA EAS “test.” Heed this advice: On Wednesday, October 4th, from 2 PM to 4 PM (ET), it’s paramount to disconnect from the digital sphere. The reason being, another calculated move might be on the horizon for Wednesday, October 11th, intriguingly coinciding with speculations around Biden’s departure.

In this rapidly evolving scenario, aerial surveillance over four major cities by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment remains constant. As dedicated teams continue their relentless pursuit of the truth, General Smith was informed of the limitations in triangulating and neutralizing the transmitter post FEMA’s test activation.

In a candid statement, General Smith articulated the potential for this situation to escalate, with FEMA Secretary, Diane Criswell, potentially steering this towards a nationwide turmoil.

The face-off between the FEMA Warning and the Starlink System underscores the ongoing battle for digital supremacy.

In these trying times, it’s imperative to remain informed, exercise caution, and always seek the truth.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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